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I'm a cisgender white male.

But I'm not a coder, not in the classical sense of the term

So I feel the entitlement of the white male coder vividly that this article describes

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Fediverse !!

I published a new post of mine in my brand new personal static indie blog

The title is: "Self publishing of scientific datasets"

Here it is

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In most places in India mains power is not present 24x7. Even in big cities, there are frequent power cuts. I self-hosted for a long time on solar power. But, I had to move, and now I run on mains power. Now, I suffer significant downtime due to power cuts. I'll have to work out some battery backup system to get my uptime back on track. Power cut issues are why I don't recommend XMPP to anyone, even though I use it. I wish P2P IM systems like Ring would improve. Over-dependence on server availability is an issue. Even in developed countries, will power supply continue to be reliable given our energy and environmental crisis? I think we need a less energy intensive and more delay tolerant Internet.

so I created a @Tutanota account with

With torbrowser I sent an email rom the account to my vanilla gmail account

I opened the email on the gmail account from the vanilla firefox

did I give my tutanota account away ?

Did I allow to potentially establish a relation between the 2 accounts ?

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Yesterday a very interesting discussion ensued, after I tooted something about the client/server architecture

I want to thank the partecipants

that discussion made me feel better

I showed to someone and they make a point of their on line presence in showing explicit images of themselves naked

They asked me what about porrn on mastodon.

are there porn instances ? What visibility do they have in the general fediverse ?

For example I see the switter toots but I have never seen any nazi or homophobic or otherwise rightwing toots

where is my instance policy on which other instances are blocked ?

I didn't expect my observation to raise such a copious reaction 🙂

I don't now exactly if the Freenet web sites (the equivalent o tor hidden services) are better, in this regard

and I odn't now if GNUNet (if and when it will be a thing) will improve the situation in this regard

but we should start calling freedom with the fullness if its semantic area

Or we are doing the same operation that the expression "Open Source" did

take tor2web, for example

you need to set up a web server in order to publish a web site through tor2web and a vps won't do

You need servers, system admins, and years of training.

and probably such a solution could be entirely based on free software 🙄

the client server architecture is one of the main problems in making computing exclusionary and elitist

People should be able to publish from their devices, from within their homes

The assumption that you need to go through the mediation of a large organization on order to publish and express yourself is contrary to freedom of speech


could you read the article in Italian i posted ?

I see you liked it


it stays so for minutes and there's a thread spinning, as in this other picture

@Tutanota in trying to create an account via the tor browser (on Fedora 28) it gets stuck and doesn't progress

as in the attached picture

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#facebook has been "apologising" for over a decade
It doesn't change its behaviour
It gets worse
It's like #microsoft with its serial corruption and crimes
Sometime you just need to say "enough" and blacklist people/corporations

They're among us

How do we deal with this people ?

oh, he also mentioned the new world order and Soros, the billionaries plotting in the shadows to impose an inhuman slavery onto us all

He said this was absolutely true, it had nothing to do with facebook crap

I think it does

He is completely brainwashed

I was not ready for that and couldn't manage that in the best way, to say at least

But I'm starting to think that facebook datacenters should be bombed, after having given a brief warning to the personnel

This is Goebbel's dream

facebook is a machine to weaponize peole's weaknesses against themselves, for the best buyer

It's the most terrific propaganda machine ever created directed with no moral compass and no supervision at all

I thin he has been targeted by a faceboook based psycop

His history of trauma (abandonement by his parents, poverty, escape) was detected, he was prodded to see what ffalse arguments he would have been rrepsondent too

and today he's completely brainwashed

He even showed me a pic of a really ugly joke involving Hitler on facebook and his answer was a straight condemnation, to demonstrate me that his support or a rightwing government has nothing to do with being fascist

As a young immigrate in Milan he was betrayed, and blackmailed by a Moroccan former partner of his and other unscrupoulous people

That may be a reason why he doesn't like Muslims today

He uses facebook on his mobile phone symbiotically

He uses it as a substitute for a photo app

He taes lots of pics, retouches them, crops them then he publishses them with glee with comments, smileys, all sort of tags