Good morning everybody. Today the early bird tickets for the 7th beyond tellerrand conference in Berlin are going on sale. Just to remind you ;) Speakers will be revealed poece by piece from today on.

Six days until tickets for our 2020 edition in Berlin go on sale. Early Birds first. You ask why that early? Well, this time we do a Summer edition! Join us:

I think it did not get as much attention as deserved, but here is a Global CfP Day in Düsseldorf on Saturday 18th. Check details here and please spread the word:

8 days (or even less) before we meet for Berlin (sold out) and 174 days before the 10th edition in Düsseldorf takes place (tickets still available). Would be lovely to see you at either of those (or both) ;)

Happy to announce that the schedule for Berlin is online from today on:

Always excited to create the schedule for an event. I hope those of you, who come, are going to enjoy and like it ;)

Absolutely delighted the the City/Area of Berlin and Brandenburg got notice of and are now officially supporting the event! Welcome in the family.

Good morning and welcome to a new week. Off to Berlin to finalise a few bits. But not without mentioning, that less than 30 tickets are left for this year’s Berlin edition. Get yours now and don’t miss out:

Good evening on this Sunday. I hope you have set your alarms for tomorrow 10am, when tickets for 2020 go on sale. This is going to be our 10th edition in Düsseldorf! ->

If you attend in Berlin, join the “The Web We Want” – a collective effort by browser makers to understand where the dev community would like us to invest our energy. Use this chance and join:

I need your help: like last year, I am looking for a partner and host for the Berlin 2019 pre-conference Warm-Up. If you like to know more about this, or know someone who might be interested, get in touch please. And also please spread the word.

Only 70 days left until we meet in Berlin for#btconf and only 85 tickets left. Don’t miss out. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Delighted to drop our next speaker for ’s 2019. Please welcome Cassie Evans to this years show:

Venue page for 2019 edition of is up and running. Workshop venue TBA, but please check our new home for Berlin already:

For those of you who prefer the direct @useTito link to get tickets for Berlin instead of using the website of beyond tellerrand, this way please:

Fantastic news: we have a venue for Berlin in November! First speakers and information soon. Tickets on Monday. Dates had to be moved to November 14 and 15 with Side Events and workshops before and after. Mark your calendars and get ready to rock & roll!

Looking forward do the final outcome of this. A documentary about . Released late 2020 in year ten of running the event. Thanks to Andreas and @stn1978 for their passion and work. -> “beyond tellerrand – A Documentary”

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