Tinkered with PEzor and Windows Defender was very happy with the results.

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I just starred github.com/theepiccode/Curated

An awesome collection of curated Penetration Testing resources(Books, Tutorials, Blogs, Podcasts, ...)

I just starred github.com/adi1090x/uGRUB

Create an ultimate multiboot USB flash drive with Grub2 bootloader


Privileges looks to be a super easy way to run you macOS account without always being admin.

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I just starred github.com/SAP/macOS-enterpris

For Mac users in an Enterprise environment, this app gives the User control over administration of their machine by elevating their level of access to Administrator privileges on macOS. Users can set the time frame using Preferences to perform specific tasks such as install or remove an application.

-2.0 -C

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