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Really App Store? Really?!

I’ve not had a chance to use the latest (within the past 5 years or so) built in Xcode unit testing frameworks, because my needs are pretty specialized. I tend to build my own.

But I’ve been using the stuff in Xcode 10, and it’s pretty dang great. ^⌥⌘G & ^⌥⌘U? Wonderful.

Sometimes when my mind is bored and drifting I'll find myself typing versiontracker.com into Safari, even though it's long gone for many years now.

On Apple's MacOS Mojave page (apple.com/macos/mojave/), there's no mention of 10.14 anywhere on the page. I find that interesting, and I can't remember if this was the same for previous OS releases.

Using CFTypeRef with libffi is a great way to workaround ARC getting in the way of things.

ShapeOf: I’ve been working on new JavaScript to C/Cocoa bridge lately, for fun and education. And I made an interesting discovery today- NSNumber stores shorts and unsigned chars the same. Is this a bug in NSNumber?

I'm going to guess this JSValueRef pointing to 0x0000000000000002 isn't what I think it is.

My guitar amp (original Fender Blues Deluxe) is broke. I'm bummed. I'm sure it can be repaired but I've been playing it for almost 25 years and I miss its sound already.

I guess I get to mess around with digital audio again (via my old Line6 UX2). And since it's so easy to make recordings with it, here's a little bluesy afternoon noodling: flyingmeat.s3.amazonaws.com/au

I'm guessing this is the year I give up my iPhone SE. Bummer.

Debugging a build system is always fun. Xcode 10 isn't being kind to Acorn and I'm not sure why.

Wait- maybe there is half float support and I just missed it and it's even on 10.13?

Whoa, CGBitmapContext got kCGImagePixelFormatRGB101010 support in Mojave? Still no half floats though :(

Holy crap folks, Node.js uses handles for memory management! Old school Mac programmers would feel right at home. Except for the JS part of course.

Has anyone ever written a C plugin for Node.js? I'm wondering how hard it would be to create random objects on the C side and then launch them over to the JS side, like a CocoaBridge would.

The brandywine tomato was a hit btw. Little bit of oregano and friends, and a smaller about of sea salt.

Madeline is going to have her first brandywine tomato tonight.

Pssst: Retrobatch 1.1 is almost done and you can try the final candidate right now. There's some good things in there, especially if you like scripting and automation. flyingmeat.com/download/latest

Taking a break from coffee and then starting work on bezier algorithms seems like a bad combo.

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