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By way of , I'm an og Mastodonian but I lost my account. I wrote about my observations on last year here on my blurg

Twelve plus years in and there is still no "Tweets near me" or "Tweets at location" feature.

I've never understood why TL;DR: is written at the end of a post.

I would like to start a potato chip company. My only differentiator would be to fill the entire bag full of chips. I would name it the Full Bag of Chips Company.

Super impressed with Notion so far. I've imported my Simplenotes, Trello Boards, spreadsheets, and Pinterest. One tool for all of this. Consider using this link to sign up as I'll get credit.

Looking for a NYC-based freelance web designer who is strong in typography for a personal project (paid). Email me your portfolio if that’s you!

I'm pretty amazed that the Apple Watch business is already larger than the iPod ever was. However, I do think Series 4 or 5 will need to be another leapfrog product to stay ahead of other watches.

Switched to wool shirts for basketball. Never going back.

Any one know why this URL says "This user doesn't follow anyone yet." ? (it shows that they follow 244 accounts)

Drove with my father and a friend to the Barnes Foundation in on Saturday to see Berthe Morisot's impressionist paintings. An amazing exhibit that I'm glad I didn't miss.

If I build and move to a new instance, is there an easy way to import my current account into the new instance yet? ?

@Gargron Still no "Quote Toot" feature right? Seems to be a philosophical different you (and/or the community) has I suppose. Such a useful feature on Twitter.

Annie Mueller:

Maintenance tasksβ€”like washing the dishes, folding the clothesβ€”not only keep the basics of life functioning, but they also honor life itself. We are not too good for any of this. We are blessed to be here. Let me remember this as I wipe the table. Let me remember this as I sweep the floor.

Me, in 2011:

Stop thinking of all of the things you’d rather not do in a negative way. Start thinking of fun ways to make these tasks easier and more enjoyable to do. Who

Updated the sponsors page according to latest Patreon data! ✨

These people allow me to work on Mastodon full-time & to run

Today, everyone seems to be an expert in: China, market saturation, trade, profit margins, financial forecasts, economies of scale, stock markets, pricing, etc. Perhaps they need to revisit yesterday's topic.

I purchased my first 100% Merino wool shirt for basketball. Looking forward to trying it out and, hopefully, tossing my polyester shirts.

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