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E-Commerce für die Ohren? Klingt komisch, ist aber so! Deinen neuen Lieblings-Podcast findest Du ab heute auf iTunes, und deiner Podcast-App ❤️

Slowly removing Apple devices from my household.
Only left from 2 MacMini, iPad Pro and iPhone is my 2006 MacMini and my 2012 MacMini.
Currently looking for a tablet. Does anybody have a ?

Currently downloading pop!_os since Linus Tech tips recommended it besides Manjaro for gaming.

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Tooting from an Android Phone the first time.

Uncompressing a tarballs while still uploading actually works but is it working? Have to check file count I think

Does someone have a good recommendation for starting with learning JavaScript for a beginner?


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Is there any App in the making/in development? I’m willing to test on !

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Was für ein toller Sonntag! Heute Vormittag mit dem @buzigde gepodcastet und später noch die neue Episode für Podcastprojekt Nr.2 #aufbruchstimmung fertig gerockt. Dann kann beides "pünktlich" online gehen :mastogrin: :mastogrin: :mastoinnocent:

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Saw parts of the announcement from Mercedes Benz regarding with their new EQC. Should be arriving within 2019.
Too much focus on none car related things and missing details.
They don’t get it.

Upgrading from 16.04 Server to 18.04 broke my server.
Will install it on new VM.

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when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.
#photography #LongExposure

Switched to my Sony phone. Let's see how it will end.

Hm, Apple is currently only delivering expensive not performing hardware.
I need in the near future maybe an new PC/Mac thingy which is mobile and usable for (web-) programming beside personal stuff.

Or is there a good Linux solution out there?

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