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"Fuck capitalism, fuck the GOP. Also look at my cat."

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually deleted my toots/tweets, lol

Merry Christmas, I love you Mastodon and everyone on it n_n <3

@zachleat come back to Mastodon, people are generally nicer here ):

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Brain: I have IDEAS
Me: but I have so many unfinished projects already—
Me: brain—
Brain: 🌟💡 IDEAS 💡🌟
Me: brain please—
🌟💡 IDEAS 💡🌟

Oh no, I have another side project idea, shut up brain

Ya know, this platform feature-wise reminds me of Twitter, but the community has almost always reminded me more of Tumblr, so this mass migration is fitting.

okay but this is like, at least half of Twilight Zone episodes. When the random generator is too on-point.

In contrast
Me with my cats: 😍😻
Me with other cats: 😍🙀

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