Aside from worrying about supplies, prepare your living space for if/when you get sick. In my case that means clearing out clutter from my room and making my clothes, food, and other supplies easier to access.

@bthall I can relate, to an extent, though my language is a bit different as not Christian. What's the rush? I swear at my Master constantly and refuse his help except in the most dire need. I'm like "no no, I got this, watch while I make a total mess of it". It's a good thing he's so patient and kind.

Every time I become the slightest bit more willing, I freak out, so progress is very gradual. This is okay. It's okay to be gentle to yourself about your unwillingness to fully rely on God.

A #wiki needs multiple people editing it to thrive but most people seem to prefer doing their own thing.

Family Lore, Memories and a Wiki
I have a project I've been thinking about, off and on for about 9 months: I want to write down what I can remember of my family lore and also my own family memories from my youth.

Stories told to me by family members about themselves or other family members.
Stuff I was a part of.
My memories of parents and grandparents.

I can't write these in any sort o

Excited about this year.

Going to make an effort to get out and do more in the physical world, interact with people in person, etc.

Going to try and do more making (and sharing) things and less talking about things.

Not sure why, but I’ve felt like 2019 was going to be a good year for awhile...

From now on, I’m calling the “have one fewer kid” carbon footprint advice “Thanos environmentalism”.

Learn Python programming the easy way with EduBlocks - EduBlocks brings a Scratch-like GUI to writing Python 3 code

Python is a great first programming language, and it is only getting better as more educational tools are developed. One of the best things about Python is its ecosystem: Whatever you need, there's probably a library for it on PyPI.

One of the barriers when transitioning from Scratch to Python is the absence of the drag-and-drop GUI that has made Scratch the go-to application in K-12 schools. EduBlocks' drag-and-drop version of Python 3 changes that paradigm. It aims to "help teachers to introduce text-based programming languages, like Python, to children at an earlier age."

The hardware requirements for EduBlocks are quite modest—a Raspberry Pi and an internet connection—and should be available in many classrooms.

EduBlocks was developed by Joshua Lowe, a 14-year-old Python developer from the United Kingdom.


#python #education

I've been looking around the latest Pythonista beta these last couple of days. It's extremely impressive the things it can do. I wish I felt more confident that I'd use it to automate (or even create new) stuff with it.

#iOS #Automation #Python #JavaScript

My fermentation chamber for #beer project is progressing well : "good enough" temperature regulation, data logging, real-time monitoring, #Mastodon bot for notification,...

Using #ESP32 / #M5Stack, #MQTT, #Python,...


@bthall I heard this spoken during an interview with a Chinese factory owner in heavily accented English.

Any time someone implies that they are price-sensitive, I recite it. 🤓

Looking for a job 

It seems I'll be out of job in January, so I ask you for suggestions.

I'm a PhD in #psychology and licensed #psychologist. I do work psychology, psychological assessment and narrative #psychotherapy. I mainly teach critical social psychology, personality psychology, organisational psychology, research methods, statistics, psychometrics, discourse psychology, #phenomenology, and history of psychology. And I use :rstats:.

I'm bound to Umeå, Sweden at least half time.

Humans are batteries, yo!

"Almost all the oxygen we breathe is turned into water by mitochondria, which add two electrons and two H+ ions to each oxygen atom, making four electrons for an O2 molecule... the resting human being harbors 100 amperes of electric current, and an athlete at full stretch reaches 1,000A.15 The average wall plug is fused at 15A."

The intricacies of physiology never cease to amaze me

After thinking about this, I suspect that I figured out a more successful method of helping kids (and adults) save money towards goals. :D I'll write it up.

[I'm posting this here rather than at my account ( because I can't see the original post at]

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😅 I could barely fit two quarter pipes (for ) in my garage, as, with the ones I'm thinking about saving up for, I could stand on top of them and have only 3-4" of clearance before I hit my head on the ceiling. Accordingly, it would be a good habit to keep my knees bent.

I wish that younger-me had the patience or assistance to save up and get them years ago, but better late than never. 😅

. @feld Are you the only user on instance? 😂 I'm looking for a instance to join, and bikeshed is the most tech-y one I could find on the list of PL instances...

You know what would help with finding an instance to join? If you didn't have to sign up to properly view the local timelines.
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