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Brian Hendrickson

Hoverkitty carves wake like it's a turkey, race on over to his new T shirt store for free shipping thru Sunday - code HVRKTY -

@scalzi My internet experience could always use more cats, I'm not just stringing you along. 🐱 💻 🐱

The Mousy's Thanksgibing Day Parade is breezy this year, steady that tension line on the HoverKitty "float!"

my new plug-in shares private posts as auto-login links, friends can see only the posts they are added to

"I love that someone’s going back to blogrolls in 2017! I need to add one back to mine"

RT - Launched a new side project today! Indie Map is a public social graph and dataset.

RT @macgenie If you’re going to be in PDX for the Indie Web Summit, join me Sat. night at Kelly’s Olympian to see this great lineup of indie nerd musicians.