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In case you’re wondering where I’ve been the last week, this nine-month-long project was finally released, two weeks ahead of schedule! Gonna be focused on ironing out the bug reports for the next little bit.

• The app used to post (e.g. “Mastodon for Android”) is listed underneath posts

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Not sure when each update was released, but I am loving the latest updates to the official Mastodon app, as they’ve fixed things reported by users! So far I’ve noticed:

• Local “Community” tab in Discover/search

• User switcher arrows added to profile photo

• “Follows You” badge on user profiles

• Latest posts pill added to top of timeline

• Tap “reblogs” or “favorites” counts to see a list

• Protected accounts' “Follow” button changes to “Pending” when a follow has been requested

YES thank you, I have been wanting a Magic Wormhole client for GNOME. This looks excellent.

Pet peeve: your restaurant website should not have a button/link called “menu” that takes me to start an online order and does not let me just SEE THE FREAKING MENU.

Request for help for @Posty:

Please send me links to silly, possibly pop-culture related colouring pages for adults that I can print on our home laser printer.

The #GUADEC2022 talk schedule is now live! Take a look at all the awesome talks we have lined up and make sure to register:

#GUADEC #GNOME #opensource

Episodes I & II down, now for (the official chronological order for) The Clone Wars!

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I need an Obi-Wan cut of the prequels. I was planning on watching them, Clone Wars, Bad Batch, and Rebels before the Obi-Wan show debuts but it’s… a lot.

The LIFX app is trying SO HARD to be flashy and clever, and as a result I do the wrong thing 100% of the time I try to use it.

Today in /duh/ news: "Remote work doesn’t negatively affect productivity, study suggests".
As someone who has worked from home for over a decade, good to see everyone else catching up. 🎉

Does anyone else remember a demo disc collection for DOS games that came in an aqua-colored case? They had games like CopySoft’s “Skunny: Save Our Pizzas”, and a bunch of weird graphical drawing demonstrations.

I remember playing them as a kid, but have no idea what collection it was. I’d love to revisit that weirdness sometime.

Listen to:

“She Looks Like Fun” by Arctic Monkeys


“Out of Tune Piano” by MisterWives



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