The crazy thing about spending the day climbing a mountain.... Especially for me.... is seeing not just the sheer number of calories expended... but that the deficit remaining after consuming THREE THOUSAND CALORIES is higher than my normal daily intake.


Agreed 1000%. Brilliant point. Me getting 7.5 hours of sleep per night is one of my side gigs. It helps me get the other stuff done. Figured this out in year 5 of MB when we were shooting for 42 weeks a year. Wouldn’t have survived had I not made it a priority.



0: I successfully brute forced a username and password and tried to log in...
1: How’d it go?

0: There’s MultiFactor Authentication required everywhere!!! I can’t in!!!
1: Yup! We learned from the last time you hacked us!

You... you guys *listened* to me?!



Challenge accepted! Here is a transition between surface area of US counties and their associated population. This arguably provides a much more accurate reading of the situation. notebook:


I think this is the highest Spamassassin score I've ever seen... o.o

Aaaaaaaaand done. Got the Fail2Ban rules for Postfix in, and got them processing in Lambda.

Already had a few asshats trip the rules and get THE BANHAMMER. Always fun watching all the scanning that gets done constantly against SMTP servers...

Thank you, for supporting !

Having fun with Everspace presently, and excited for Everspace 2!

Anyone want to take guesses on when I started streaming Syslog messages (filtered to Postfix/Dovecot/Roundcube only) in addition to Auth log (SSHd only) messages to the Fail2Ban filter Lambda? Anyone?

And once I get Postfix setup with Fail2Ban... that'll end this project. So... woooo!

Aaaaaaand now Dovecot is rigged up with Fail2Ban (including the cloud setup for it).

The hard part was making sure that the Roundcube hosts wouldn't get banned for failed logins, so it took longer than expected. Setting up Postfix can leverage the same efforts, fortunately.

Muahahaha... just got my Cloud-Fail2Ban setup parsing/filtering Roundcube logs for failed logins...

... now to deal with Postfix and Dovecot (though Dovecot might be... difficult given Roundcube uses it...)

This photogenic bird decided to join me for lunch on Mount Si today...

Does make me wonder what I'm missing, though. I'm sure there's something broken about the setup... some hole I've missed...

A thought just occurred to me... my personal email setup is probably better (more automated, more secure, more resilient) than most small ISPs or businesses.

I mean, granted, this is a bar you'd be forgiven for tripping over... but still. XD

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