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The Fediverse is misnamed: it's not a federation.

We're probably stuck with the name, but federation strictly speaking assumes the existence of an overseeing governmental body, or at least in this case, a server in charge. And ironically, it's the absence of a central server that's one of the best things about the "Fediverse."

"Decentralized" works. But really servers don't "federate" with each other, they associate or network. Unite, connect... conjoin?

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are great. They're not "cool" anymore, and idiots abuse them; but they enable platforms to be self-organized by the users without much tech skill.

With all of the anarchists etc. here, that kind of grass-roots understanding should be implicit.

are BOTH crucial and dangerous. bring people into conversations, help onboard new users, and keep people coming back.

But harassment and abuse need to be fought at the platform level.

How can we have BOTH?

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The best way to fight the power of Facebook is probably not to just , but to subvert it.

Facebook works by letting you use it for free, in exchange for using your data commercially.

It survives because people keep using it for personal purposes, which it can then sell.

If you want to fight that, use your personal Facebook account for exclusively commercial purposes, without buying advertising. Promote your business, post affiliate links, and avoid it for anything personal.

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Join me and some #developers for an online #algorithms night meetup tonight or weekly Wednesdays 7pm-8pm EST. DM for link.

Minimum level: at least #programming basics in one language. We take a coding challenge and explore solutions. It's fun. #coding #compsci

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Interested in trying out #mobprogramming, practicing #tdd, and doing #codingkata? Join a virtual coding dojo Mondays 7-9pm EST. We're currently working in #python, no experience required (but awesome if you do!) DM me or reply if you're interested.

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There's no grounds for murder.

In this alien universe, there's no ground at all.

"Forever Falls," a #free #scifi #mystery. Available everywhere, but here's some Amazons. - UK - US - DE

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There is a new federated project that was just released called #Hummingbard, its part of the Matrix ecosystem (not the fediverse) but so far looks really nice.

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@aral found this exemplar via HN where it is described as:

"I'm struggling to put my shock into words. I've been around. There's engineering. There's academia. But this falls into straight-up wizardry."

"Everything she does has this level of jaw-dropping amazingness."

Redbean - single-file distributable web server

"redbean can serve 1 million+ gzip encoded responses per second on a cheap personal computer."

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Just found this artist who makes cool spaceship designs out of random household objects, and I love it.

Sci-fi spaceships really can be shaped like anything, can't they.

Leaves are orange, sunny weather isn't hot anymore... what do you call it?

What's the show right now with currently the best ? Specifically, that showcases a lot of underexposed new musical talent?

I find that often, TV shows with really good sound directors are the best way to find fresh .

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Canada's privacy laws have 'no teeth': an eight-month investigation into Tim Hortons' data tracking shows that systems are built to frustrate transparency, and companies don't face any real penalties when they ignore the law.

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FOSTA is the broadest Internet censorship law in more than two decades. We're proud to be part of the legal team representing @WoodhullSFA, @HRW, @archive, and two named plaintiffs in their challenge to it.

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Debugging in an exercise in humility. Keep telling yourself that yes, the error is in your code, and yes, it’s probably a silly mistake, and you’ll save yourself lots of time :)

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🚨 Planning a trip to the EU 🇪🇺 in the future?

By 2022, travel surveillance measures including automated profiling, biometric databases, and ‘pre-crime’ watchlists will come into use.

Read why you should be concerned:

This Mozilla dev AMA is interesting given the recent layoffs.

(Thanks to @320x200 for the link)

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"One of the reasons why getting full access to your device is really tempting for governments is the same reason it’s tempting for abusive partners and former partners: we carry tracking devices in our pockets." - EFF Director of Cybersecurity @evacide

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Zoom: can't fuck up security if you don't add any

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I feel horribly seen


ADHD is less “oh a squirrel!” and more “oh a squirrel! Oh he’s eating a mushroom. Let me go read about mushrooms. Wow some fungi can grow thousands of miles underground! Does that mean Alice really was on shrooms? I wonder if Lewis Carroll was Jack the Ripper. Another Squirrel!”


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Did you know about 'git rebase --onto'?

1. You create branch1 from master
2. You create branch2 from branch1
3. PR for branch1 gets merged into master

Now you want to rebase branch2 off of the new master, so you can make a clean PR for it.

This is actually easy!

$ git checkout branch2
$ git rebase --onto origin/master branch1 branch2

This takes all the changes between branch1 and branch2 and replays them onto master, so it's as if branch2 had been branched from master.

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Just registered at Fosstodon.

Are there any people writing about Lisp?

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Unix time 1600000000 on 13 September. Mark your calendars.

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