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Brandon Hall ✝Φ @bthall

@lnxw48a1 You mean that you're on the same as me right now? 😏

@pnathan Thanks man. I'm not too sure of how I can respond to that at the moment; I'll try to draw up a list soon and send it to you. :)

I was denied a job likely due to something in my web presence. ☹ I have no idea what it was. I'm a bit worried that it was from something I might have posted somewhere when I was young. I don't know. 😥

For posterity, HTML should adopt a link/anchor timestamp property, so that linked material may be reliably referenced and looked up if/when the document linked to goes down and archives of the document from a nearby date are available.

@allan @ink_slinger This point about how people invariably argue from a market perspective is interesting.

This goes along with an idea I've wondered about for a while: do we only allow ourselves to think with regards to humanity, decency, liberty, or grace in times of wealth and prosperity? In times of rationing, do we grab for a greater — colder — rationality?

@allan Of course, even the people pushing to keep my wages from being cut argued on market principals (i.e., retaining a skilled employee, keeping institutional memory, etc.) since they realized any rational person would immediately start looking for a new job and quit as soon as possible in light of such a massive income reduction.

@allan Reposted this because it's good thought fuel, not because I agree with it all. (I've yet to read it all.)

"If you are a white-collar worker, it is simply rational to view yourself first and foremost as a job quitter – someone who takes a job for a certain amount of time when the best outcome is that you quit for another job (and the worst is that you get laid off)."

#work #quitting

Very intrigued by the fact that the bulk of visitors to my online notes on US business law have primarily been from the US and African countries, and the Philippines.

A VC-backed company is taking over open-source projects to insert their own adware or worse:

> The new version of autocomplete-python demoted the open source engine it had been using, called Jedi, and enabled Kite’s engine by default.
> Kite’s engine required code be processed on Kite’s cloud server[;] previous version did this [locally].

Don’t hand over projects to someone you don’t know.

Why are meat places expected to have veggie options and not vice versa

Why does the computer program on my telephone that my friends use to send me self-destructing digital photos of themselves keep trying to make me watch tv on it?

So cool- I posted my record here the other day and my bandcamp analytics exploded. What have you all done? #music

o.o I might have a job! This came out of nowhere! I need to get some more decent clothes to wear, fast.

To produce a physical book in this day of digital books may suggest that its contents are deserving of being consumed outside of a digital context. How many subjects are so deserving? Might there be a style of writing that allows for a broad range of subjects to be more deserving?

If I'm walking in a garden or sitting beside a stream in a forest, I won't want to be too terribly engaged with the material. I'd make quick glances at it and reflect on it while looking at the scenery.