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Anyone got any docs on practical workplace democracy? I may have a chance to bake it into a small corporation I work for

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This implies your time serving the machine is its own reward

As someone who has been working since he was 13, let me just say, no it isn't

A job is just that. A mechanism of self-preservation as part of the infrastructure in the current incarnation of civilization. You are who you are. You can enjoy what you do, but your job is not "you"

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I got my first post solar panel electric bill. It's for -56 dollars.

I can leave it as a credit in case we use more power in another billing cycle or if the credit is over 50 dollars I can ask for a check.

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UK: Students Go On Hunger Strike to Pressure Cambridge University to Divest

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[7 Steps for Raising Secure Children in an Insecure World - Survival Mom](

[Emergency Exits: Getting to a Safe Place in a Crisis - Survival Mom](

[INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: The Mega-Prepping Option - Survival Mom](

[Preparedness Essential: The Survival Mom Binder - Survival Mom](

#edc #preppers #survival

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Got my birdsite account locked for calling a literal paid shill a paid shill.

I'll need to be more careful.

S. Fred Singer is a known paid shill by he Heartland Institute.

Here's a rebuttal of his ridiculous WSJ opinion piece:

Here's his Desmog entry:

And SourceWatch:

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Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use #leaflet and #openstreetmap


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A small weight, "m1", added to one side represents warming forcings (e.g., excess ).

Without feedbacks (valve between bottles closed), the weight causes a small tilt.

With positive feedbacks (valve open), the weight causes water to flow and a much larger tilt occurs.

The Earth has several known positive feedbacks (e.g., albedo, methane turnover, added water vapor).

Get aware. Get ready.

Mechanical teaching tool for understanding positive feedbacks in non-linear climate change.

Building widespread intuitive understanding of is key to achieving a successful grassroots response.

RT Paul Beckwith (
Positive Feedback in Climate: Stabilization or Runaway, Illustrated by a Simple Experiment

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#Equifax, #Experian, #Transunion & #FICO have too much data & no competition. People should be able to choose the one company they trust with their non-public, verified accurate & valuable personal financial (profiling) data.
“Equifax filing reveals hack was somehow even worse than previous estimates”
#privacy #credit

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@annika I think what sets Discord a bit apart is that they are very good at hiding their business practices and design decisions behind memes, colourful animated graphics, and their overly colloquial (almost child-like) language.

They always act like they were some cool friend who graciously hosts a chat for you and not yet another data-eating startup by the guy who built OpenFeint.

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China going vegan? Massive decline in meat consumption, vegetarian restaurants double in 5 years in Shanghai
In 2014, a Xinhua news agency report claimed that more than 50 million people shun meat in their meal in ...

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RT Unusually early, extensive and rapid snow melt on #Svalbard releasing extreme melt water discharges in the valleys. +6°C and strong breeze today in #Longyearbyen (78°N), #Arctic

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If you ever need a site to demonstrate what web tracking can do, this one is quite impressive