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So im on, pixelfed and diaspora now.
i've always wanted to take the plunge into opensource social media. This is the time and im happy ive done it for myself.

On First Day Of His Administration, Biden To Reverse ‘Muslim Ban’, Join Paris Accord
Other actions that Biden will take include extending the pause on student loan payments and actions meant to prevent evictions and foreclosures for those struggling during the pandemic.
President-elect Joe Biden will take executive action

The only paper that gave the ground reality was

Do you think the headline reached the other two?

It's nice that Facebook's #WhatsApp is delaying their privacy policy change, but I still highly recommend people move to the fantastic #Signal platform.

Learn all about it!

Staying in touch is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, but so is maintaining your software freedom. Check out our comprehensive list of largely user-friendly free communication tools and let everyone know they can do better than Zoom:

Happy New Year 🥳

We are preparing to release the next version that includes several new features and improvements.

The mobile app is almost ready for primetime, and we'll be shipping the Android version first (via @fdroidorg)!

PS - We have been working on text-only posts support 😉

Good to see many people across the world switching to @signal

Let's switch to Signal:

🎉 The third release candidate of 3.3.0 is out for testing:

We've optimized the speed of account deletion by a lot (which matters most not to those who delete their account but to those who don't, as it allows other functions to proceed without delay)

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Fake TRP Case: Republic TV CEO Arrested By Mumbai Police
The Supreme Court had earlier turned down a plea from ARG Outlier Media Private Limited, seeking protection for the group and its employees from arrest.
Mumbai| The police here arrested Republic TV chief Vikas Khanchandani in the fake rating scam, making him the 13th person to be arrested in

I'm just working on an extension to mastotool that lets you check how many of the accounts that you follow, or that follow you, are now stale accounts that haven't posted anything in a specified time period.

Spoiler: the numbers on the fediverse are staggeringly high 😐

The BJP IT Cell bangs on about development and prosperity--but if a person they think of as poor has access to a pizza or a foot massage, they lose their minds.

The plain text project, a listing of tools to help you do most of your work using plain text files.

@aworldinpages Think malayalis have 101 ways to cook a banana.

This is a nice sweet dish. The stuffing is covered with maida and fried. Give it a nice crispy element to the soft banana.
This one was stuffed with coconut.

The RIAA just abused the DMCA to have a tool taken offline that doesn't infringe on any RIAA copyrights.

hui he descobert el web amb arguments per a no fer ús de croum (ni de res de gúguel afegiria jo)...

@VictorVenema You are right. The growth of the Fediverse does not outweigh the number of users becoming inactive/dormant. Thus, the number of active users is stagnant and even decreases:

Change of "active 6 months" in the last year:
#Fediverse: 1.36Mio -> 1.21Mio
#Mastodon: 1.25Mio -> 1.09Mio
#diaspora: 87250 -> 69018
#Pixelfed: 9647 -> 12563

In other words, the #Fediverse needs to substantially grow faster in order to also grow in terms of actually active users.

#usercount #activeusers

📈 The new social web has reached its next milestone: For the first time, the #Fediverse has over 4,000,000 users! 📈

Today, the counter at shows 4,003,742 users in the Fediverse, out of which 2,761,886 users are on #Mastodon, 762,367 on #diaspora, and 249,904 on #Prosody. Fast growing projects are #Peertube (69,954) that more than tripled and #Pixelfed (25,206) that almost doubled the number of users in the last year.

#matrix #pleroma #writefreely #friendica #wordpress +

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