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hello world! Agora estamos no twitter e no @casahacker! Somos um Espaço hacker dedicado a moldar o futuro da tecnologia para o bem público. Em Campinas-SP. @geraldobarros_ @caioauv @lhc_campinas @cryptoravebr @cyb3113 @garoahc @pyladiescps @PyLadiesBrasil

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» How to make #backups into the cloud for ever in a few steps «

1. Copy your data on an usb disk (not physically too large helps)

2. Boil a lot of water outdoor, adding salt fasten the process

3. Once water is plain hot, drop the usb disk in the hot water

4. Electrons from your usb disks are getting mixed into the water

5. Water is pouring into clouds

6. Backups are living in clouds for ever

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Just to follow up on the recent post about ethical phone makers @Fairphone , a number of people asked if there was a more ethical OS on it too.

Fairphone comes with stock Google Android by default, but
Fairphone also make their own de-googlised version of Android called Fairphone Open:

It doesn't come with the Fairphone by default, but because it's provided by Fairphone themselves it's relatively easy to install:

#Fairphone #Android

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Found another nice couple of #C tutorials:

On the latter I got stalled out on linked lists; will have to spend some more time practicing.

My slides from talk on security and privacy hosted on casa hacker: , for english speaking people I have almost the same talk in english:

Enjoy :D

Slides da minha palestra de privacidade e segurança na casa hacker

bom festival a todos :D

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If you use Firefox or Chrome, we developed an easy way you can help people bypass censorship.

Our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network.

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Tails, a live operating system relying on Tor that helps you to use the internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer, turns 10 today.

Happy birthday, Tails 🎂…/tor-…/2

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This cute but concise and useful comics from r/linux are really neat. Grep, awk and sed:

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Acabei de publicar um guia para tornar seu Firefox mais seguro e privado: , mandem feedback cc: @ardydo , @danielemereb , @Cochise

Slides da minha oficina de senhas seguras na cryptorave boa cryptorave a todos :D

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Humanists UK has an interesting quiz that you can use to find if you are a humanist. Of course, as with all quizzes, it's far from perfect, but it's a nice starting point. There are plenty more resources on their website if you decide you want to know more.

Depois de conhecer o que lista as mamatas do governo bolsonaro, descobri o que lista os escândalos do facebook.

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.oO a few years ago, I was asked what I expected to be 10 years on. I said I'd be a terrorist, not due to changes to my practices: they'd just be labeled as such. ola bini's arrest for privacy tools we both use was a dark reminder of that #freeolabini
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Se o cineasta José Padilha não conseguiu ser honesto intelectualmente em sua série "O mecanismo", apesar de ter, à sua disposição, todas as informações verdadeiras, os fatos históricos e interpretações sofisticadas da crise política e institucional brasileira; se o cineasta conseguiu, apesar de seu acesso privilegiado a círculos políticos e intelectuais que lhe informavam sobre o que realmente estava em curso no país para além do que a imprensa divulgava de modo parcial e politicamente motivado; se apesar disso tudo, Padilha conseguiu produzir uma peça de propaganda antipetista que mal se distingue das fake news e memes mentirosos construídos pela extrema-direita para interpelar sob medida os imbecis e fascistas da classe média, por que ele seria honesto intelectualmente agora em seu "pedido de desculpas" na Folha de São Paulo?... - Veja mais em

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