YouTube suddenly recommending me clips of the Baseline Test scenes from Blade Runner 2049. Do they know something about me I don't? Cells.

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If you're bored and want to spend the rest of the afternoon not doing any work, check out this archive of actual photos taken by the Voyager space craft.

Really productive walk to lunch today, -wise. Finally finished mythical quest by throwing excellent curveball and catching Mew, and also caught my first shiny (Grimer, paradoxically). Also got banh mi.

I found the Aquitaine music I was thinking of too, hope you like medieval organums

I was just looking up some 12th Century music from Aquitaine and instead found this amazing pun

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in case you were worried about that nuclear power plant in NC that had to declare an emergency because of flooding, they cancelled the emergency this morning

I suddenly want to make a supercut of every time someone says "bio-neural gel pack" in Voyager

No idea why but our local Asian market has a photomural of Venice on one wall.

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Pls boost if u would buy Bear’s EDM album

Asking Alexa to shuffle some Erik Satie is a great way to just get a steady stream of Gymnopedie variations

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I just remembered ICQ still exists so my number is now in my profile.

As $software approaches v3 the probability of a “$software 3.11 for workgroups” joke approaches 1

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Apropos of nothing I hastily combined maps of DC and Halifax at the same zoom, with Halifax over Arlington like it was just over the Potomac. Gives me a sense of scale and distance. (For reference National Mall is 4km long from Capitol to Lincoln Memorial.)

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PRO TIP: to sounds smart say say "telos" instead of "end". For example, "how does my rear telos look in these pants?" "I live on a dead telos street." Etc.

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I made a thing, it's a code-generated number station podcast:

It has two sources of data: 1) my mysterious corpus 2) you can submit your own message.

Messages are encrypted and read aloud. There's also some music and other random variety. It's weird, but I like it. It's not quite as automated and/or 100% computer-generated as I would like, and I'll probably fiddle with it forever, but here it is!

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