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Now that Alan Turing is on the 50 pound note, they should rename ATMs to “Turing Machines”

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I completely understand and accept that "dating is a numbers game"; but it isn't even that I'm getting rejected a lot, I can't even find people to be rejected by.

Which creates an added bonus: it makes rejection hurt that much more when opportunities are a literal decade apart.

Okay, Twitter,

How the hell does dating 'round here work? After 5 years here, I've come up completely dry (and not for lack of trying). Yes I've tried online/apps, even tried a matchmaking service.

Will this void reply with useful information if I shout into it?

*A* racist? Just one?

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Opinion: Republicans must acknowledge that their party has been taken over by a racist wapo.st/2k4wPjs

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Silicon/electron based computers are much simpler to understand and work with than the protein/hormone based ones.

Re-buying a bunch of shirts I bought in April because I'm no longer a 2XL, I'm an XL...

And to think a year ago I was pushing close to a 3XL...

BWAHAHAHA.... These s[cp]ammers have been calling the last couple months... the @JollyRogerTelCo@twitter.com bot finally got through to the 2nd line folks (first time since they started calling... once one guy immediately knew it was a bot... :( )


I've been watching waaaaay too much @Psych2go@twitter.com lately. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing in my case, but it is a thing, at least...

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