New video Uploaded. Where I dig under the skin of Arduino and explain a little about what goes on when you hit Upload.

A peanut butter jar with a paper bag over it.covered in a water and PVA glue mix. A totally normal thing to do.

Have been working on a video today. Pulling back some of the covers of the Arduino software. Look out for it in the next couple of days.

can somebody please invent a computer that doesn't expel any heat at all would be really appreciated right now.

I think I preferred not being allowed to go anywhere or do anything rather than it being too hot to go anywhere or do anything.

Today's new York Times Hard Sudoku done in 29:39. New personal best

I think a baby Ocelot should be called an Ocelittle.

Rather than having the hot weather now. How about having it later on in the year when it is cooler.

Having a play with Mozilla Deep Speech. So far its pretty good

Not sure if today was international eat a pickled onion day or not. But had one just in case.


Mysterious coins found down the back of some machinery at Portland Works. They appear to say "Sheffield England Footprint", and have a picture of a single left footprint on. Any ideas?


Plan for the rest of the afternoon, a shower, then a nap, then a shower.

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