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First step into the fediverse. I'm Brother Soul, curator at @LABR a collective, non-monetised 24/7 stream for house music and electronic music with soul.

Catch me live for the Midweek Workday Chill Mix live today at 3pm GMT. Here is my latest crate digging mini session.

About to Go Out and Get Your Dance on Are You? Allow ME To assist you before you hit your favourite club. Or on the way to the club.


JOIN Me!! We're the tiny little radio station, with a Big Sound. Ego Free Radio. Where the Music is the star. And we're just the messengers.

Let me know if your listening in.

8pm GMT

3pm EST


I'm LIVE!! JOIN Me in a Preview of a New Regular Guest on DJ Pinky.

Where VERY EXCITED To have this talented lady join us.

Let me know if your listening in. Come say hello.

8pm GMT 3pm EST


"the illusion of individual voice 
addicted to the paradox of choice 
complacent in the greed divide 
grind grind grind, slave to the blind"

((((Brand New))))


10 track album

going live right now

LIVE Midweek Workday Chill Mix 3pm to 5pm GMT

Let me know if your listening in. And if you dig it? Don't keep it to yourself. Tell ya homies too.


Uplifting and chill vibe. Getting you through your midweek with your man @brothersoul in the on love a brother radio.

PS This isn't a Diss to us drum machines peeps and what we do. This is an exchange of different skills, from different times. Coming Together? To inspire Each other. Collaborate with one another. Learn from one another. To life up one another.

Just a friendly little artistic BATTLE! Got it? Word!


Oh yea. Shout out to the recent follows. Enjoy the music.


live right now

The Midweek Workday Chill Mix - LIVE on LABR 🎧
3pm to 5pm GMT, 10am to 12pm EST

Uplifting sounds with a chill vibe. Join Me, @brothersoul in the on love a brother radio.

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