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Republicans think a 10-year-old girl is old enough to be a mom, but too young to learn some people have two moms.

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.@TheOrville@twitter.com says: "Trans rights are ~~Moclan~~ Human rights."

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Waking up astounded every morning that the party that consistently wins elections despite having gotten fewer votes is the one that has been taken over by extremists who think elections are rigged.

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Pretty sure this is what charge-backs are for.

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Hell of a business model

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They managed to get (weak as it was) *GUN CONTROL* legislation passed! And with McTurtle's support, even!

And you're telling me they can't do fuck-all about abortion? REALLY!?

They're not trying and failing, they're just not trying at all!

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I'm incredibly annoyed that Democrats seem more interested in leveraging recent events for fundraising and campaigning than actually doing anything.

Because, of course, if they actually DID something, they'd lose their talking points.

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"Millennials are excited by the idea that housing may one day be affordable"

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If I could have picked another airline, I would have. @AirCanada@twitter.com was the only airline flying SEA<->YYZ (even indirect flights used them for one leg)...

I really REALLY hope they don't fuck me over here, there aren't other options.

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In an email Air Canada has announced, ‘with reluctance, we are now making meaningful reductions to our schedule in July and August in order to reduce passenger volumes and flows to a level we believe the air transport system can accommodate.’

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July 4th this year feels like attending a birthday party for someone in hospice.

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Never forget that the phrase "life finds a way" is in reference to an uprising of trans dinosaurs

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@MarlenaStell@twitter.com I am so sorry marlena! I cannot imagine going through that! And i am also so sorry about the people yelling at you saying youre a baby killer! People need to realize people get abortions for more than just not wanting the baby like they think!

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I wanted my baby. My husband and I have tried for years. I got pregnant in august 2021 and then miscarried. My body doesn’t naturally expel so I needed a D&C. I was denied one because my doctor was worried about the laws here in Texas. I waited for 2 WEEKS carrying my loss while

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This final season of America has been absolutely amazing. I mean, it starts with an attack on the capital and ends with a new Supreme Court that is actively dismantling democracy? That's some top notch writing! And it perfectly sets up the Civil War miniseries that will follow...

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Friend: "Overturning Roe v Wade is good, actually, because it's taking power from the federal government and giving it to the states"

No, it's taking power from the INDIVIDUAL and giving it to the state.

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