“Concussion Protocol.” This was REAL good. Glad I discovered WestFax right next to Casa Bonita! instagram.com/p/BoDhilIhdMz/

Both tooling and design matter. Sometimes you need tooling that helps you put forward your best design work. This is why the deceptively simple Screenshot tool in @elementary@twitter.com OS is so freaking good.

This weekend or early next week I've gotta fire up elementary OS Loki for I think the first time since Juno beta1. There's so much new goodness in Juno that I've legit forgotten what Loki was like, and what features or improvements don't even exist in the current release.

I'm also trying to frame it to be more useful and engaging for people who might not be intimately familiar with elementary OS. Going that extra mile to help introduce apps or features of elementary OS—even when they existed in previous releases—is helping me give better context.

…and this blog post is gonna be real good too. It's gonna be pretty dang long—to the point that I considered breaking a couple sections out into their own blog posts. But I think one massive rundown of all the stuff in one post really drives home the amount of work in Juno.

I've started working on the @elementary@twitter.com OS 5 Juno stable release blog post for when it's eventually ready. Holy crap, Juno is filled to the brim with refinement, productivity boons, and improvements to the developer platform. It's going to be SUCH a good release.

By the way, @thelinuxEXP@twitter.com has some of the consistently best produced @elementary@twitter.com videos! If you prefer watching or listening instead of reading, he covers all of the content in an easy-to-digest audio and visual format. I highly recommend his elementary videos.

elementary OS 5.0 Juno Beta 2 - Video Tour of the improvements and changes youtu.be/6cc8G6B7O_U via @YouTube@twitter.com

This game is ridiculously fun. They NAILED the movement.

The 3D printers in the Octavius Lab look suspiciously like @lulzbot3D@twitter.com Taz printers...

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