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By the way, I'm posting over at Pixelfed now as well. I'm strongly considering deleting or at least locking down my Instagram account; I'm sick of Facebook as a company, sick of the increasingly terrible ads, and sick of the proliferation of crappy graphics with overlaid text versus the original intent of just *photos* of what people were up to/taking photos of.

You can follow me via the magic of the fediverse right here:

With Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart doing incredible things with rifts showing and allowing real-time travel between places, it makes me desperate for a modern Portal game.

Imagine Portal with PS5 graphics and SSD. 🤩

GNOME Web feels sooooo good and smooth like 90% of the time.

And then I get on Twitter, and half the videos/GIFs are broken and scrolling is abysmal. I wonder why there’s such a disparity between other sites and Twitter, and other browsers and GNOME Web when on Twitter?

A recent example: calendar even descriptions. It's a freeform description field, but people and tools often put links in the field and it'd be nice if they were clickable in your calendar.

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Hey GNOME/GTK/Vala peeps: is there an easy way to detect arbitrary links in text in order to hyperlink them? I have seen app developers doing this pretty manually in a few places and never know if I should recommend an easier way.

Just merged multi-line paste detection into Terminal, which joins sudo paste in the Unsafe Paste Protection feature.

There are tons of little features that make me miss elementary OS any time I’m on another OS, but all of the niceties in Terminal are becoming the biggest!

Glossy laptop displays are the worst.

There are several places in my home and regular coffee shops that are impossible to work with a glossy display due to lighting, but are 100% fine with a matte display.

An incredible laptop is instantly rendered a massive annoyance.

Pretty sure introduced me to this at Stanley Beer Hall. It’s a good lighter nitro when I’m not feeling a stout! - Drinking a Flamingo Dreams Nitro by -

Love to wait an hour for CI to finish just for it to fail with no logs. 🙃

Luckily it only took ten minutes and one, “Do you mind my asking for more details about your decision to cancel the Private Email service?” before actually cancelling. Still, 10 minutes of time wasted that I’ll never get back…

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Namecheap: I love you, but only allowing downgrading or cancelling your email service via support chat is customer-hostile dark patterns 101.

New products coming to the elementary store today! We got the samples in and they look 🔥

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(Speaking of elementary OS: we currently offer one-time/expiring direct downloads to $0 downloaders, and then reusable URLs that are emailed to $1+ downloaders. And magnet links for everyone.)

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I think the obvious and real long-term play is still getting that OS when you get a computer—not paying for a download, anyway.

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There’s a risk that a magnet link even with clear instructions would increase the technical barrier to getting the OS, but also… it’s an operating system you’re downloading and manually flashing and installing. There’s a baseline level of assumed technical prowess, no?

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To be 1000% clear, this is just me musing into the Internets on a Tuesday evening and isn’t even something being considered by anyone (else) at elementary at this point. Just thinking out loud.

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