My youngest daughter just picked the winner for the book raffle in the last newsletter. Congrats to Sascha, who was the lucky one and got the book by @limedaring

Good morning. Stoked to announce the talk of Marcin Wichary for Berlin. Any idea what he means by “The Abridged History Of Having Fun \/\/ith Keyboards”? No? The come and see:

Not only am I absolutely delighted to have the lovely Debbie Millman being part of the family in Berlin, but I also am beyond excited to see an hear her talk about “Why We Brand, Why We Buy“ –

11 applicants for the tickets at in Berlin so far. You have until September 30th to apply.

Yay! @Shopify is back in the boat, as you know. Which is great, as they support for such a long time. In Berlin they will offer a free lunch time session again for everybody attending. Details:

Cécile Dormeau is going to explain “How to represent people as they are”, when she enters the stage at Berlin –

Excited to reveal the last speaker for Berlin. I mean, have you ever tried to trade a single paperclip for a house? No? Join in and listen to the story of Kyle MacDonald, who did exactly this.

Say Hello and Welcome to Cécile Dormeau, who is part of the family in Berlin. Delighted to have Cécile on board!

About time to reveal the last two speakers and topic for Berlin, right? So stay tuned for a complete line-up and topics during this week. (About 40 tickets left for Berlin!)

Got a call from someone with an app for my partners at @btconf to get in touch with the attendees and to start and lead conversations. 🙄

I really prefer if they chat from face to face. Attendees to each other or also to partners […]

New full-day workshop at ! Josh Clark invites you to join “Good Robots: UX for Machine Learning and AI”. Get the full picture about the workshop here:

Beyond delighted to present the topic of Josh Clark for in . Check what he is talking about in “The New Design Material”.

A short article about “What is Design Thinking?” by Andy Budd on our blog.

Welcome to a new week with a new Side Event for . Anil Kumar Krishnashetty and Alexey Vidanov are hosting a half-day workshop on the topic “GUI + VUI. Multimodal Conversation Design” on Thursday 8th. Check the content here:

Less than 70 days to go until we meet in for . Very much looking forward to edition number 5 in Berlin! Information and registration, this way:

“The End of an Era: No Typo Conference Anymore” more and more events pop up every year, but it is sad to see some going on the other hand. With Typo Berlin a well-established event closes its doors after more than 20 years.

Seen this? “Inclusive Components: The Book” by @heydon Well invested money for great and important content.

Hello everybody and welcome to a new week. End of this week our friends from @nightlybuildio planned their event. Sadly it is cancelled, but a networking event with BBQ is happening instead. Don‘t miss out!

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