Yay! Really excited for @bastianallgeier and his team about today. Why? @getkirby 3 is here! Check what and how much is new and congrats to Bastian! I know how much hard work went into this new version. marcthiele.com/notes/kirby-3-i

Another transcription of is online. Find the talk of @jennyshen as text version in our Berlin 2018 archive. beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

New text version of a talk is online. Find the talk of Oliver Schöndorfer as transcription in our Berlin 2018 archive: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Good morning. 4:30 is certainly not my time. Off to Berlin to check a couple of venues that are in my closer selection for @btconf Berlin. Anyone fancy a coffee around 8:30/9:00? marcthiele.com/notes/venue-sco

Good morning from Germany. I added a new transcription for a Berlin talk. @bigmediumjosh spoke about “The New Design Material” and here is the full text version of his presentation: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

The first of many full talk transcriptions is online. @PhamTranscript is doing a great job again an here comes @LeonieWatson with “I, Human” as full text version: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Can’t afford a regular ticket for in Düsseldorf 2019? Please use our application form for one of ten scholarship tickets: btco.nf/DUS2019scholarship

I did it! The first version of the complete “Wrap-Up and Coverage” post for Berlin 2018 is online. I hope you like it and pleas send me everything that is missing! beyondtellerrand.com/blog/wrap

Question for those of you who have been at Berlin’s : has anyone taken photos of the exhibition, partner booths and/or the audience? Would love to get these. Thanks in advance.

To summarise that means, that we have the Berlin videos on your platform of preference.



Gemma’s and Cécile’s are available for attendees on Vimeo (email soon).

All videos which I am allowed to publish are now also on YouTube: btco.nf/BER2018youtube

If you have written a blog post about or took photo or have created sketch notes, please let me know and I am happy to add these to my wrap-up post, I am currently writing. Thank you!

All videos I am allowed to post publicly are online on Vimeo and in our event archive since last Wednesday. I am currently uploading all videos also to YouTube. Slides, of those who gave or give it to me will also be added to the archive: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Updated the t-shirt shop and added the latests design by Rainer Michael for Berlin (what a great one!) and the numbers for other versions since we sold t-shirts onsite again. beyondtellerrand.com/shop

All videos of Berlin, where I already have to ok to publish them, are online in our Vimeo channel: vimeo.com/channels/beyondtelle

YouTube versions soon.

Bye bye Berlin. It, once more, was wonderful to host my little show @btconf in you. See you jext year! Also thanks to 500 fantastic attendees!

So, here we go: last time in Berlin‘s Admiralspalast, fifth time in Berlin. Are you ready for ? See you very soon for two – hopefully – exciting and fun days!

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