Found some rare herringbone selvedge denim with 17-mm bands of alternating left- and right-hand twill. Slightly heavy (about 16 oz). Think I'll make a type-1 jacket out of this.
#rawdenim #denim #selvedge
If you find an imperfection “scar” in the fabric, then everyone will be disappointed.
But when I saw a lot of scar from one roll, I came up with a unique idea.
That is Yosaburo, a kabuki’s main-character.
He is outlaw guy.
His body had 34 sword scar, and he was proud of it (by turning defiant to chagrin)

This jeans is scar by the failure of the loom-machine in almost every piece. I used that part on purpose, of course.
There are 3 types of scar is warp and weft, respectively.
I requested my friend Raoul to make it. He sympathized with the idea and added his own idea to the label and show card.
It was an incredible achievement, so I can't wear it for a while!

This may be a very bad jeans by common sense, but only one could be made from selvedge denim over 30 yards. In other words, think of it as valuable jeans like fillet steak.
I once again thank Raoul.
The new product is Old. 2-Prong snaps were mainstream in jackets before the ‘70. Currently 99% is a tubular press stud. It was due to the improvement of the accuracy of the high speed machine and cost reduction. However, there are many advantages of 2-Prong system. It is especially effective for fabric. I want to spot light on this old fastening item again.

Does °C, the symbol for “degrees Celsius”, consist of one character or two characters? Read more about a common mistake made by Japanese authors when entering °C into an English manuscript.

Updated my Nextcloud server to 15.0.2 and am really excited about the Social app!

Which of the following do you prefer?
a. A biopsy of the lesion was performed.
b. The lesion was biopsied.
In other words, is it acceptable to use “biopsy” as a verb?

Made my first bag today. Not perfect, but extremely pleased with it and it’s very usable. I loved the entire process. I had no idea how intellectually difficult #sewing is. Props to all the #sewists out there making things.

Making a Kindle pillow for my wife. Put on an old #HelloKitty patch. Making it up as I go along. #sewist #sewing

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse.

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