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Un ingénieur Linux, un ingénieur Mac et un ingénieur Microsoft sont en voiture et crèvent un pneu.

L’ingΓ©nieur Mac dit : β€œIl faut changer le pneu pour pouvoir continuer”.

L’ingΓ©nieur Linux dit : β€œIl faut d’abord trouver pourquoi le pneu a crevΓ© pour que Γ§a ne reproduise pas”.

L’ingΓ©nieur Microsoft dit : β€œOn a qu’à continuer comme Γ§a on verra bien si Γ§a se rΓ©pare tout seul”.

@yogthos Having just spent a day wrestling with an overcomplicated JS setup, have to agree. Much prefer functional-ish JavaScript with minimal extra crap to pure functional JS with a ton of baggage.

Just spent hours on install. First a package that was required but not specified, and then it turns out the latest version of that package is buggy and missing its index.js. For shits and giggles I check out the source of that package. It is literally just a hash map of version strings. 😩

Learning to hate all over again. react-scripts is requiring a fuckton of obviously unrelated dependencies before failing with some 404s. 😑

Remember ? That was a great response showing zero support for the attacker. Hope that today we get the same total condemnation of the attacker. Wouldn't put it past the tabloids to make this about immigration though.

Even if you are a beginner #Linux user, I highly recommend to start working on your #terminal skills. If you are a slow typer, your speed will increase. If you are not sure of the command you read, you can check it. Also check every command when you learn, and never press enter without know what that command does.
I also recommend 'nano' as a text editor to learn, so if you get in trouble, you can edit config files, etc.


@paolo It needs splitting up or this will just happen again and again.

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Lisp lesson of the day: defvar does not work with non-interned symbols. I don't really understand why yet.

To be honest whenever I'm using a new elisp API I always waste time on rookie type errors. I literally have the function doc buffer open next to the code buffer and still miss something. Probably because I'm always doing exploratory stuff late at night.

Struggling to bend customize-group to my will. I'm trying to write a macro that will register the body as a Ξ» in a hash table and define a Boolean custom variable that the user can toggle to enable that "module" and run the Ξ» (which is just a chunk of my init file).

I have the basics of that working, but it's polluting the space with arbitrary module names. So I've modified my macro to prefix each var name with "init-module-", but now changes aren't taking effect. Fun, but frustrating.

What's wrong with modern (or )? When people would prefer a program that scaffolds a library project instead of just learning how it fucking works.

Come on, you don't need shit like rollup and travis integration for a small project and if you're doing a larger project you'd better learn how they work and if they're a good fit for your project instead of blindly adding them.


"Open wide please so I can clean your back teeth" is boring and won't get a good response.
"Oh my god there's a big bug back there, I've got to clean it" is much more fun and makes toothbrush time fly by.

Took me way too long to figure that one out. Sorry son!

TIL about expand-region and pending-delete-mode in #Emacs.
I've been missing the functionality of pending-delete-mode for as long as i'm using the editor but I've never bothered to figure out how to do it since it's such a minor annoyance. Thanks to #EmacsRocks!

@wheeler No. I use a browser a lot and occasionally some specialised programs with no Emacs integration so it's more like 50%.

Currently writing myself a module system for my, so I can customize what sections are loaded depending on what machine/project I'm on. There's probably already some on Melpa, but designing my own is fun.

Election post-mortem. What have we got?

We haven't got a government.

The Scottish Conservatives are moving away from the Westminster Conservatives. The Tories hold power, therefore, in name only.

Queer bashing, women hating, climate change denying, young Earth creationist terrorists are part of the UK government. To be fair, May did warn us there would be a coalition of chaos, and that terrorist sympathisers may reach Westminster, she just didn't point out it was her who would bring them in.

We don't have a Prime Minister. May has no credibility, even with her own party. She can't immediately be removed because of the Brexit negotiations, and the Tories sense of self-preservation prohibit it. But she has no power. She's a puppet, a figurehead for the party, while the rest of the cabinet pull the strings beneath her. This is probably a good thing - while it removes accountability since we don't know exactly who is pulling the strings now, nobody on Earth is as hostile to human rights as May is.

Early election? The Tories will be terrified of calling another election, but it's difficult to see this setup lasting another five years. A vote of no confidence is surely a certainty at some point. Brexit complicates it...we might see the Tories hold on for two years as a result.

But what does Brexit look like? A hard Brexit just isn't going to get through parliament. The handful of europhile Tories plus the Scottish Tories are enough to prevent a hard Brexit, we don't even need the opposition for that. We'll still leave, but we'll only mostly fuck ourselves up, rather than completely fucking ourselves up.

On the other side of the benches, the Blarites have been decisively defeated. Does that matter? Well, yes - it prevents the Labour party sliding back to Tory territory. We've got at least another two elections with a left wing agenda before that can happen now.

The vote percentages are interesting. A progressive alliance would have won easily. Proportional representation would have given us a progressive left wing government too. The Tories did well because no other right wing party had any support of which to speak, whereas the left is more divided. We want left wing politics in this country, we just can't agree about which particular type of left wing politics we want. Perhaps next time they should spend less time bickering amongst themselves - the lies Corbyn told about Farron, and Farron told about Corbyn leading up to the election caused enough negative press for both to give the Tories this win. We're talking 2.4% and a bunch of seats that were lost by less than a few hundred votes. If they'd both been fighting the Tories instead of each other, we'd have a Labour government today.

But tl;dr - and I do enjoy doing the tl;dr of long posts at the end, after you've already read it because tl;dr annoys me - the country is fucked, but it's slightly less fucked than it was a few days ago.