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people asking me, haha how do you do it? the answer is simple. i do not do it

Non chronological interlude: remind me sometime to tell you the story of how I ended up drinking a PBR in Ottawa.

Time for a classic Canadian breakfast. (These photos are actually from a few days ago, I just haven't had much connectivity since then.)

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Messages you get when people learn you’re moving to Canada

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thinking about how the Starbucks mermaid is slowly, but surely, getting closer, and we cannot stop her

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*sees someone shouting at a retail worker*
Hey man, cut it out,

Heading back up to Nova Scotia tomorrow to get keys to a house, and it still does not feel real.

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Every American state with a panhandle has a cursed energy. This makes West Virginia the most cursed state, as it has three separate panhandles

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Amelia is sleepball right now. Note the polydactyl paw.

(Also I thought changing to digital kmh on the Fiat 500 would require an instrument cluster software update or something but it turns out it's just a buried menu setting. It wasn't in the Units config but a separate menu for Speed Display.)

Switched digital speedo on my car to kmh in preparation for Canada and was driving on I495 and glanced at it and it said 100 and I panicked for a sec

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