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A next step for the is so that /etc. works a bit like email does with MX records or the web with www.

Right now instances are often like {social}.{} where {} is some existing domain and {social} is an arbitrary subdomain for mastodon/etc.

But really it should work like email, where you just need to know the user's name and domain name, not the subdomain: you could toot to

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are great. They're not "cool" anymore, and idiots abuse them; but they enable platforms to be self-organized by the users without much tech skill.

With all of the anarchists etc. here, that kind of grass-roots understanding should be implicit.

are BOTH crucial and dangerous. bring people into conversations, help onboard new users, and keep people coming back.

But harassment and abuse need to be fought at the platform level.

How can we have BOTH?

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The best way to fight the power of Facebook is probably not to just , but to subvert it.

Facebook works by letting you use it for free, in exchange for using your data commercially.

It survives because people keep using it for personal purposes, which it can then sell.

If you want to fight that, use your personal Facebook account for exclusively commercial purposes, without buying advertising. Promote your business, post affiliate links, and avoid it for anything personal.

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Wow! Great Atlantic article about a study showing the social media view of the clean cut political divide in the US is inaccurate. The majority have so much to agree on. CW for length of a few quotes from the article. Show more

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20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

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« Now Is the Time to Start Planning for the Post-Android World by @glynmoody. We need a free software mobile operating system. Is it eelo? »

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So uh, Mastodon has been around for 2 years now. Wow

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@catgirl AMD GPUs have great open source drivers provided by AMD themselves, and my card from a few years ago provides latest GL/Vulkan

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The brand new version of GPG Tools (paid app now) is provided with built-in third party trackers...

What I first learned from a club DJ was that it's valuable to get some people off the floor and others back on it: don't always play what everyone "kind of likes" but mix in "episodes" or "chapters." In a club that helps get people drinking.

But it highlights a common algorithmic mistake due to how people use , which is basically overusing greedy algorithms.

It's a mistake focusing on avoiding misses rather than looking for massive payoffs. Essentially black swan blindness.

This is in part a result of how I see people using algorithms and machine learning wrong: being too linear.

You end up with this feedback loop -- which also results in eg. "racist" algorithms that really just start by reflecting existing social biases and inequalities and then amplifying them.

I think it's partly because programmers are used to thinking linearly and these problems require non-linear, often non-deterministic and complex thinking.

Product recommendations are broken.

I noticed this especially on Steam: I get a lot of "you might like this, because you liked other similar stuff."

That's a false assumption. I *don't* need many recommendations for the types of music, books, movies & games I already like, because those are the genres I'm overly plugged into.

What I'd like is: "Maybe you should try Z, it would be a nice change from the X and Y you usually go for." And then I could click on "OK try it" or "ick hell no!"

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byron boosted meurt à petit feu...
Après des centaines d'heures passées à créer, inventer et peaufiner le site, la motivation n'y est plus et surtout depuis longtemps, le temps puis les compétences (surtout !) manquent.
Le site souffre de multiples "défauts de fabrication"... Il pourrait d'ailleurs bientôt disparaître.
12 ans que j'y travaille ! (2006 !!!)

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While on distro-talk: I set my mom up with #UbuntuMate, dual booting on her Macbook, and she loves it, and uses it for most of her computing. She says the interface runs well and was easy to navigate and figure out. That says great things about Ubuntu Mate, and I'm proud of her for going for it, even though she's not a techie.

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just seeing folks on join the fediverse! super exciting. Following yall and pinning the local time line in Tootdon! super down to see all these fill my time lines! I hope there is some cross fertilization between the new crew showing up and the folks I am seeing!

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Over on birdsite, my mentions are full of authors talking about their awesome work and their awesome friends, thanks to a meme where you add other writers to a thread. It is fun and neat, so I'm gonna borrow it here. When tagged, introduce yourself, tell us what you write, and then tag some other authors you recommend following on here (please keep it to one post).

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An article about the #SDF Public Access UNIX System from the National Public Radio:

"In Noisy Digital Era, 'Elegant' Internet Still Thrives"

(audio of the podcast also available on the site)

Please join our online community (go to for more info) and follow @SDF !! 🤓😎👍

#commandline #UNIX #hackers #vintagecomputing #BBS #90s #anonradio #NetBSD #opensource #free #freesoftware

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@Purism is proud to announce the latest offering in the @Purism line of products - the Librem Key! The first and only key to offer tamper evident protection to laptop users. … Discuss at

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Geary ( is a really nice email app

Not as feature-overwhelming as Thunderbird, and not as computer-killingly ressource intensive as the Gmail web interface

Free should be about freedom. We should coin a different word for things you don't pay for in money: my vote is zerocheap. Then we can say, "is it ACTUALLY free, or just zerocheap?" As in, so cheap it's zero dollars.

After years of the software freedom and open source communities trying to explain "free as in beer" versus "free as in freedom" and even using a Latin-rooted loan word like "libre" that's so obscure, it's like preaching to the choir; maybe it should be turned around.

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!! how to fix the centralization problem !!

choose a server from here:

sign up on one of them that is open.

redirect followers to the new account.

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