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I also got me new foot soles. They're way more comfortable now

Aah! Sorry for the late update
I was kinda forgetting Mastodon again.

Sneak peek 3: Here's a small video of me wearing the head ^^
The top hair fluffy is so scruffy! In didn't comb it yet

@kieran @Perch @CosmoSnowmew

Topics in our furmeet:
Replacing Trump with a kitten.

Watching Linus tech tips and the Pokemon twitch stream at the same time

The footpaws of The new suit I bought are actually A bit too small in the length and definitely need some new foot soles.

OwO what's this?
A sneak peak of my second hand fursuit partial I bought

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@kieran @CosmoSnowmew

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Insert things the fediverse would like, I post things the fediverse would like.

Furries pay close attention to this gif.

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Judging by the amount of people on my table,
It's clear that I'm probably not the most popular person. :P

Why do I always try to unlock the room door with my bank card!!

Person: *Waves at my direction*
Me: *Looks behind me*
Me: Oh you're actually waving at me.
Person: Yes silly! ^^
Me: Sorry, I'm not used to be noticed.

object oriented Programmer: Sorry, I can't help it.

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