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Audio: Photographing an abandoned Silk Mill in Scranton – September 2020:

If you’ve seen or written a typical day post and I haven’t linked to it, please send a webmention to the original post or reply to this one with a link. Thanks!

I shouldn’t share my film negative scans at all. I should only scan prints I’ve made in the darkroom. That’s the true photo.

Spotify is (was?) the best place to listen to music. It is, unequivocally, the worst place to listen to podcasts. They’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars and their experience is the worst. I hope they are working on something great.

I’m collecting all of the responses to my typical day post under the typicalday tag for those interested in learning from other people’s routines. Some really great posts so far.

Time is passing much faster than I’ve ever experienced in my 40 years.

I really need to fix how my site displays webmentions.

Y’all ever scan black and white film as color film for about an hour before you realized it? No? Yeah, me neither.

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