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The release situation is still rather unclear. I hear now that OpenJDK releases will not get any LTS (unless you have third party support such as a Red Hat subscription). This could be tough to cope with.

it is 4/20 over here and remember to approach all situations in life with the confidence of a 15 year old who has smoked pot twice talking to a 15 year old who has smoked pot once

I like the slower pace of life on . Conversations happen over a few days rather than spawning and dying in minutes like birdsite. It’s healthier.

If I understand it right, registering a domain won’t expose your address anymore thanks to GDPR. A win for privacy!

Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

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Could we find clear evidence that an ancient species built a relatively short-lived industrial civilization long before our own?

RT Privacy cannot exist without free/open software. This is why ProtonMail is Open Source!

The only downside so far is that the new CLI tools seem to be less useful than lein (e.g. no uberjar functionality, not supported by CIDER) so feel half-baked.

I thought it was a good idea to distribute an executable (with man pages!) because β€œjava -jar clojure.jar whatever.clj” is a terrible intro for newbies. But this just sets up frustration a little further down the line.

Having another play with , after a couple of years since I last dabbled. Doing my go-to learning project, which is scooping some F1 race data from and trying to find interesting stats.

Fetching the data into usable form was 10 LOC vs easily 500 when I did it with Java (and that’s using Lombok to avoid writing getters/setters/equals/etc.). Java required unit tests to locate some deserialisation bugs - not an issue with Clojure.

What a great experience!

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It turns out this is a common problem for snapper systems that aren’t set up correctly. Fixed!

Added the experience to my neocities page on in hopes someone else (possibly future me) will have a better time of it:

Well, shouldn’t have said that. Turns out that I’d somehow lost the sub volume where stores its snapshots. I can manually remount it but it doesn’t work when I add the entry to fstab.

Current status is therefore I have a working system, except for snapper. As a result of using snapper.

First time using Snapper in anger today, after laptop failed to load KDE. It appears to have worked well!

Visited a sports discussion board and saw commenters asking by each other not to link to videos on Facebook. Looks like culture is changing for the better!

The amount of boilerplate necessary for decent Java unit tests is astonishing.

It’s the creation of test data that’s the problem. There’s no decent object or collection literals, so I’m resorting to the mother/builder pattern. This introduces complexity into the tests and increases the risk of test-bugs.

It would be ok in Python/JS/Lisp because there’s much better literals syntax. In C# I’d avoid it with Autofixture, which is just a well-automated mother/builder. But no such luck for Java. 😞

Just felt a drop of water on my hand and was terrified our roof could be leaking. Then remembered I just gave youngest son a shoulder ride - yep, hair dripping with drool πŸ™„