Hmm, the local timeline on is quite a stream of junk (not vile stuff, just things I have no interest in). Time to stop being lazy and move to less mainstream instance.

Anyone got recommendations for an instance for people interested in:


there's some interesting stuff in this article about how coders often don't recognize that they're fixing a security vulnerability at the time they fix it:

unfortunately, the author is full of themselves, with that all-too-common coderbro attitude of "anyone who doesn't have the exact subset of knowledge that i have, is an idiot, probably maliciously so"

Ever get halfway through writing a toot before realising it’s all bollocks and bailing out?

the risk I took was calculated but man am I bad at math 

Regarding climate change the risk model changed.

It used to be: “we have these human driven emissions that create a lot of problems but if we dial the emissions back things normalize within a few decades”

Based on newer research it is: “human emissions have a chance to tip Earth climate into a positive feedback loop, stuck at 4-5C warming from which not even zero human emissions would rescue us”

Most people don’t know yet.

A few months ago I got my first project in #Scala and really enjoyed it, then I came across #Clojure and #Elixir, came back to Scala and tried `sbt test`. It made me wait 15 minutes to even start running the tests. Now I don’t even want to look at it.

Compared to Clojure and Elixir, Scala is a monster of a language. It’s better than Java though (for FP).

Wondering what to put in the description field on an image? A quick guide:
1. Just say what's in the image--you don't need to say it's an image.
2. Describe only what's relevant to the conversation. "Annalee writing in a notebook" or "An example of candid portraiture" or "A person using a fountain pen" are all good captions of the same image, in different contexts.
3. All text that's meant to be read should be transcribed. Screencap? Transcribe. Sign in background of selfie? Don't transcribe.

My timeline seems to be awash with recommendations, so here’s my standard pitch: has been fantastic for me:

- rolling release, so new packages, kernels
- well tested so very stable despite being rolling
- good KDE support
- great rollback utility, configured by default
- coolest logo and branding

Not great for:
- minimalists (lots of packages included by default - configurable of course)
- systemd-haters (understandable, though personally I tolerate it)


@cbowdon Yup, and add to that the evolutionary still deeply engrined desire of the human body to put on reserves for bad times, something western societies definitely no longer need to do. This instinct adds to the craving. I found that supplementing sugar with Stebia actually works very well for me, reducing callory intake by a lot. :)


We made waffles with a THIRD of the sugar in the recipe and the kids are absolutely bouncing. I shudder to think what carnage we’d be seeing if it was the full amount.

Speculating a bit, this sugar excess is probably a result of the free (read: under-regulated) market. Food corps are incentivised towards taste over health (because you can fool people with claims of “low fat” etc. but you can’t fool the tongue) and so add sugar, conditioning consumers to crave sugary sweetness, and so on.


Boris Johnson is publicly insulting a minority (British Muslims) in that same “racist dog whistle” way as Trump. Guess there’s no doubt the reports about him meeting Bannon are true then.

It’s the healthiest social network: friendly, inclusive people and not a “how many followers” contest. The quality of conversations here are the best.

Please consider writing your hashtags in upper camelcase so screen readers have a chance at figuring them out.

sounds like an giant undecipherable mess of sounds.

reads out "Why I Stay On Mastodon" 😄

(Reason #44 I stay here: my previous requests like this have been generally well-received, proving that most people are awesome.)

Ended the week with a nice feeling of accomplishment: managed to get a hybrid and Java app building with boot. (Turned out to be mostly very easy, just had to build a separate jar so that the Java classes could be made available in the REPL.)

The end result works just like before I started rewriting it in Clojure, but with much gnarly code thrown away and huge improvements to the functionality already. Yay!

kids saying cute stuff 

My son watched “Go Jetters”, featuring the villain “Grandmaster Glitch”. My son is very young and hasn’t heard the word “grandmaster” before, so he just calls him “Bad Grandad”.

Doing some thinking now. I have a Java thing that needs quite some refactoring. But is it enough to justify a rewrite? Need to gauge where the “worth it” level is.

>As a user, I certainly do not care about “being part of moving the web forward aggressively”. Why should I? I like my stuff working, not broken. Nobody ever wants it the other way around.

ukpol - “final say” campaign 

Getting a bit of petition fatigue, but of all the 2nd referendum petitions I think this one is the biggest (the Independent’s “Final Say” campaign):

Honestly wouldn’t expect much from this but signing it is low effort.

ukpol - nhs like legacy code 

This is basically another episode of “software engineers think every problem is like a software problem but then discover it isn’t and they cannot actually solve that problem”.

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ukpol - nhs like legacy code 

Maybe a better system could be developed in parallel and people could switch over gradually (like X and Wayland). But I think it would also fail without consistent backing.

Also the risk is that people with means and motive to make an alternative system are likely to be profit-focused, which is obviously bad news in healthcare.

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