Despite my best efforts, I get worked up over things entirely outside of my control. Why bother though if I can't do anything about it?

That's exactly what I touch on in this week's newsletter, hot off the digital presses! Enjoy!

I was today years old when I realized that's Multi-Account Container extension allows you to specify specific proxy settings for each container type (or even route through the Mozilla VPN). Super handy!

Me on a Friday afternoon: "I'm going to catch up on sleep this long weekend!"

Also me, on the Tuesday morning going back to work:



My cat, Tilly, got out last night. She’s not an outdoor cat- please keep an eye out for her.


Wasps started moving in behind the fascia on my house this morning. Time to burn the house down.

I just finished trying's 30 day cold shower challenge!

Day 1: "🥶This is hell and I'm going to punch this guy in the throat if I ever meet him" (not actually)
Day 30: "Wait, it's over already?"

10/10 would recommend everyone try it!

I'm starting on this today.

After I walk my dog, I will clean my kitchen for 10 minutes.

After I clean my kitchen for 10 minutes, I will make one quality-of-life change in a project.

It starts with one small change. And if I slip, I'll just try again. 7/7

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What helps me here is a technique called habit chaining. Take something you already do, then tie something new to it. "After I do X, I will do Y". I get so much more done this way. 6/7

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3. Build working on my projects into a routine.

My morning routine is 100% autopilot these days. From waking up at 5:30 to starting work at 7:30, I don't have to think; it just happens. My after-work routine is pretty much non-existent though. Need to fix that. 5/7

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2. Make working on those projects not feel like such a chore. It's been hard to find the motivation to do anything on those projects.

I have a bunch of small little QoL changes I want to put in them that are simple to implement. The goal: make just a bit of progress. 4/7

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Where there were once four or five projects, there shall now be one or two. If it's not the most important, then it goes into the icebox for another time. 3/7

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1. Reset my expectations. Life has changed since I started all of these. I don't have as much spare time anymore. That means I can't take on as much. Ultimately, that means prioritizing my projects and only working on the most important one(s). 2/7

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I've been stuck in a rut, spinning my wheels trying to get work done on a bunch of different projects on my plate. How do I plan to get out of this? 🧵 1/7

Every time I complain about garbage code


every senior dev running git blame


Latest issue of my newsletter is hot off the presses! Today I talk about my updated information workflow, and why you should have one.


The real story here is their people are bad enough at scaling to need $320k in hosting a month for ~8m monthly visits. Not active users: visits.


One more newsletter out the door! Today I dive into some of the ethics around machine learning for image generation, deepfakes, and more.

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