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First step into the fediverse. I'm Brother Soul, curator at @LABR a collective, non-monetised 24/7 stream for house music and electronic music with soul.

Catch me live for the Midweek Workday Chill Mix live today at 3pm GMT. Here is my latest crate digging mini session.

Brother Soul getting you ready for the weekend with my Weekend Workout

Spinning a few tunes Live for about 2 hours at 8pm GMT. Loan me your ear if ya can. Let me know if your listening in.

Brother Soul @LABR

Okay so another Crate Digging Sessions is in the can. And will be up on the site soon. Stay tuned.

For all those who might of missed the first one? Rock with this.

Humbled Thanks for your ears in Advance.


I'm Live in 30mins. Roll through and loan us your ear.


Uplifting and @brothersoul in the on love a brother radio. Let me know if your listening in.


live right now

The Midweek Workday Chill Mix - LIVE on LABR ๐ŸŽง
3pm to 5pm GMT, 10am to 12pm EST

Uplifting and sounds with a party vibe. Start your weekend hot with your man @brothersoul in the on love a brother radio.

going live right now

2000 - 2200 GMT, 1500 EST

Uplifting and sounds with a party vibe. Start your weekend hot with your man @brothersoul in the live on love a brother radio.

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Working on light programming and set design. This year's halloween show will debut the new C2 album PENTALOGY, be two sets wih 4 projections, more band, vocalist and a dance troupe. It'll make the below look like a teddy bear picnic.

C2 book of gates

#C2 #industrial #mastomusic #fediplay #live #performance #multimedia #lowtech #ebm #horror #music #gear

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sometimes, when people ask a question on social media that could easily be answered with a google search, maybe it's not so much that they're looking for an answer as to make a connection with other people who are also interested in the subject

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i really miss the days when all my friends used aim and i could just look at the buddy list and see who was available to talk to, and if they weren't available they would just be offline or have an away message. now, pretty much all messaging just goes through everyone's phones, so sending anyone a message always feels like i'm intruding. i have no idea what's going on on their end and that makes me extremely anxious and consequently i very rarely have one-on-one conversations with anyone

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This morning, I will admit that I too wear a mask half of the time to deal with what I'm going through. We all do, in order to keep life going while searching for answers we need. You might find yourself crying, alone, but it's ok to feel. It's ok not to be strong all the time.

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Mastodon is great but can it launch 90kg projectiles for 300m?