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I highly appreciate the ruling by the Spanish court acquitting these human rights defenders who were peacefully protesting against degrading housing conditions. Excellent! eldiario.es/catalunya/absuelto

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Muchas gracias a organizaci贸n q me permiti贸 poder compartir con los asistentes mi comunicaci贸n y ahora permite compartirlo con el resto de la comunidad educativa
"Importancia de la en una y la importancia de Educar la " twitter.com/formacionIB/status

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鉁嶏笍 Creando tu r-universe | Yanina Bellini Saibene

馃懁 Yanina Bellini Saibene @yabellini@twitter.com

馃敆 yabellini.netlify.app/es/post/

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Today we are releasing the Open Buildings Dataset, a new open-source dataset containing the locations and footprints of >500M buildings with coverage across Africa, which can support numerous scientific and humanitarian applications. Read more at goo.gle/3751HVR

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鉁嶏笍馃搳馃椇 Creating a figure of map layers in R | Urban Demographics

馃懁 Rafael H.M. Pereira @urbandemog@twitter.com

馃敆 urbandemographics.org/post/fig

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* Retracted.

I am considering retracting the original tweet because of the typo.

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After years of using @zotero@twitter.com, today I have discovered a new, very interesting feature: a warning that one of the references in my library has been redacted! This is why I 鉂わ笍 that much

After years of using @zotero@twitter.com , today I have discovered a new, very interesting feature: a warning that one of the references in my library has been redacted! This is why I 鉂わ笍 that much

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Nextcloud Talk 12 takes on Whatsapp and Skype for Business with:

鈴 voice messages
馃椇 location sharing
馃搯 Outlook integration
馃檱 profile and privacy settings
馃棏锔 message deletion and links
馃柤锔 easy image sharing
馃挜 and much more!


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@Devilsmirk@twitter.com Well, there is a bit of history here. And yes, Blender is developed in a very different way than commercial projects.

Most of the stuff I'm talking about is not really due to Blender's license, but rather just general copyright law. Though licensing is an important part or it.

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an extracurricular appeal (thread): The community in the favela Morro do Prevent贸rio (RdJ) needs more hands to keep going. We can support the Community Solidarity Committee's amazing work by contributing to the food-bank, and I鈥檓 doing a charity cycle ride on 24/07 to raise funds

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Atenci贸n! Pr贸xima semana, junto con @GeografosAragon@twitter.com y direcci贸n de @msevilla00@twitter.com
promovemos una charla/taller de introducci贸n a @OpenStreetMap@twitter.com. La sesi贸n ser谩 telem谩tica por @jitsinews@twitter.com
+ info en : meetup.com/es-ES/mapcolabora/e

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We are very proud to collaborate with @unfoundation@twitter.com on the @Data4SDGs@twitter.com website. Our last creation is the Project, A policy consultation and advocacy campaign aiming to unlock the value of data for all data4sdgs.org/datavaluesprojec

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One of our friends had a chat with @upFronteZine@twitter.com about - this is one of those posts we'd love you to share

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Are you looking for for your research? We have collected a range of urban-related data that is openly available for use by anyone. Search the catalogue here: ow.ly/uJcZ50Fpxr8

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To support the reality of modern, flexible, and ever-changing organizations, Nextcloud 22 introduces Circles.

A 猸曪笍 is a custom group that you define yourself, without the need for an administrator. With Circles, we make it easier to manage teams!


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