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Me: “Look I made a thing!”

Internet: “Yeah but like, have you considered actually using a completely different tool to make the thing? It’s better because X, Y, and Z.”

Me: “But I already made the thing…”

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Here it is. It's time for a FreeDesktop dark style preference. Here's what that would entail, and why:

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By the way, I'm posting over at Pixelfed now as well. I'm strongly considering deleting or at least locking down my Instagram account; I'm sick of Facebook as a company, sick of the increasingly terrible ads, and sick of the proliferation of crappy graphics with overlaid text versus the original intent of just *photos* of what people were up to/taking photos of.

You can follow me via the magic of the fediverse right here: @cassidyjames

I'd like to do find-in-page, but that looks a little more complex. Luckily there are other web browsers out there using GTK and even Vala so it's not insurmountable, it just depends on how much time I want to put into it right now. 😛

Submitted a minor translation update to Ephemeral, which then got me looking at the issue tracker for features I wanted to implement. It looks like the next big release will get at least a JS toggle and an overlay showing the address of hovered links.

Working on Ported it over to the main site (instead of a separate repo), and now we’re using a Jekyll collection to track info about DEs. Dan says I should tone down the purple a bit. 😅

See also: Essential and the notch. It was “weird” when they did it 'cause nobody else did it. Then Apple did, and everyone followed suit, even though they didn’t really need to.

Apple validates and popularizes the weird ideas, then they become normal.

For good or ill, this is how phones work now. An adventurous/brave Android manufacturer does a thing, and nobody really notices or cares. Then Apple does it, and it drives the rest of the industry to fall in line.

This is why I want Apple specifically to release a small iPhone.


Ok clarifying one more time, I was talking about the notch and headphone jack.

(I know Moto removed the jack slightly earlier but the iPhone popularized it)


New Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and blink-182 singles just dropped. And I’m loving it.

I just realized iPhone 11 Pro has double-depth camera bumps: the square is bumped up from the surface of the back, and then the ring around the lenses are bumped up off of that.


I’m sad Apple didn’t release a sanely-sized “SE” model this year. Not because I’m going to buy an iPhone, but because *somebody* needs to get that actually-small, one-handable flagship trend moving, and Apple is in a great position to do so.

Can you better articulate this? Hit the link at the bottom to contribute. 😉

I’ve also started adding my own content, not just links. I’d be happy to add other things that people think are relevant.

However… can you please make a Pixel Mini? 😭️All these modern phones are WAY too big, and I just want a flagship phone with a killer camera *that I can use in one hand.* Can’t use my phone while I ride the train, juggle a baby, or just carry a coffee.

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