This is just to say

I have rejected
the allies
that came
to our event

and which
you were probably
to help us

Forgive me
they were useless
and selfish

Reminder for fellow amerikkkans since it's that time of year

Seriously, come work with me. Let's work together to make webdev tooling futuristic af

RT Chuck Grassley is up in 2022
Lindsey Graham is up in 2020
John Cornyn is up in 2020
Mike Lee is up in 2022
Ted Cruz is up this year
Ben Sasse is up in 2020
Mike Crapo is up in 2022
Thom Tillis is up in 2020
John Kennedy is up in 2022

We won't forget.


npm is hiring 8 (!) people in all sorts of jobs, at differing experience levels, many open to remote work. You should apply!

New releases over the past month have been really good. Latest Gorillaz? Aside from Idaho, super good. New Aphex Twin? On point. Bass Nectar? Also good.

@jnf: Is this called a duvet or comforter?

Me: Great question. Well, given that this thing over here is a duvet cover, it is logical that this thing which it covers is called a duvet.

J: Oh no, donโ€™t ask me about logic. I write JavaScript for a living.


J: *leans in and whispers* We have no integers.


- groceries
- gym
- coffee + Fear
- roast tikka chicken dinner
- scotch + bath?

Jer made orange zest and vanilla waffles. They were amazing. He is the best. That is all.

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