A local lady here in Hong Kong saw my double clock on the phone indicating Berlin time and told me "I was in Berlin last week!". Thank you Android to be so good at breaking the ice! :D

lldb (macOS) doesn't support "follow-fork-mode" (gdb option to follow a forked child while debugging), hence the @code C/C++ plugin is not able to debug a forked child. Hints? Suggestion?

This is an amazing (long) read if you are a language nerd (or someone who just loves a good, informative, well written article)


Welcome back Autumn!

NOT welcome back dermatitis 😩

Why the skin is so sensitive to the change of season? Why!?

The good things in Germany:

- Orthopedist: your new soles will be ready in two weeks
- Me: mmmh, I am going in vacation in a week though...
- Orthopedist: oh, OK then: they will be ready for Monday
- Me: 😀

- Dentist: your capsule will be ready in two weeks
- Me: OK
- Dentist (5 days later): Hi! Your capsule is ready
- Me: 😆

The pattern I see, is that in general they never over-promise but often over-deliver, exactly the opposite than in Italy – for example 😅

the internet was supposed to be creating a broader world, wider views, infinite horizons and instead nowadays is mostly just the opposite, a tool used to shrink our tiny circle of petty, hideous and toxic opinions

Wow, I forgot how much expensive is traveling solo 😩

But Hong Kong, here I come!

(Need to buy a laptop: hints?)


"This is the first million integers, represented as binary vectors indicating their prime factors, and laid out using the UMAP dimensionality reduction algorithm by Leland Mcinnes"


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Windows 2000 emulated in WebAssembly, bellard.org/jslinux/vm.html?ur … by Fabrice Bellard.

That's totally crazy!

I've Firefox running inside Windows, emulated in Firefox through WebAssembly…!

And it crashes just like the original 🤣.

#windows #webassembly #wasm #emulator

TIL, The Case Of Your Hashtags helps screen readers to do their job at best.

ht, @queenofhaiku@elekk.xyz

Why are people saying that we should "go back" to blogging instead of killing Twitter with a tweet-like clone (not a clone, though)? Aren't those totally different medium of expression? How can a blog be "conversational" the same way a Tweetoot thing is?

Did anyone see my motivation? I think I left it somewhere near the kitchen. I can't really find it.

Please meet a 99M year old, 1mm long, pollinating beetle. I could stare at it for hours... 😍


Heading out to Tempelhof for a good ride. It's incredible that I need to worry about the weather being to hot. In Berlin. The weather. Too hot.

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I added a list of apps for Android/iOS to joinmastodon.org: joinmastodon.org/apps

Also, did you know that at the beginning of its life (and for quite a while, actually) Twitter used the same technology Mastodon uses? Yes, Ruby on Rails.

Twitter got a lot of scalability problems due to that choice during its massive initial growth (oh, the whale!), and eventually moved to something else.

But Mastodon is federated, hence distributed, so it can basically use anything it wants :)

Mastodon gave also us the reason to use two internet things I thought they were lost for good: personal servers and cool hostname/domains

I love misusing both things, so yay!

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