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Hi everyone! My current project is ending and I'm looking for a job. I have +5y experience building apps and some more building sites in other ways.

I'm looking for something stable or at least a project that lasts a few months. Not really looking for quick gigs, thanks.


If you need someone, please get in touch. Thanks!

PS: Oh, I'm at CE(S)T.

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Soon I'll have ~20h weekly available hours. If you need a Ruby, full-stack developer with +5 years of experience and several production apps on his belt, I'll be happy to talk.

PM are open.

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We've just open Aixeta, a non-profit platform for ongoing crowdfunding!

All surplus will be returned to the community, via donations, awards or any other idea we may come up with.

For now only creators based in Spain can receive money from subscriptors (we're working on the legal issues to make it available elsewhere), but anyone can create a profile and at least show the world what you're doing.

I'm proud and thrilled to be part of this as the lead developer 🤘

Hey #Ruby devs, if you're looking to help out the #fediverse, check out #prismo! It's a link sharing platform, similar to or hacker news, that federates over #ActivityPub.

The lead (and only) dev has to back off development for a while, but it would be great to spin up a team that could pick up the slack and keep the project moving.

You can find the repo here:

and the matrix room here:!IadFDmzRTSlgzQTZH

L'error seria criticar la Colau pensant que hi ha millor alternativa que ella. És així de trist.

(I ara cap al bosc a enterrar els somnis)

The more Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook run into controversy, the more I think that the concept of social networks just doesn't scale well beyond roughly a few thousand people.

And why would they? Prior to the internet, what was the largest monolithic social network you could join? It was a physical limitation, but we're a product of thousands of years of those physical limitations.

When Twitter came along we collectively decided that this kind of thing [microblogging] was Twitter’s jurisdiction — that these are just tweets.
But why should we agree that Twitter, or any company, owns an entire form of writing for the web?
—Brent Simmons

I no obstant –i ja callo– crec que BeC l'està cagando lorito, perquè bàsicament estan aplanant el camí de retorn al PSC i escrivint la pròpia desintegració enlloc de liderar una refundació àmplia de l'esquerra que, entre d'altres, integri diferents visions sobre el destí nacional.

(Evidentment, sempre com a espectador que sóc, que des de casa, canviant de poble com qui canvia de samarreta i a càrrec de dues criatures, poca cosa més puc fer a banda d'opinar)

Perquè mai em cansaré de dir-ho: el paper de l'esquerra independentista (molt especialment la CUP) aquests 4 anys a BCN ha estat de pena. Encegamenta total. Incapacitat absoluta de projectar un horitzó de transformació radical. Més ganivets a l'esquena que la Colau, ningú en té.

I val a dir que em centro en Comuns perquè és la meva opció preferida –és qui jo hauria votat si visquès a BCN–, però si l'Ada Colau finalment és alcaldessa ERC té 4 anys per demostrar si es creu minimament la E de les seves sigles o si segueix amb la conya processista.

Fa dues legislatures, a Celrà, ERC i CUP van empatar en nombre de regidores. Enlloc de fer-se la pua buscant el suport d'algun dels rivals comuns per governar en solitari, van acordar repartir-se la legislatura, a 2 anys per cap.

Heus aquí una sortida elegant per BCN.

(I faig la comparació perquè em sembla que ERC i Comuns tenen més en comú –valgui la redundància– i més recorregut que Comuns i PSC)

Si esteu pel i us interessa la música independent, aquest cap de setmana hi ha festival!

Una beguda gratis per qui arribi abans de les 17h. Menors d'edat, entrada gratuïta.


I don't know if anyone has coined this phrase, but digital privilege is a thing, and it's likely to increase if governments keep pushing what should be good public service into smartphone apps. Those with enough money will get a cool, fast service, and the others will be standing in line.

Whenever someone suggests that a problem (or what they think it's a problem) could be solved with an app, remember that there's a precondition to that: people having enough resources to own a fancy smartphone.

La premsa dient coses sobre què farà (suposadament) l'Ada Colau els propers dies. La penya rajant abans que passi res. Jo ja no em crec res, i m'espero a fets consumats abans de valorar res. L'ambient és de màxima toxicitat i és fàcil oblidar que a l'altre costat de tuit o el toot hi ha una persona a la que mai li parlaries així a la cara.

Then, after a few more secs when the script detects that too much time has gone without a response from the server, the original composition screen is restored with an alert saying that the message could not be sent.

This is to me a very good example of how to make a UI seem super fast when, really, it's just doing its as slow as anything else. And a nice way to handle failure without destroying the user's work.

Lately I've had connectivity issues and I love how Gmail (website) handles the situation.

I guess everything is managed with JS and first thing the interface does when you click Send is *pretend* the message's been sent, so it goes under the previous message if it's a reply or you're taken back to the inbox with the new message on top. *However*, this is all fake and it hasn't happened yet on the server, because if you look at bottom left you see a "Still sending..." message after a few secs.

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