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By the way, I'm posting over at Pixelfed now as well. I'm strongly considering deleting or at least locking down my Instagram account; I'm sick of Facebook as a company, sick of the increasingly terrible ads, and sick of the proliferation of crappy graphics with overlaid text versus the original intent of just *photos* of what people were up to/taking photos of.

You can follow me via the magic of the fediverse right here:

D'oh! I just found something we haven't completed that needs to be done before an RC ISO. And it's failing for reasons beyond my understanding. 😞 Gonna pick that back up in the morning.

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I just set up a monthly recurring donation to Flatpak via Open Collective. Consider contributing yourself to help fund the best technology for packaging and distributing apps on Linux.

I picked back up on it Thursday, Friday, and today, and I *think* the blog post is finished. Gonna give it another read-through and have some folks edit it tomorrow.

Next step: ensure we have solid release candidate ISOs being built.

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(It was surprisingly easy if you have strong magnets, which we do because that’s how the best toddler cabinet locks work. 😎)

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I checked out a movie from the library and the locking disc case didn’t get unlocked… so I figured out how they work and did it myself at home!

Spoiler: magnets.

And if *that* is the case, can we PLEASE just have the Wireless Power Consortium (who develops/drives the Qi wireless charging standard Apple and everyone else is using) fold this into Qi as a standard add-on? Call it MagQi or something equally unpronounceable, I don’t even care.

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So if *this* is a thing and Mophie still has their MFi certification… does that mean it’s not patented/restricted in some way by Apple? It’s just a magnet, after all, and they are selling compatibility for any Qi device.

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Join our founder at 1pm PT/8PM UTC for a live Q&A on YouTube!

(That last line obviously should be 59–0%. Tweets, but editable.)

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And where do you put those break points? I am reading that 80% is a sort of “expected” capacity after regular use, so do you do:

100–90% excellent
89–80% good
79–70% fair
69–60% poor
659–0% critical

Do you break it down even more? Should it be more logarithmic?

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If an electronic device reports its battery’s “health” (current max capacity compared to original/design capacity), how would you break it down? It makes sense to show a percent (e.g. 96%), but can you also abstract that to something like excellent, good, poor, etc.?

Okay, taking a break. Gonna continue tomorrow. You wouldn’t think writing would be absolutely exhausting, and yet…

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I do think the elementary OS 6 blog post will be a bit shorter than the OS 5 one, but that’s mostly because of an improved format rather than a difference in the amount of updates. For example, I’m being a bit more concise about each app’s update, not detailing EVERY SINGLE fix.

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The elementary OS 6 blog post is being written. It’s currently at an 18 minute read which matches the length of the OS 5.1 blog post, but is half the length of the OS 5 one. Aaaaand I still have two whole sections (out of four) to write. 😅

(I have a whole redesign of these settings that are in progress, but this was a smaller, simpler step for now that has a high impact.)

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Proposal for the elementary OS display settings: default to resolutions that are above the minimum requirements and match the native aspect ratio, then tuck all the other supported resolutions away. It cleans things up so much.

Thanks to Jeremy Wootten for working on it!

Huh. I dunno how I feel about this. - Drinking a Daydream Dunkel by @ Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery —

Good ol' VP. - Drinking a Vanilla Porter by @ Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery —

Huh. Just kinda… bland. Like cinnamon La Croix? - Drinking a Cinnamon Nutmeg Porter by @ Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery —

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