We decided to try Kickstarter for the first product of Stubborn Goods. We reached our goal thanks to our friends and family. This is an overview of what we did and some lessons we learned. ## Why Kickstarter? [Stubborn Goods makes packs and bags](stubborngoods.com/). Since production requires a minimum quantity order to make sense we thought Kickstarter might be a good way to start. Besides, I wanted to experience running a [Kickstarter](kickstarter.com/)… candland.net/stubborngoods/202

Route285 is a site of Colorado product companies. I have images of logos & products from those sites, but need to download and display them locally, in case an image changes later. Also, since [eleventy-img](github.com/11ty/eleventy-img) supports resizing and different formats I wanted to get that stuff working too. I ran into a couple of snags. First ICO isn't supported, that was pretty easy to work around, but I still wanted a local version of the file. The… candland.net/11ty/2020/09/24/e

Sometimes I like storing a set of options for a model as in integer in the DB, but still want a nice interface to use those options in code. This is one approach I've been using.: candland.net/rails/2020/06/10/

Wanted to setup Jupyter for Ruby to test out some ML stuff. Here's the setup I used and some issues I ran into.: candland.net/ruby/2020/04/09/j

[The ladders of wealth creation: a step-by-step road map to building wealth](nathanbarry.com/wealth-creatio) by Nathan Barry clicked with me. It provided a good framework to think about where I'm at and where I'm going. Thank you Nathan! Below is a summary of points and where I'm at, my journey, and moving forward. **Please read his article!**: candland.net/2020/02/15/ladder

This is awesome! ML gems for ruby! Just need a project to use them on! Nice work @andrewkane!

ml, ruby (candland.net/snips/new-ml-libs)

Workarea is an enterprise-grade Ruby on Rails commerce platform.

ecommerce, rails (candland.net/snips/workarea-ra)


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