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Creative Empathy in a Pandemic

“We are one planet—one people. This isn’t idealism; it’s the most pragmatic social organizing principle possible.”

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Real Revolution Means Expanding #Consciousness, Both Outwardly And Inwardly
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The fight to liberate humanity from oppression,exploitation,butchery and madness is really a fight to expand consciousness.
C. #Johnstone

Creative Empathy in a Pandemic

“We are one planet—one people. This isn’t idealism; it’s the most pragmatic social organizing principle possible.”

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modern tech dystopia fiction bothers me because it acts as if humanity is slapping itself silly for no reason, as if a very tiny group of people isn't becoming obscenely wealthy from invading our privacy and micromanaging our lives

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This might well be the creepiest #Google page ever: All the purchases a user has ever done. If the user receives a confirmation email for a purchase they made, the user is not notified that Google collected and displays this piece of information in this page. There is no explanation why they are collecting all the purchases in one page, and apparently there is no way to opt out of this or even delete the purchases from the list.

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I wish people would quit assuming my interest in decentralization is based on privacy concerns. There are lots of things that are much higher priorities:

• Censorship resistance.
• Resilience. An entire library of content/social graph isn't destroyed because of a change in corporate focus.
• Evolution. Protocols can change more when not under a single administrative domain of control, and in ways that meet the interests of user communities rather than productization committees.
• Flexibility. Since things are decentralized anyway, it's much harder for the system to ossify in a way that relies on one particular family of devices.
• Namespacing. Being able to 'reserve your brand' across all social graphs is an antifeature.

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**Fracking Future Shock in Colorado**

"If fracking treated all people equally, that is, if every person in Colorado were threatened with anywhere from 10 to 50 fracked wells in their neighborhood, the oil and gas industry would be long gone. But it doesn’t, so only a minority of Coloradans reap the whirlwind in the state’s fracking fields. That Prop 112, a…"

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Pantone's colour of the year for 2019 is called Living Coral. It's a reminder of one of Earth's threatened treasures.

Ocean acidification is one of the major problems of climate change and it's ravaging Earth's corals, destroying Reefs which are millions of years old.

Coral reefs support some of the most extensive and diverse ecosystems on the planet, and their die off is a major contributor to the ongoing Holocene extinction.

Extinction Domino Effect:
1. It’s happening

2. It can abruptly accelerate once tipping points are reached

3. Fossil fuels have caused it

4. It will kill us too without near-term course correction.

5. 2018 saw record emissions. We have not turned the corner.

Thom Hartman accurately reports on recent scientific findings:

Do something:

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Cville slueth @socialistdogmom has a new podcast series covering the trial in Charlottesville.

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consumerism and marketing did this thing to our brains where we don't trust things that are too cheap. if someone told us a lifesaving medicine cost 25 cents instead of $750, we would think "well, it must not work right." In the exact same mind, we understand that drugs get overpriced so people can get rich. But those two thoughts collide with one another.

11 pm Tuesday update released.

If on the coast near the cone, EVACUATE.

If in rain blast zone, evacuate or stock up (7+ days) and hunker down on higher ground.

See the 4th picture. Florence is fueled by unprecedented build up of heat along the coast. See it’s path where the heat was sucked up to power the storm.

Get real about this. Learn about it. Talk about .


NHC Update, 11am:

Hurricane continues on track for a history-making landfall in North Carolina -- with potential simultaneous new all-time East Coast records for wind, rainfall, and storm surge.

A word on each of those three main threats:


Worth pulling up the birdsite to stay current IMHO.

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