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A next step for the is so that /etc. works a bit like email does with MX records or the web with www.

Right now instances are often like {social}.{} where {} is some existing domain and {social} is an arbitrary subdomain for mastodon/etc.

But really it should work like email, where you just need to know the user's name and domain name, not the subdomain: you could toot to

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are great. They're not "cool" anymore, and idiots abuse them; but they enable platforms to be self-organized by the users without much tech skill.

With all of the anarchists etc. here, that kind of grass-roots understanding should be implicit.

are BOTH crucial and dangerous. bring people into conversations, help onboard new users, and keep people coming back.

But harassment and abuse need to be fought at the platform level.

How can we have BOTH?

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The best way to fight the power of Facebook is probably not to just , but to subvert it.

Facebook works by letting you use it for free, in exchange for using your data commercially.

It survives because people keep using it for personal purposes, which it can then sell.

If you want to fight that, use your personal Facebook account for exclusively commercial purposes, without buying advertising. Promote your business, post affiliate links, and avoid it for anything personal.

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Never put your data into a program or service until you've verified that you can get it out.

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@ben my personal theory is that Bitcoin was created to demonstrate to teenage libertarians, one incident at a time, exactly how every single financial sector regulation came to exist.

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😷 "Il ne faut pas rejeter les idées qui peuvent paraître farfelues" : comment un masque de plongée est devenu une arme pour lutter contre le coronavirus

« Un médecin italien a eu l'idée d'adapter un masque vendu par Decathlon pour fabriquer des respirateurs d'urgence, pour les malades du Covid-19 »

Les plans des valves sont disponibles ici :

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Et voilà @mur_proj maintenant listé sur 

Nombreux projets partout dans le monde avec un même objectif: produire rapidement les respirateurs qui peuvent sauver des vies !

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See what IP addresses the person in Starbucks is visiting *over their VPN*:

Sleep easily tonight!

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Friends, where do you buy DRM-less ebooks? My horizons on that front haven’t expanded much since 2014.

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I think the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are missing a critical fourth R. (Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle)

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April 18th, 1930 on the BBC should be the gold standard for journalism. The day when there wasn't anything going on, so they just said "there is no news today" and played piano music for 15 minutes.

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The @nostarch Linux and BSD Bookshelf @Humble bundle is on for just over 20 hours more - Pay what you want, get The Book of PF, Absolute OpenBSD and lots of other goodies, support the @eff

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What's Up With That: Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse

An interesting facet is explored here

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So what is happening in Indian social media right now?

This 😉

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Who's working on transactions in the fediverse? I keep seeing ACTUAL signs of people preparing to leave platforms like Patreon and the company getting ready to shake off lots of people.

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Did you know that Mastodon is only part of the fediverse?

For example, you can share and comment videos on PeerTube :

Similarly, there is Pleroma, another microblogging tool that allows you to share with Mastodon:

And even Funkwhale a social platform to enjoy and share music :

You will find information on the Fediverse on:

#newcomers #india

cc @DilliDurAst

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Doodle devient payant.

Pour 5 utilisateurs : 25€/mois.
C'est plus cher que Nextflix.

Heureusement qu'on a Framadate et qu'en plus c'est un logiciel libre !
Gageons que d'autres instances seront installées.

PS: Il y a aussi une appli NextCloud qui fait ça :

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Building an Open Hardware eBook Reader

On the whole, hackers aren’t overly fond of other people telling them what they can and cannot do with the hardware or software they’ve purchased. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid DRM a…

Original tweet :

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32 ans après l'attentat antisémite de la rue des Rosiers (6 morts le 9 août 1982), Yves Bonnet, ancien chef de la DST, avoue un accord secret avec le groupe terroriste Abou Nidal.

Attentat de la rue des Rosiers: le pacte secret passé avec les terroristes

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