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(sorry the reflection of my arm holding the phone ruins the effect a bit)

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this looks like an end of game graph for a Civilization game on why your Civ got crushed and you lost

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Probably got almost a foot of snow in our part of NoVA.

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had to admit the screaming street preacher on buchanan street today had a point when he stopped telling everyone they were going to hell for a minute to make a digression about how not all angels have wings, you're thinking of cherubs actually

So it turns out you can get a lot of leftover house stuff into a Fiat 500.

Got a nice view of the National Mall on river approach to DCA.

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that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

United Club lounge just put out the lunch buffet and it includes veggie bean chili and three bean salad, just the kind of thing you want to feed a bunch of people about to get on planes

Halifax Airport kindly provides cannabis disposal bins and a reminder that you can't fly weed over international borders.

"Saan kayo sa atin?" (Where in the Philippines are you from?) I ask as I wait for my sandwich, popular greeting among Filipinos abroad. "Manila!" Me too, I reply, San Juan. "Malayo kayo." (you're far).

Suddenly feel a familiar sense of displacement from childhood. San Juan is a suburb of Manila, but also near the geographic centre of the greater Metro Manila area. I often say I grew up "in Manila" but really I was always in the periphery, a suburban 3rd culture kid.

Was supposed to fly back to DC on Sunday but forecasts say Sunday will be east coast snow hell so my airline let me reschedule for free and so here I am at the airport a day early at 4am having a Tim’s medium regular and a breakfast sandwich, trying to chew on the opposite side of my mouth from my root canal.

The Tim’s cashier is Filipina and she is singing along off-key to the piped-in pop music and it sounds just like the old country.

Lidocaine wore off and tooth hurts again but at least it’s manageable. Root canal cost 700 CAD uninsured. (Would have been 900 for a molar but fortunately premolars only have one root.)

love to get a stabbing toothache in my lower left first bicuspid two weeks after my federal dental coverage expires

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Shout out to the Stanford Online Accessibility Program website. It's the most coherent resource I've found that really explains all sorts of context around accessible websites. Not just "here are some tools" but "here is how to think critically about your users and make a site that works for everyone".

General intro:

List of articles on many different web accessibility topics:

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