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Brandon Hall ✝Φ @bthall

I've been making my way through a Data Analytics with course on Udacity that's put on by Facebook, and it was going well until today. Suddenly they've stopped explaining things well, and I'm stuck looking at the answers to quizzes. Not cool or fun.

If anyone needs UI kits to prototype or build a web application, Creative Tim has some great free and paid ones:

@cemerick @ricardojmendez Yeah, suddenly you go from having maybe a few bosses to being bossed around by many overlapping and sometimes contradictory markets and the many dynamics that they involve.

Here's the DNC's lawyer arguing that it can favor particular candidates in presidential primaries, because it enjoys the same right of free association as any other incorporated entity.

Keep this in mind when you make donations, and otherwise are tempted to think of political parties as vehicles for advancing some shared set of civic values and policy beliefs.

Dang, the app for Mastodon on Android is buttery smooth and beautiful. I'll try it out to decide if I'll stick with it or , but it isn't looking good for the latter.

@cphuntington97 Hah! Dan Benjamin does pretty genuine ad reads on his podcast Quit, but I don't know about others. :)

@szbalint Get closer, observe the little details :3

@MikeGastin I would not advise using it instead of publishing to your blog, but rather as a means of pulling people into your blog and/or following you elsewhere.

@MikeGastin No, I haven't yet, but I've done some research into it and SlideShare presentations seem to rank very well in Google and get shared a lot on LinkedIn. I plan to produce some soon. :)

Sharing slides on LinkedIn likely works well, and LI has an incentive to boost it, as LI owns SlideShare. But aside from that, I'm not too sure. 😓

I just ordered a digital scale that I'll be able to use for a experiment that I've been wanting to do. :) I'll be recording the growth rates that I observe in my mycelium bags so that I can effectively scale out my production capabilities to the max level that I can while contributing to each bag the day's used coffee grounds.

Additionally, once I get enough mycelium, I'll experiment with growth rates on a variety of stuff, like popsicle sticks. :D

@MikeGastin I feel like your blog and podcast content would make for good SlideShare content. Have you tried using SlideShare to get your services more exposure? (I'm not sure if you're really looking for more opportunities, but I think the content could be helpful for others and you.)

I'd love for Instagram not to be the first thing I look at before I even get out of bed, but…all the pretty pictures…

"Four simple changes to take back control. We can reclaim our attention and live closer to our values."

courtesy of @matteodem

@deadsuperhero @lnxw48a1 😤 *swears off using the bathroom at home, urine smell coincidentally nosedives, is found muttering something about correlation and causation*

@bthall I'll bet your dad understands what I'm talking about.

@lnxw48a1 \*nervously laughs while he retracts the business card\*

@lnxw48a1 @deadsuperhero "they are ... 20" => "puddles [of urine] in front of the urinals"? You sound like you could use this \*hands you my therapist's business card\*