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11 pm Tuesday update released.

If on the coast near the cone, EVACUATE.

If in rain blast zone, evacuate or stock up (7+ days) and hunker down on higher ground.

See the 4th picture. Florence is fueled by unprecedented build up of heat along the coast. See it’s path where the heat was sucked up to power the storm.

Get real about this. Learn about it. Talk about .


NHC Update, 11am:

Hurricane continues on track for a history-making landfall in North Carolina -- with potential simultaneous new all-time East Coast records for wind, rainfall, and storm surge.

A word on each of those three main threats:


Worth pulling up the birdsite to stay current IMHO.

Hurricane 11pm Monday update.

This storm is fueled by an unprecedented build up of heat in the water along the coast. This has never happened before to humans.

⚠️ If near the cone on coast, GTFO!

⚠️ If in rain blast zone, hunker down on higher ground. Stock up now. Help each other.

Take this seriously. Reach out to people directly because people need advance warning.

Please RT or share graphics directly.

@brianpoe Note: the 2030 ice free timeline given in the article may be overly optimistic. Keep an eye on Arctic cyclone activity, El Nino, and any loss of global dimming upon economic crisis.

Don't despair. Get informed and get to work. We must build a parallel plan for meeting our needs.

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@Pinko_Angel Looks like she's really stepped in it, too. It's been drag city for Ocasio on this goddamn tweet (snicker):

New study finds release is faster than expected due to melt feedbacks of meltwater lakes.

"The impact on the climate may mean an influx of permafrost-derived methane into the atmosphere in the mid-21st century, which is *not currently accounted for in climate projections*."

Wake up. Spread awareness. Act.

The bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was US made. CNN has confirmed it was laser guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin.

Wake up. Speak out.

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Hey do you notice how there isn't a single ad or piece of sponsored content anywhere on this website? Isn't it great? It's great.

Here's the bad news: this website is NOT free. Since we're not paying a corporation with our private information or advertisers with our eyeballs, we need to pay directly the people who are running the servers and banning nazis.

Do what you can, folks.

Climate & eco community: be wary of corporate & neocon manipulations.

"And that’s really all it will take. A tipping point of un-manipulatable & awake people collaborating to create new systems that will surpass the old is all it will take to wrest power from the manipulators"

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A thing I am working on building to help fix the Shitty Twitter Archive Export.

Why? Because.

The ONLY reason I haven't deleted my account sooner is because the backups don't support twitter threads properly.

I tried making it sooner but I get so sad just thinking about it. Been trying to do it since march.

Finally got enough done that I have a fairly complete backup of my account, at least raw JSON+Images.

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Anyone got any docs on practical workplace democracy? I may have a chance to bake it into a small corporation I work for

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This implies your time serving the machine is its own reward

As someone who has been working since he was 13, let me just say, no it isn't

A job is just that. A mechanism of self-preservation as part of the infrastructure in the current incarnation of civilization. You are who you are. You can enjoy what you do, but your job is not "you"

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