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Carl Winberg

Woody: "Beth and I feel there are some things you never talk about."
Frasier: "Like what?"
W: "I don't know, we never talk about them."

Cranberry juice is the only liquid that makes your mouth drier.

"Coach, I'm having blackouts."
"Kind of a nice break in the day, isn't it Sam?"

"Do you mind, we're talking."
"She's talking, you're just killing time between thoughts."

Cheers still has the best lines.

Just remembered the guy I met last night who has a tattoo on his neck of the first puddle of piss his dog did. True story.

DHL thinks they speak Russian in the Netherlands. Do they know something I don't?

Can we legislate that all shoots require a post supervisor on set?
*paints out the 4012th tracking marker*

I'm meant to be flying back to the UK tomorrow. That'll be fun.

Who's going to be an early adopter of self-driving cars? You'd have to be batshit ballsy.

"She the one on the left?"
"Your left or my left?"
"We're both standing the same way."

Who's been wanking the X-Files?

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How about a term to describe the length of time a piece of technology will keep working if you stop upgrading/updating.

For example: Were I to decided my iPhone SE is good enough, it would keep working for X years (months?).

I'd like to have a term for that time frame. Junk Horizon, perhaps? I'm counting on some of you to do better than that.

OH in Holland:
Man 1: They're really doing that Brexit.
Man 2: Fucking idiots.

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Jeremy Corbyn chant at this wedding 👌

Migraines are fun, aren't they? Great stuff.

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Me when I do the Hoovering and one other thing on the same day.