The yellow size tag is made of paper reinforced with cotton mesh fused to the back, and can easily be torn off. Ready for a first wash! The second pair I made I'll keep as a kind of self-made "new old stock", to be worn maybe 10 or 20 years from now.

#rawdenim #westernjeans #brokentwilldenim #selfmadejeans #handcraftedjeans #selfmadenos #eurekajeans #justahobby #notforsale
The finishing of the waistband ends can be done in a lot of different ways. For these I used a method in which the chainstitch is sewn beyond where the waistband will end, and the extra waistband is cut leaving a 15 mm margin, which is then tucked inside the end of the waistband, and closed with a black lockstitch. This method was used a lot by Wrangler and some store brands. The advantage is that the waistband can be sewn onto multiple jeans consecutively without interruption.

#rawdenim #brokentwilldenim #westernjeans #eurekajeans #selfmadejeans #handcraftedjeans #justahobby #notforsale
For the second pair, I sewed the inseam first and then the outseams, which is the usual order for most jeans. It was easier than the first pair, which I did the other way round. Still, double lapped seams on both sides of the leg is not something I'll be doing very often.

#rawdenim #westernjeans #eurekajeans #justahobby #notforsale
One reason for making these jeans was to see if I could make double lapped seams on both sides of the leg using this machine. Normally this is done on a feed-off-the-arm machine, which I don't have.
Managed to do it, but it was tough. I don't think I'll be doing this too often! I just did the first pair, sewing the outseams first and then the inseam. I'll try doing it the other way round for the second pair, and see if that's a bit easier.

#rawdenim #westernjeans #unionspecial #eurekajeans #justahobby #notforsale
The parts and materials I plan to use this time. This pair will feature non-selvedge broken twill denim, a Talon zipper, and an iron-branded label on the back pocket.

#rawdenim #brokentwilldenim #talonzipper #leatherlabel #ironbranded #copperrivets #copperbutton #eurekajeans #justahobby #notforsale
On to the next project! This is a pair I made in 1994. The concept was to make a pair of jeans without any serged or unfinished edges. Both the inseams and the outseams were "double lapped seams", which was quite difficult as I only had the little domestic sewing machine in the last picture. Now that I have a two-needle chain-stitch machine, I'm about to make an improved version with a new take on this concept.

#selfmadejeans #handcraftedjeans #lappedseams #doublelappedseams #eurekajeans #justahobby #notforsale
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