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@MutoShack why did you wait 2 weeks ?

Sorry, you started this 😉

the sponsored post on twitter, tonight, is a commercial of a tool to unclog your water.

With plenty of illustrations.

I remember in the eighties I was annoyed by the quality of local tv stations

This is a multinational and itmanages to be way more trashy

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@dthompson the simple fact that they take time to discuss this is telling of the other fact: it's relevant

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This article is good, and its detractors on the birb site and hacker news would like you to believe that free software "lost" and that things are better because of it and articles like this are *why* free software lost.

@MutoShack the one about nostalgia is breathtaking

@MutoShack albums come up, not spare photos.

So I don't know where the topmost ones are

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I think we undersell GNOME's little usability features.

In several occasions I've seen people get annoyed at how hard it is to align/move/resize windows in MacOS.

GNOME makes that trivial, out of the box, no hotkeys required.

the wind from north ended today.

It turned south

Now it's gonna be about mugginess

Today lots of discoveries !

This is a Gnome based browser with Firefox Sync support !!

It also has a marvelous name !

catonano boosted oh no I'm not going to fork this and rewrite the whole thing incl. changing language am I


You could also make a double clickable icon that launches a GUI and that cold be made without a single line of C code 😉

Please beware: I'm no expert !

Come on the mailing lists or the irc channel, there are knowledgable people there !



There's no preferred way. Unless the preference is yours :-)

You can write guile scripts, but that's not primary

You also can make your C based components scriptable in guile scheme, but again, that's not primary

These are just possibilities.

@lthms many commands are guile scripts that call guix APIs

If you want a double clickable icon that opens a GUI, then you should probably ask on the mailing list, as it might be more complicated

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Hi! Are you interested in making our public web presentation better to understand by writing new texts?
We are currently re-designing the website, and the texts should be written by people who would read them, so that it's not just a text we want to see but a text of how people understood what we talked about.

It would be super nice if you could share this. Ways to contact us are listed here:

#callforwriters #website #infotropique #communitytasks