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Brandon Hall ✝Φ 🍻

@arturovm how long until @bthall get obsessed with lisp/scheme/clojure?

Yesterday I had my first taste of what it's like to be a programmer, and looking back, I don't care for it much. The way of thinking required felt different than my usual way, and it felt less creative, less smart, less free, and less powerful.

Returned from buying a single toy each for #Baby_A2 and #Baby_A3, so they won't feel neglected when their older brother #Little_Boy_A opens his birthday presents.

Was stressing over how I'd test some when finally I just opened a command line to see if I could run the test file. Sure enough, I had it installed already. 30 minutes later I've got my test code all figured out. 🍻 ☺️

I was cleaning up and found a tiny briefcase with some kind of blue crystal inside? No idea what this is or what it's from. Best guess: Somewhere a mouse cleric is missing their holy symbol.

Using with (via ) for version control is working pretty nicely! I only have it setup on my private wiki so far, but I will with the public one soon. I'm using it while thinking through a project, and it's helpful and refreshing; writing commit messages help me see/feel that I'm making progress, and TiddlyWiki is a breeze.

I'm intimidated by 's GitHub project. Many outstanding issues and pull requests, and very little use of labels for organization. The prospect of contributing documentation improvements and contributing to the mess makes me feel gross.

You are an alien sent from outer space to observe Earth, but first you must take on the form of the creatures that reside this planet. Little do you know that you have landed in the middle of the San Diego Comic Con.


Interesting thread!

As someone who's been using computers since the early 1980s I can say for a fact that computers ARE harder. What's changed are User Interfaces in order to make things APPEAR easier, which doesn't really work for many of us much of the time. Because of this simplicity overlay it's gotten more complex to determine actual problems and solve them well. I truly believe this is intentional, meant to create a new industry--User Support--and take power away from individuals.

I suppose that one could just make a app that converts a timeline to by following that account: "Fedburner" (like ).

Franchising offers a way to standardize user/consumer expectation in the physical world.

On reflection, I'll put my hand up and say that I have gone to big chains instead of indy retailers for a coffee simply because I wasn't in the mood to learn a new way of getting a cuppa.

Anyone out there with wise observations or informative info re franchising meets coops?

Was able to diagnose and fix my family's car troubles using web search and a $7 replacement part. Thankfully the problem we experienced was well discussed online as an issue and had the solution! 😊

@kai do you have a central website for yourself with your name on it? You've gone by so many different names online that I get confused πŸ˜…

The killer app for and other stuff: the ability to follow by , by default.

It's small, it's subtle, and it's important.

No one is born knowing C++. No one is known knowing Python. No one is born knowing POSIX API's. Everyone had to learn it, and everyone learns in their own way. And it is healthy to ask others best practises and what to do. The Bank of Learning won't become insolvent from sharing knowledge.

@lnxw48a1 Walt, have you tried to use any of the distros? I'm curious about it, but I'm likely not technical enough to deal with it. πŸ˜… ( user, here. )