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A next step for the is so that /etc. works a bit like email does with MX records or the web with www.

Right now instances are often like {social}.{} where {} is some existing domain and {social} is an arbitrary subdomain for mastodon/etc.

But really it should work like email, where you just need to know the user's name and domain name, not the subdomain: you could toot to

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are great. They're not "cool" anymore, and idiots abuse them; but they enable platforms to be self-organized by the users without much tech skill.

With all of the anarchists etc. here, that kind of grass-roots understanding should be implicit.

are BOTH crucial and dangerous. bring people into conversations, help onboard new users, and keep people coming back.

But harassment and abuse need to be fought at the platform level.

How can we have BOTH?

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The best way to fight the power of Facebook is probably not to just , but to subvert it.

Facebook works by letting you use it for free, in exchange for using your data commercially.

It survives because people keep using it for personal purposes, which it can then sell.

If you want to fight that, use your personal Facebook account for exclusively commercial purposes, without buying advertising. Promote your business, post affiliate links, and avoid it for anything personal.

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32 ans après l'attentat antisémite de la rue des Rosiers (6 morts le 9 août 1982), Yves Bonnet, ancien chef de la DST, avoue un accord secret avec le groupe terroriste Abou Nidal.

Attentat de la rue des Rosiers: le pacte secret passé avec les terroristes

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Oracle shipped nine security fixes to curl yesterday: - fixes we announced in **2016**. We've announced several more problems after that for the version they ship...

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It’s VERY IMPORTANT that we start calling the Year 2038 bug, where 32-bit Unix time overflows, The Epochalypse. Plz spread.

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1. # apt install tesseract-ocr

2. $ tesseract input.jpg | <image file fomat> outputfile

3. cat outputfile.txt

You have now extractet text from any image into a .txt-file.

The .txt-extension is added by tesseract.

Yes, it IS that easy.

Convert a pdf-file with convert input.pdf output.tiff and feed the .tiff-file to tesseract then.

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Yaaaaayyyy, FINALLY: In #Firefox 66, "the Block Autoplay feature will stop the audio and video from automatically playing"

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Turns out I've been eating pineapples wrong my entire life!

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Firefox To Add Tor Browser Anti-Fingerprinting Technique Called Letterboxing

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Send a signal to the European Commission that there are people who care about freedom on radio devices. There is something you can do: Raise your voice today! …

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⚠️ Heads-up: the #EU is considering ways to regulate software that runs on radio-enabled devices due concerns about interferences.
Some of their solutions could significantly harm #postmarketOS, but also related project such as #UBports, #LineageOS and #Replicant (among others).

The initiative is now seeking feedback, don't hesitate to send them yours! It seems that Non-eu citizens can contribute as well. There's not much time left, so act quickly!

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The EU is starting a full on war on general purpose computing. A proposed law will make it impossible to install custom software on WiFi routers, smartphones and embedded devices!

This is insane. The hearing ends today. Please give your feedback:

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!!! Packt is having a $5 ebooks sale if you want to skill up on any of many tech things:

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In an attempt to simply the terminology in the fediverse, I propose we start referring to "instances" as "neighborhoods". Here's a short pitch:

Each neighborhood:
* Has its own set of rules.
* Has its own "guard" (sysadmin) that makes sure there are no incidents.
* Is usually (but not always) focused on a common theme.

You can send an update to:
1. A specific person.
2. Your own neighborhood.
3. Entire network.

IMO this proposal would make things about 30% easier to understand for newcomers.

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Disabling Pocket in Firefox should not require going to about:config and clicking past a warning that would scare off non-technical users.

#mozilla #firefox

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10 years later people actually think that it was who nobly entered the browser wars to fight dominance.

As if didn't exist for the 10 years before that, keeping the very notion of multi-browser alive and gaining share from <1% to ~30%. was a late-comer.

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which isn't to say that new technology doesn't alter displace creative labor, because it obviously does that (and has for thousands of years). but there's a reason that it takes twenty minutes for the credits of a pixar movie to scroll past, and I think it's at least partially because the availability of automated tools opens up larger possibility spaces for sophisticated and interesting creative choices

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Reminder to take your meds if you haven't! Take care of yourselves.

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This is a portrait made entirely from vanilla HTML and CSS - no SVG, no frameworks. It's crazy good.

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