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Doodled space-cat a friend last night. πŸ­πŸ§€

Okay, after finally figuring out the issue last night, v0.48 is actually* now up for people to test out on the Steam beta channel, and on as the "-unstable" zips.

Got the "3D" habitat module art setup in-game, with z-sorting working. Will have to do same treatment for the airlock etc... but liking it so far!

Turned what was just a static image before into a little animation + particles + tween movement for base construction. Tiny bits of visual polish ✨

Ew, thaaaaat gif doens't work very well on here for some reason...

*makes popping sound* Experimenting with giving habitat modules some depth in order to get the perspective a ~little~ more consistent across the game.

MewnBase creature path finding attempt number... 4? Now with smoooothed paths, and actually kinda working for once!

Tried adding an option for click-to-move, but it had a ton of issues, so instead taking a crack at adding a virtual joystick to MewnBase that'll hopefully make it easier to play the game with just the mouse.

Anytime my kid sees butterflies in Stardew Valley, she stops to take a screenshot of them πŸ¦‹ πŸ˜„

Woah, nice enough outside this morning to enjoy coffee on the deck. β˜•πŸŒ„

Just a couple days left till flying out to πŸ™€πŸ˜ƒ

MewnBase v0.46.2 up on both Steam and Fixin' more bugs and localization updates!

Build notes πŸ‘‰

Oy! It's up! MewnBase is finally now on Steam Early Access with a 15% launch discount.

Thank you to everyone that's played it over the past couple years and helped to support my weird little space-cat game.

🚨😺 FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! My space-cat/survival/base-building game 'MewnBase' is coming to Steam this Friday, Dec 7th!

Current MewnBase owners on will be getting free keys for the Steam version sometime in Dec once it's released.

Newwwws! MewnBase is one step closer to landing on Steam finally! Checkout its new store page and add it to your wishlist ^___^

Every time an update takes this long, I'm like... yeah, next one will be smaller, faster, easier to test 🀣

... sure it will haha

Finnnalllllyyyyy uploaded MewnBase v0.46 today. Took way too long to get this update wrapped up and out the door.

New features include a cargo trailer for your buggie, axe for choppin' trees, classy wood floor tiles, and colorable storage containers. Full notes over here:

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