some lovely dogs for a commissioner! Big mama Carina on the left, and her husband Harold.

A commission of the lizard and my pokemon OCs, having a wonderfully sappy moment :3

🎨 by @catterfly !

Hey y'all! I'm gonna test trial this to see how this goes.
Feel free to join there is an Oc space, general, nsfw, and art channels :^) I am still working on it, so any suggestion including bots are welcomed and depending on how many join I'll start accepting/searching for mods

Boost this to help spread it out once you join, hope yall are down!

it is the about me for your eyes and/or ears Show more

me thinkin about all my friends and how much i love them

My dog Det is being possessed by great evil. Again.....

aaaand Ace, who would very much like you to believe he's a capable adventurer (he's not)

another zodai! her name is Soria, and she likes to buyout celery from the local farmer's market

a sweet zodai named Pudding. Very shy, but she just wants to be friends!

in this house we love and cherish Fluffy Boys #deltarune Show more

whom else luv and cherish..... Gorl... #Deltarune Show more

Thysbea is rude, and likes to untie other peoples' knots and string.

AAAAA look at this beautiful lesbian wyvern mom, opaline!!!!! @catterfly drew her and she looks AMAZING in their style!!!

I'm working i swear... colored panel from subtleties!!

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