Looking at perhaps buying a certified used BMW i3. Serious enough about it that I downloaded a charging station map app. It’s an incredible deal when considering the $7500 tax credit.

Another Primary on-call shift complete. And now for a glass of wine.

Even though I’m banned, I still read Twitter to catch up with what friends are up to. And sometimes, even though I know I’m banned and none of the actions will be saved, I still can’t help but heart things that friends say that make me excited, proud, or touched. Reflex that makes me feel silly, but I just can’t help it.

I spend a lot of time writing, then deleting toots without sending them.

Current status: Post gym bath soak. Hot as hell with Lush bath bomb. Candles everywhere. I might burn the house down.

Raquel wanting some snuggle time while I wait for Jer to do something before going to the gym.

Dear greater Boston Area, I'm now here.

(Ping me if you wanna get coffee or something, I'll be around and pretty flexible.)

Linus Torvalds introspection(!) + Show more

"Now, more than ever, we need a press driven by ideals determined to amplify what is most important for enabling an informed citizenry. Not what will get clicks or appease hedge fund masters. We need voices who are information stalwarts, determined to explain complex issues to the public."

such a great talk-become-article

Capitalism, unchecked, is so corrosive. It's been doing horrible things to the tech industry. Companies are financial instruments and nothing more. This means *tech invention* is a financial instrument and nothing more.

@brennx0r Oh, and by the by - when they say you can still DM folks during the ban. It’s complete lying garbage. You can’t DM.

β€ͺAbout to head out to the middle of nowhere and chill out in a tiny house. ‬

β€ͺNo WiFi.‬
β€ͺProbably no cell reception.‬

β€ͺSee y’all on Monday πŸ’•β€¬

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