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RT The Pop_OS! team at System76 are responsive and addressing the issue in the way I suggested. Good on them!

RT Sorry for the interruptionβ€”Β we're currently investigating connection problems. We hope to have this fixed up as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience.

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RT After using Gnome, KDE, and XFCE (briefly), I have forgotten how amazing ElementaryOS/Pantheon was for productivity

RT If you stay long enough in this city, you will fall in ❀️ with her. Welcome to

Good! Secure by default is a better mentality, and incentivizes the right things. This is not really new news (Google and Firefox both outlined their plans some time ago), but it's good to remember this is happening. I urge other browsers to do the same.

RT Mass projects migration test to has been successful, we are now ready for a full switch by next week!

for app icon badges (so email apps, for example, can show a custom number there). I don't think that pattern works as well with the design of GNOME Shell, but it's an option.

What do you think? Are there other ways notifications could be better in GNOME?

Another way this is addressed on other platforms is with the badges on app icons themselves. Android sort of does both as of 8.1, and shows a dot on the app icon on the launcher if there's a notification. elementary OS, macOS, iOS, and some Android skins use a dedicated API…

I know that might feel like adding a lot of chrome for notifications, but I think it could help quite a bit for GNOME Shell without adding any new APIs. And it could be capped it to one icon for each app, and maybe just the most recent X number so it doesn't get too unwieldy.

to show info and outstanding actions there. Other platforms seem to have some inspiration for solving this for GNOME Shell as well.

i.e. Android actually draws symbolic app icons on the top bar next to the clock, which I've found helps a lot with knowing what's in there.

The current indicator next to the clock in GNOME Shell says, "There is one or more notifications from SOMETHING somewhere in here, good luck!" In elementary OS we show a red dot on the notifications indicator, but we also have the dock badges API for apps…

Something I've realized that a lot of people liked the "system tray" for was knowing at a glance which apps have notifications for them, even if they missed the pop-up itself.

I've been thinking about desktop notifications a lot lately. I'm working on an article for third-party app developers on elementary OS and how to integrate with the system (including dock badges and notifications), and we've been talking about it in the Pop!_OS community.

RT Thinking about submitting an app to AppCenter? Check out the submission guidelines beforehand to ensure a speedy review!

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RT Got MacBook Pro back from repair:
- screen replaced
- keyboard replaced
- battery replaced

...but now it randomly powers off every 15 min

🀯 I’m fucking done with this machine

RT Speaking of switching, have you checked out' series on switching from macOS?

Number one complaint with Twidere (Android Twitter and Mastodon client): I can't do threads at all. Gotta go super old school and manual. 😭