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What would your ideal elementary OS laptop look like?

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I think I might work on some poster designs for the elementary store. I have some thoughts, but if you were to put something from elementary on YOUR wall, what would it be?

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I’m going to try to do some livestreaming while working on/talking about elementary OS things. What would you find specifically interesting or worthwhile?

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Want to support your favorite YouTuber, author, artist, or open source project? Check if they have a way to SUBSCRIBE to support them. Even $1/month can be a huge help when it is reliable, predictable income. Patreon, GitHub Sponsors, etc. are great for this.

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By the way, I'm posting over at Pixelfed now as well. I'm strongly considering deleting or at least locking down my Instagram account; I'm sick of Facebook as a company, sick of the increasingly terrible ads, and sick of the proliferation of crappy graphics with overlaid text versus the original intent of just *photos* of what people were up to/taking photos of.

You can follow me via the magic of the fediverse right here: @cassidyjames

Might get tipsy on bourbon coke and binge some Clone Wars. Happy three day weekend!

Apparently Little Debbie has been slowly transitioning Nutty Bars to the name “Nutty Buddy” and this whole time I just thought I was going crazy and couldn’t remember which they were called.

I just got a text from my 60-year-old dad asking for help using Inkscape to design and present acoustic treatments for his small business. 😍 He got really far all on his own after I suggested Inkscape to him yesterday, and just has a question about irregular shapes.

Lars Mikkelsen has reportedly signed on to play live action Thrawn, reprising his role from the animated Rebels show. I’ve been convinced Thrawn is going to be the center of Star Wars for the next 5–10 years, and if this is true, it cements it in my mind.

Super underrated feature of Google Home and Nest speakers: you can connect to one over Bluetooth (“Hey Google, turn on pairing mode”), then play that audio on a group or your whole home (“Hey Google, play this on Apartment”).

Boom, compatible with any device with Bluetooth.

Standard disclaimers apply: design and copy are not final; this is a work-in-progress and everything is subject to change, yadda yadda.

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I’d avoided trying Droidcam because it _sounded_ complicated. But it was super straightforward! I highly recommend anyone who needs to do any sort of video calling on a computer to check it out. Your phone camera is likely far better than a laptop’s.

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It turns out an old Pixel actually makes a really good webcam. Plus, in elementary OS 6, there’s a new dropdown to choose from multiple webcam sources. So things like Droidcam work even better.

Dang, 10× tele lens in a phone is awesome. I bet the depth of field is insane with that.

And because I’m a grown-ass adult, I can’t stop thinking of them as “my first big boy shoes.” So anyway…

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I’m in my late 20s and got my first pair of like, actual nice boots ever—despite growing up in nasty midwest winters and now living in Colorado. My last boots I had since high school and they were cheap Kohl’s boots that were not waterproof and were literally falling apart.

Gonna hop on Destiny for a bit and probably grind a bit of bounties, patrols, and strikes if anyone would like to join me.

EA no longer has exclusive rights to Star Wars video games! 🎉

Ubisoft is working on a new Star Wars game. 😒

I wrote up a little bit on how to provide an estimated “read time” on your Jekyll blog. It’s what I use on my site and what we use on the elementary blog.

.@rek is apparently sailing the Pacific ocean, documenting things in an ebook, using elementary OS for production. :o

Working on an extended version of the North Pacific Logbook.

Using Pandoc to generate a PDF from a .txt file (written in Pandoc Markdown).

Result is awesome :D.

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