Does anyone actually bite on blog contributor spam?

I'm not opposed to *relevant* guest posts on a topic-based blog, but when it's obvious that they didn't even look at the site & are just robo-spamming blogs that maybe matched a keyword or something...

I mean, stuff like this:

"I read your article Your readers might be interested in checking out our resources on machine learning and AI."

@kelsonv i think the theory used to be that they were trying to farm google juice by getting links onto higher-ranking pages.

my guess is it's been basically ineffectual for a very long time, but is still a service you can pay people for.

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@brennen That's what I figure too, but it seems like the response rate would be too low for it to be worth the effort.

Or are there really enough people out there who have blogs who get messages like this and say, "hey, that sounds like a great idea!"

@brennen Oh wait, I get what you're saying. The spammers aren't making money or getting exposure from the guest posts that don't happen, they're making money selling their service to people who *think* they're going to get guest posts placed somewhere.

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