A colleague of mines turned me on to this interview between Funk Butcher & Defected Records CEO Simon Dunmore during Blackout Week in which he claims "that were predisposed to do hip hop & or R&B Music.

OH REALLY Fucka? Suck on This Silly!!

Brother Soul on LABR - Midweek Workday Chill Mix 109 (Follow For Now Tribute)

The US, that banned Hawaiian language, erased our history, commodified our culture in Waikiki, beat the Hawaiian out of my parents in schools, is the greatest destroyer of independence on Earth and continues illegal colonial occupation of Hawaii. #IndependenceDay

The US revolutionary war was nor revolutionary but a fight between white aristo colonial capitalist abusers and the heart of empire in Britain, to keep slavery. The pro-slavery side won.

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Neofeud is a game about surviving colonial capitalist ghettoization & erasure as a native Hawaiian, through the lens of satirical cyberpunk. All revenue goes to house, feed more Hawaiians at Silver Spook hui (worker co-op) & do indigenous education.

More on Neofeud: octodon.social/@silverspookgam

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Serving up a mix of musical flows and genre's that you'll never hear in one show any where. Today the theme is #black #blackrock #blackrockmusic

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