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While not forgetting the harm done to those who were sent malware by those it was sold to, Marcus has been a reformed and incredible public asset in sharing and teaching malware analysis towards the public good, and we’d be well-served to see that continue.

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software engineering be like

zz z z
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/

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Picard mental health tip: When you lie down to sleep, instead of thinking about your failures, think about your successes.

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Just spent the evening re-organizing a closet...

Damn I'm old... >.>

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What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama? It would look like this

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The struggle between wanting to tell newer folks that self-care and having a life are important and also wanting to give an honest answer to “how did you come so far so fast”

You probably don’t want my work habits, tbh

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If you ever want to understand how screwed-up biological vision is, attach a GoPro to your skull with calipers.

It’s completely incomprehensible. Your face is a friggen hardware-accelerated steadicam. It’s wild.

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When you screw up, and I mean REALLY screw up, just admit it and seek a path back to redemption. Doubling down on your mistake is almost never the right route to take...

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What hostile sexism looks like: Dr. Katie Bouman’s reputation is being battered across multiple platforms. Her Wikipedia profile, marked for deletion, fake accounts, her work attributed to a man (he’s renounced the lies). “Trolls” doesn’t capture it: organized sexist harassment. twitter.com/genepark/status/11

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Fun fact... weddings and (maybe more especially) engagements are TORTURE for someone who's kosmemophobic.

So much focus and emphasis on jewelry. *shudders*

I'd think it should be more focused on the relationship than an... over-priced trinket, but apparently I'm wrong.

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Guest at a party: "I overheard you saying you work in cybersecurity?"

Me: "Yup. Yanno, if you tell me your password, I can tell you if it's secure."

Guest: "It's [REDACTED]."

Me: "...Nope, not secure.😇"

Guest: "But it met all the requirements!"

Me: "That's not the problem." twitter.com/Kevin2600/status/1

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[Comic][1062] "Confidence of Fools" Raine confides in Red and gets some advice on what to do next. twokinds.keenspot.com/comic/10

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I don't know. By comparison I'd say my website is doing pretty darn good...

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Parrot playing peekaboo with the cat from across the street youtu.be/lyG9F5axS9o via @YouTube@twitter.com

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It seems we have decided to enter the cybersecurity certification business with a new product. AND it is completely FREE OF CHARGE! So many wonderful companies are already opting for this. Huge market potential!

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