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So im on, pixelfed and diaspora now.
i've always wanted to take the plunge into opensource social media. This is the time and im happy ive done it for myself.

Brair is open source and works on android
Private apps include Bridgeify and FireChat

Download and keep mesh networking apps on your phones
It will eventually come to it.
Keep the apk files downloaded as well to share

@wabbster I know this because belonging to a family of Modi supporters. Where your relatives attend RSS shakas. What they send you through WhatsApp. How discourse is on the ground and why it is so.You get to know when you live with the people who believe in these Narrative . They have their own historians, people even educated one believes Congress manipulated history to appease Muslims.

Parliament, the embodiment of constitutional democracy, just voted itself into fascism. The same perversion of values already treats protest as lawlessness, pluralism as abetment to terrorism, and free thought as sedition.

It will last as long as we cooperate. Don't cooperate.

मार्क्स म्हणाला होता धर्म ही अफूची गोळी आहे. अमित शहा लोकांना ही अफूची गोळी खायला घालत आहे.

Madras HC had recently urged the Central Government to consider granting citizenship to Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka .

But the Citizenship Amendment Bill does not include Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka. There is no rational explanation for this exclusion.

Palash Sen of #Euphoria band explains why we don't hear #indypop music anymore in #india

1. Its now only filmy music.
2. You can't measure #music by money and business
3. Euphoria has been fighting the system where money is new god and greed is new religion.
4. We need to work together ✊ to break this greed.
5. The money power is controlling the distribution and release of music. 😒

Bengal has said that it will not implement the or the NRC not matter what the pressure from the center.

THAT... Is what is needed. To show the middle finger to Hindu Colonial Delhi rule and this must be followed by every state.

The only way to fight the central govt is to take away its power to rule the states.

And if the center wants to call the Army, let it.... let's see how many Army fire on their own clans or whether they revolt!

Both #CAB and #NRC attack the very essence of India. It is part of an old, vicious #RSS plot to destroy democracy.
It doesn't matter which part of India you live in or come from, or what religion you practice or do not. The bell will toll for all of us.
Educate yourself. Resist.

For those who *already bought* a Linux smartphone: which one did you choose?

#Linux #PinePhone #Librem5

FACT: You wont protest against Unemployment and Price rise if you are more interested in running around finding Muslims to call outsiders.

today issued notice to the Election Commission of India on a plea by TMC MP seeking directions to the poll body to publish details of voter turnout and final vote counts on their website.
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India's finally staring down a dark hole.

For some, the citizenship amendment Bill finally puts Muslims in their place. They will couch it's justification in many ways to hide the essential fact -- that it is a violation of the basic tenets of the Indian constitution.

But to them, the Constitutional never mattered. What matters is a chance to other fellow citizens. What they don't realise is that they are now mere tools in a political power game.

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