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catter [art] ✅

one of my tabby cats tests the water level in the mug on the table.... poorly.

Bea likes to holler at poor Naphtha. Denethy's hair gets hidden in a lot, and he just suffers quietly. Having them both around means he knows they aren't messing with the nearby fish pond.

a pretty buggy babe I just got back!! their name is Thysbea and they're a lepidaemos, the angry ghost of a moth come back to life. they're based on a hummingbird clearwing moth!

art block who??? i don't know her. this is space dust era, dancing with one of my datemates cause i thought it'd be cute :3 they're horn buddies!

i got my fancier tablet up and working aaa! i've had it for like three or four years, but i'm only using it correctly just now oops.

this is Clannet, they used to do boat things!

i tend to draw m.kinde without context clues, but they're only 3ft tall, much to their chagrin... feat angel kaja, who's just under 6ft.

Hey so I'm trans, struggle with mental illness, and create some stuff folks sometimes think is pretty cool. Take a look at my stores, and if you see something you like maybe buy it?

Or if you lack material desires but my work makes you smile, I have a patreon:

Thanks for your time, please boost/share if you're comfortable doing so.

Transformed! is a fun, lighthearted queer comic about a FtM transgender magical boy!

✨Read it here:
✨Buy it here:
✨Support it here:

more m.kinde, wearing a cute wraparound and some legwarmers!

Check out this awesome guest art from @catterfly to wrap up ch 3 of Transformed!!

i should give m.kinde more love tbh!! it's been a while, and they deserve it

Finished In-Stream #commissions for my buddy @catterfly !!!

My dude im love all ur babies dflakjsjdfjasdhfj

sometimes i draw @Mous 's characters! sometimes atrocities happen at the same time.

100% in love with how this panel came out. still gotta color it, but i'm luv.

me, crying about perspective: i've never seen a house before

speed vod of the tiny art i did last night! Finished a page of Subtleties! I'm probably gonna do more streams soon, and.. not at 2aPST lmao

update: i'm back to comic grinding and bless csp for having manipulable 3d bike models.
Sascha, in Subtleties!... which is finally on the way >:O

Hey if anyone is looking to chuck a buck at a patreon style, this trans/queer creator (me) could sure use it! Patreon money helps support my making inclusive comics and art - plus funds printing new styles of pronoun pin!

nsfw art? not very lewd. (nsfw comm price inside) Show more