It's kind of weird to think that Rivethead Culture is now old.

I think some of the sensibilities in it are timeless.

I began formal college level classes in programming before William Gibson published Neuromancer. Gibson had never used a computer when he wrote Neuromancer, and it showed.

Alas, he inspired a generation of wannabes. 😕

Many "doing the work" subsequently gravitated away from terms such as "hacker" or "cyberpunk".

Rivethead is an example of a less known and less misused term.

An earlier handle of his was Young Republican (which was his sense of humor, he was a geeky rivethead) but most of us called him "yr".

You'll note, if you utter "Y-R" as two letters they sound like a homonym of "wire" which, again, sounded much more rivethead. For those who don't know what a rivethead is, they're sort of like a goth, or cybergoth, but more of the cyber and none of the goth and more or less all of the [post]industrial.

There's an old CD compilation called Rivethead Culture.

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For those who never knew heliophobe, he was maybe best known for SMS Plus DC (a SEGA Master System emulator for the Dreamcast, I gifted him a DC coder's cable and he put it to good use!) He also was the SysOp of SoL (Satellite of Love).

Which, once upon a time was in the 408.

But, geographically in Pacific Grove, California, which is 831 these days.

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Note: WWWA (a reference to The Dirty Pair, not the World Wide Web) didn't have SysOps, we had: PockyOps!

I was co-PockyOp, though uncited publicly.

Tetsuo Shima, was the key PockyOp.

WWWA Techno Jams on KSPB, 91.9FM, Radio Stevenson, Pebble Beach (California) came after the BBS.

1000W FM radio.

WWWA did cross-continental anti-vortexing networking from Carmel, CA with Cathode Cathedral in Long Island, NY. Much greater reach than FM radio! How did we pay for the long distance calls? ;)

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Installing Linux:

Installing Windows:
Product Key
Version Settings
Windows Account
Privacy Settings
Advertisement Settings
Windows Account
Update Settings
Personal Data
Windows Accounts
Speech Settings
Network connection
Location Settings
We'ar setting things up for you
Xbox live
Windows Account


Ah nice, this got (got? Get it? ;) merged!

Under an hour from PR to merge. That may be a MacPorts record for one of my pull requests!

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Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

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Okay, time for a new . How many different do you use across all your devices? IE, , , , , etc.

And I mean all different browsers: (and chrome variants), , , (and Libre Wold, Seamonkey, etc.), , and all others.

As always: please boost so we get some really good data.

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musings about ableism and temporary disabilities 

I think many people think of disabled people as a group mostly separate from abled people.

But most abled people have been temporarily disabled at least once in their life, due to injury or illness.

When abled people think of becoming disabled, they probably only think of permanent disabilities.

Maybe it could help in ableism discourse/education to remind abled people of how temporary disabilities affect pretty much everyone at some point.

One of the challenging things about relating interpersonally, is when you realize that others are acting out of fear.


Lamentably, fear itself, is often rooted in ignorance.

Attempting to dispel ignorance, among those who may be acting fearfully, is not an insurmountable challenge, but walking on eggshells doesn't even begin to encompass some of the metaphorical nuances which make such things difficult.

Stumbling around the mastodon-realms and nearly tripped over a post from 2021 on how Signal went closed source.

As if there were more reasons needed to trust it less.

I know Moxie personally, and at least one of the other devs who worked on it.

The latter, once recommended I apply for the TSA.

I don't think that is the kind of security that I have ever been invested or involved in, not interested in theatrics, ever.

PR submitted to update MacPorts' version of gameoftrees to 0.71 portable (yes, I know that the non portable version is a bit further ahead, but that seems as if that is as it should be).

I don't have commit access to the MacPorts project, so now begins the waiting game to see if and when someone will merge that PR.

Regardless, ! ;)

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I'll be among the first (and maybe already was) to write about the 1995 film, HACKERS.

However, if you ever need a reminder as to how badly the infosec "industry" ruined things, just ask yourself:

Does: "RED TEAM THE PLANET!" convey as well as "HACK THE PLANET!"?

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If you are in a situation where the internet or mobile data goes down but you still want to communicate with friends and family, it's better to download these apps now than to get them off a stranger via bluetooth. Also, if you get them now, you can set up your contacts now.

In Hong Kong, police helpfully made available compromised bluetooth apps that they had keys to, which was nice of them. But it's better to be prepared and also to have your contacts you can trust.

#briar #ssb #manyverse

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:boost_requested: PLEASE BOOST :boost_requested:

Even though this poll isn't official, it's a great way to gauge the general public's opinion on something like this. Do you think that
#Misskey should switch from GitHub to ? Please boost for the largest sample size possible.

I don't want to name the vendor, because I don't like them.

Nonetheless, I bought a 5 port 1GbE (gigabit) unmanaged switch from them, it was $15.

Their five port 10GbE (10 gigabit) unmanaged switch was $299.

That seems way too much for the performance bump. If it were $150, OK, maybe.

10GbE is horrifically overpriced, still.

I think Arista had cheaper per port 10Gbps pricing with 48ports in a 1U rack mounted managed switches a decade ago.

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uspol, psa 

please do not post about crimes you are thinking about committing even if you are joking

i am not trying to be the fun police, people in places like FL have been arrested for social media posts in the past, please stay safe

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