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So im on, pixelfed and diaspora now.
i've always wanted to take the plunge into opensource social media. This is the time and im happy ive done it for myself.

The FSCI runs some federated services:
Diaspora and XMPP

They also run a bunch of other free software hosted services, like the GitLab host
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Happy Free Software Day!

I'm accidentally celebrating by just learning about all the cool organizations and people working on free software in India. As in, I learned about FSFI first, and then I pulled on further threads from there and found more orgs, and then I discovered on their news pages that today is FSD. 😀

FSF India @fsfi

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing @smc

Software Freedom Law Center, India @sflcin

Free Software Community of India

The FSCI don't seem to have an official account on Fedi or Diaspora, but I'm now following some individuals mentioned on their website, by just searching for their usernames on Fedi and Diaspora.
Free Software Community of India

I hate the quality of cable that come with external Hard drives.
You take a ton of cash and cant provided a cable worth basic quality.
All the more chances of severe data loss due to a stupid cable connection.

Absolute Trash

😱 Uuuups! I closed the wrong tab by mistake! No worries, 'Recently closed tabs' just landed. 😎

"I'm sorry, this chromesite only works in Google Chrome". This sucks! Fortunately the awesome people at @WebCompat are patching up the web. You can check it in about:compat. You can see the bugs and even disable the interventions. Please don't let these issues slide, report them!

📺🎧 If you want to listen to youtube while the screen is locked, you need to do one more thing besides enabling 'Video Background Play Fix' addon. Go to about:config and disable dom.suspend_inactive.enabled.

Small change: sites you manually added to top sites now have a pinned badge. See Qwant in this image, the rest are either default or based on history.

"If we continue on our current pathway, then what we've experienced this year might not be a one-off event"

Sir David Attenborough has a stark warning following the pandemic #news #worldnews


Just realised that @signalapp has silently introduced voice and video calls in its desktop app. 👏👏👏

A battery made from nuclear waste that can last 28,000 years via @YouTube

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