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The proposed #EU copyright directive will force Wikipedia, Github and thousands of other free sharing systems off the Internet. It's vital that you write to your MEPs about it now. Here's my piece on the subject. >>>

Made my first contribution to yesterday! Just a tiny bit of work on the manual, but it feels very good to contribute to something I use regularly. Hopefully one day I’ll be capable enough to submit code changes.

Just heard an owl for the first time in my life. And it’s near my house! 🦉

Wish it would shut up, it’s quite late.

Spent ages trying to understand why dependencies weren’t downloading. Turns out there were already downloaded, I’d just forgotten the correct namespace for literally all of them. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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here's a thing: you don't have put a browser in your app to make it . you can also use or for that 😎

is causing a bit of a headache in my day job, but I’m really optimistic that it is going to change the default setting of organisations away from “lol who cares about privacy”.

Going through my son’s (for that vital piece that is “like this but it has an up bit”) and I notice that approx. half the people are female. Most are engineers or police officers, not just shopkeepers and homemakers. Very different to when I was a kid. It’s a little thing, but well done Lego.

*reading hackernews comments*

why are you all so fucking wrong

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CW: "Hacker" "News" link:

big news about companies selling your phone location data. Read this. It definitely affects you

How I missed this for SO long is beyond me, but if you missed it too (and are a *nix geek) I recommend checking it out:

"By late next year, #bitcoin could be consuming more electricity than all the world’s solar panels currently produce — about 1.8 percent of global electricity, according to a simple extrapolation of the study’s predictions. That would effectively erase decades of progress on renewable energy."

Today is also Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Show more

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Ahah ils sont on fire chez ProtonMail !
Webdesign (including fonts) got so bad that there's actually a "reader mode" in browsers now that makes sites look like they did 20 years ago