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Fediverse !!

I published a new post of mine in my brand new personal static indie blog

The title is: "Self publishing of scientific datasets"

Here it is

on a better note, this evening I deadlifted 100 Kg

lie the landing in Sicily during ww2 was arrranged with mafia support

We never new the thruth, there's a level we couldn't reach, lie in X files

The CIA knows.

Now there's this sentence on the Carabinieri officer who arrested Riina.

He's been condamned on non existent basis

On the base of the conspiracy bullshit.

The silicon valley giants and the Russians played us really well 🤕

my father believes a lot of political bullshit

He's been brainwashed by facebook and a lot of snake oil sellers

and that plays with a fundamental vicimism deep inside him

It's heart breaking

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By 35, you should ignore what other people tell you what you should have done by 35

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We are excited that #Tesla has moved their #Linux compliance work to the public so the community can work together to help them comply with #GPL requirements.

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instance block recommendation, antisemitism Show more

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Some of the most interesting individual components of an OS (in my opinion) are around graphics rendering.

For instance Cairo (used by GDK and Gecko), amongst other things, uses the Bentley-Ottman algorithm to perform fill operations. It's also used for preparing to clip future drawing operations, and they've reimplemented it several times to allow for microoptimizations.

Bentley-Ottman here pairs up line segments to form axis-aligned trapagons, which Pixman can microoptimize rendering of.

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Yesterday I went to Hel and back (and walked 20 miles in the middle): #travel

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italian politics Show more

The Warwick Rowers is a British college rowing team that has been publishing gay frieldy materials for 10 years

They support a healty, sporty lifestyle and the lgbt community

Today they have published an account of how their posts get signaled and taken down while female nudity is not

I already indicated to them

I was wondering what else could I do

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Warming Waters to Force Dramatic Shifts in Marine Species’ Habitats

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You can now create your own user accounts on my #Tor-ified MTA: adduser.3w2s7tpb5mc7ubsjjnzp4o

Once your account is created, you can use IMAP and SMTP or webmail at 3w2s7tpb5mc7ubsjjnzp4oxvqupjeo

If you need a .onion email service, feel free to use my MTA.

#infosec #opsec

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Whether it’s your meds, your therapy, or the people around you who support you, thank the things that help keep you together. They matter! ❣️

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>> … on average, when Craigslist’s opened erotic services in a city, the female homicide rate went down 17 percent.
> 17 percent. That’s not the homicide rate for female sex workers. That’s the homicide rate for all women.


I caught this terrible cold and my mood slumped down 🙁