A product roadmap is a list of tasks and mile stones. It's generally built with a destination in mind. The destination isn't always clear and more importantly why it's the destination isn't clear.: candland.net/2022/07-26-replac

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Dusty Candland | Thu Apr 22 2021 (candland.net/snips/2021-04/typ)

I've been using [Rails JSON Serialized Fields](/2019/rails_json_serialized_fields/) for custom objects stored in Postgresql JSON fields. I found this approach and like it a lot more. It uses `ActiveModel::Type::Value` to create a custom type mapping for ActiveRecord.: candland.net/2020/rails-typed-

I've run a number of projects on Elastic Beanstalk, generally the whole experience is terrible. Still better than running servers yourself, but so far from Heroku. All my projects end up with a bunch of `.ebextensions` files that try to configure the EB server for the application. They work sometimes, and almost alway break with platform upgrades, even minor upgrades.: candland.net/2021/ruby-on-rail

[Buildpacks.io] is bringing buildpacks, like Heroku uses, to anyone. Buildpacks are a better way to build [Docker] images, partly due to caching layers, but also helps build reusable build processes. This is a better intro [Turn Your Code into Docker Images with Cloud Native Buildpacks](blog.heroku.com/docker-images-).: candland.net/2020/build-a-dock

Continuing from the earlier post [Rails JSON Serialized Fields](/2019/rails_json_serialized_fields/), this covers how to validate JSON serialized objects from the parent model.: candland.net/2020/rails-json-s

Running a local PPC campaign will gain 2+ users. Assuming an LTV of $540/year, a $500 CPA, while high is a workable to optimize.: candland.net/wp-support-hq/bet

Update site to a cleaner look and content focused on local hosting to Denver / Colorado will help increase conversions on the site.: candland.net/wp-support-hq/bet

I think most people would agree the best way to learn is through experiments, some might say the "hard way", but I'm starting to believe it's actually the only way. Experiments produce experience and that's where the value comes from. I've spent way too much time reading how to do something but I don't feel like I've actually learned how to do something until actually doing it.: candland.net/2021/04-18-experi

After [upgrading to Hotwire](/2021/add-hotwire-to-an-existing-rails-app/), I wanted to try out Turbo Streams. In [CloudSh](cloudsh.com) there is a background job that runs a Golang application to index sites. That seemed like a cool thing to use Turbo Streams so I can see the console output. Turbo Streams just work. The basic flow is capture the process output in the background job, broadcast it to the UI, and follow along by scolling as new data comes in.: candland.net/2021/watch-a-proc

It's time to hand over a project. What do I provide when handing off a project? What do I expect to get when jumping into an existing project? It's the same regardless of which side I'm on. Here's what I review and use to asses projects. I mainly deal with web applications, so I'm focusing on those. Not everything here is necessarily part of the project requirements or agreement, but these are areas I look at to get a clear understanding of the state of the project.: candland.net/2021/how-i-handle

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