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Signing out of Mastodon because it seems there is almost zero interaction here. If you need me, I'll be at and syndicating here.

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Audio: Photographing an abandoned Silk Mill in Scranton – September 2020:

I need soft light suggestions. I’d like an LED + diffuser of some sort that I can pack with me in a bag for portraiture on the go. Something with multiple settings. Doesn’t need flash sync, just continuous light.

Win a year of hosting! is The Watercolor Gallery‘s sponsor for June. To celebrate, I’m giving away a free year of M.b hosting. Go read the gallery‘s post to see how to win!

I sincerely hope the next version of Windows is a giant leap forward for Microsoft. Windows 10 (in particular the UI and WSL) has served them well but held onto legacy too much. Will Satya finally push MSFT onto Unix? I think they should.

Built 3 garden beds this weekend. We were able to move what we started in the mini-greenhouse into the ground. So far, this is what we have going.

Tomatoes – 3 typesCarrotsSquashGreen and Red peppersCabbageLettuceRed onionWhite onionGreen beansBunch of herbsAsparagusStrawberriesGarli...

Today definitely felt like a Monday. But it is moving fast!

I featured a new watercolor painting on The Watercolor Gallery today. Don’t forget, is sponsoring @h2ocolor for June (see also: Twitter, I’ll be giving away a free year of hosting. Details early next week.

In yesterday’s post announcing I forgot to mention I grabbed art from Undraw. An excellent resource for that illustration style. I’ve updated the post.

It used to be you went to to see what movies were coming soon. These days I have no idea what movies are available on which service. The TV app (not to be confused with Apple TV) helps but not enough.

Updated The Watercolor Gallery’s profile on with the updated avatar. Also featured a painting and a video there this morning. Be sure to peep the sponsor of the gallery for June! Very excited. More details coming.

I’m aware that fanless computers are en vogue at the moment, but I have to say, when I write a script and my computer nearly melts from the amount of work it is doing while I sip my coffee… I’m pretty proud.

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