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The other thing I care about other than the Trumpian collapse of western civilization and COVID19... There’s a new Doctor Who trailer!

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"i hate programming" meme based upon @Nasser_Junior@twitter.com comic.

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The AWS Kinesis event summary has been published. If you’re curious wtf happened to us-east-1 here’s your answer. aws.amazon.com/message/11201/

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While Trump is somehow astounded that 80 million people voted for Biden, I’m astounded that it wasn’t more.

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running `chown -R $(whoami) /lib` to own the libs

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Sooo.... anyone wanna have fun harassing a scammer?

Check the comments on downdetector.com/status/amazon

This isn't Amazon's number, and it's just some dude answering and trying to get your information. They'll call back, too, so send 'em to @JollyRogerTelCo@twitter.com.

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Dear "security vendor",

Please stop sending emails with using freaking link shorteners. I don't believe you're trying to phish me, but I do believe it speaks volumes about your internal security posture.

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"What kind of person would be this stupid?"

Literally the people who think that Trump won the election and that Obama and Hillary drink the blood of children to gain powers from their adrenaline.

Y'know... "very fine people" who are totally super smart. *eyerolls*

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Oh my God

Parler required users to give their social security numbers

And now they've been hacked

This is the biggest fucking grift I've ever seen, I knew these people were stupid, but my God they gave their SSN because Twitter mods were "meanies" to them

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Spiced Sweet Potato & Pepper Pita Pockets with Feta Sauce Hummus & a Cucumber Pepita Salad

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Picard morality tip: If one side of a conflict preaches purity of bloodline above communal benefit for all, join the other side.

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