Made my first bag today. Not perfect, but extremely pleased with it and it’s very usable. I loved the entire process. I had no idea how intellectually difficult #sewing is. Props to all the #sewists out there making things.

Silkscreen printed the Eureka label onto leather labels and pocket bags today.
#eurekajeans #leatherlabel #silkscreen

Making a Kindle pillow for my wife. Put on an old #HelloKitty patch. Making it up as I go along. #sewist #sewing

1910s style waist overalls. Still quite rigid after one soak. #rawdenim
Late 1910s style Eureka "waist overalls". I actually made these in 2002, but I'm soaking them for the first time today.
Left-hand twill #denim, handmade copper #cinch, #selvedge, #rawdenim
Used the end of the year to make a 1920's style pair of Eureka jeans. #rawdenim #selvedge #cinch #Eureka
Materials for handmade Eureka Jeans. Just a hobby - not for sale. #rawdenim #selvedge #eurekajeans

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse.

We will be deploying federation support later today, the service may be unavailable during this time. #pixelfed #helloFediverse

Simulation of traveling at the speed of light between the sun and Jupiter in real time


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