Hey “tech press” Android blogs: dotted lines in patent fillings aren't part of a patent. Google did not patent an all-screen design. It looks like they may have patented the glass inlay from Pixel 2.

But not-so-controversial take: Last Crusade is leagues better than the others.

Katie and I have been watching the Indiana Jones movies again. Our hot take: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is better than Temple of Doom.

Also, I get a super slick animation when you navigate away! After the target web page loads, the welcome view slides up to reveal it underneath. 😍

Switched to a native GTK start view instead of an embedded web page. It's more accessible, easier to set up for translations, gets RTL support automatically, etc.

When you're testing a lyrics app and the app author asks for your test songs… prepare to bare your soul to the Internet. 😅 github.com/naaando/lyrics/issu

Anyone in the Denver area looking for a Christmas tree? We need a smaller one next year to make room for baby. 🎄👶 letgo.onelink.me/O2PG/3eafec46

An old woman is describing PewDiePie to an old man at this coffee shop. She is wholeheartedly recommending he spend his time watching it. I have so many questions.

I will say, I'm really digging giving an app more character. It's also super recognizable across the OS.

""My dream for it would be that we could develop something that is peer-reviewed and gets the approval of someone like the EFF. Some folks from Purism seemed interested in it as well. And the idea behind it is that app authors _will_ implement telemetry regardless—just look at the web or the mess on mobile OSes. By offering a truly privacy-respecting option, we could help ensure authors won't turn to invasive measures that put users and even the developers themselves at risk."

It says a lot when other designers ask what mockup tools we use for @elementary@twitter.com OS… but they don't realize they're looking at a screenshot of real, working code.

So GitHub Free users get unlimited private repos now, but they lack protected branches, code owners, GitHub Pages (!), and wikis. So, no spinning up a GitHub Pages site with a private repo on the free plan. So I'll keep paying that $7/mo. :)

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