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Carl Winberg

I'm meant to be flying back to the UK tomorrow. That'll be fun.

Who's going to be an early adopter of self-driving cars? You'd have to be batshit ballsy.

"She the one on the left?"
"Your left or my left?"
"We're both standing the same way."

Who's been wanking the X-Files?

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How about a term to describe the length of time a piece of technology will keep working if you stop upgrading/updating.

For example: Were I to decided my iPhone SE is good enough, it would keep working for X years (months?).

I'd like to have a term for that time frame. Junk Horizon, perhaps? I'm counting on some of you to do better than that.

OH in Holland:
Man 1: They're really doing that Brexit.
Man 2: Fucking idiots.

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Jeremy Corbyn chant at this wedding 👌

Migraines are fun, aren't they? Great stuff.

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Me when I do the Hoovering and one other thing on the same day.

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The phrase, "no pun intended," is a pun of "nope, unintended"

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Have the people who make open source video editors ever done video editing before? Because it doesn't feel like it.

You know what would be really useful? As a user, the ability to block an entire instance. That would be lovely. @Gargron

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it really sucks that if I want to travel to Mexico I need to find flights that won't stop in the US cause who on earth would want to go through that nowadays?

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Torching the Modern-Day #Library of Alexandria
"Under the #agreement, #Google would be able to preview up to 20 percent of a given book to entice individual users to buy… All the out-of-print books would be packaged into an “institutional subscription database” that would be sold to universities, where students and faculty could search and read the full collection for free. "

I'm watching the Star Wars Holiday Special. Almost 40 years later, and still no convictions for this.

My tea's gone cold. And you thought you had it bad.