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Signing out of Mastodon because it seems there is almost zero interaction here. If you need me, I'll be at and syndicating here.

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Audio: Photographing an abandoned Silk Mill in Scranton – September 2020:

Everyone’s Twitter bio should probably have the word investor in it by now. The word’s meaning (and perhaps weight) have changed a lot over the last 10 years.

Pretty sure I allowed 4 tomato plants to die because I was a bit lazy and didn’t cover them last night. Not going to make that mistake again. No more lazy Colin.

After 11 years of curating The Watercolor Gallery as a labor of love I’ve now opened up sponsorships as a way to support the work I do there. I have new content in the pipeline including live audio interviews with artists. If you have a product or service and can support the site I’d ap...

My links. I’m going to try to use this page like Linktree and direct people to the most important links. Inspired by Craig Mod.

I dropped a roll of newly developed film onto a dirty rug this weekend. Ugh.

Yesterday, in the garden – May 7, 2021

All frames made yesterday at around 7am in the garden.

Based on some feedback from @maique and an idea by @manton the bookmarklet (and itself) has been updated with a cleaner UI and the window will close when you post! Delete your old bookmarklet and install the new one.

I cannot afford a new digital camera body but if someone wanted to gift me their old Canon 5D Mark II or III or something I’d be very appreciative.

I’ll be publishing my 76th link post later this morning. Here is the archive. Be sure to subscribe! (Thinking of making this a newsletter.)

Last night I ordered a new watercolor journal, paint, gouache, brushes, and jars to make a new plein air kit for myself. Although I want to spend a lot more time with my photography I also want to try some plein air painting.

Cameras or film stock comparisons, pushing and pulling film tutorials, etc. are all soooo insipid… until you are looking to buy one of them and then they are valuable. I do wish there were far more YouTube videos about deeper photographic topics though.

TIL that has a quick JS minifier built right in. Useful while working on the bookmarklet. Cool.

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