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By way of , I'm an og Mastodonian but I lost my account. I wrote about my observations on last year here on my blurg

The loveliest discovery I've made lately on is Sky Sandison, who rambles around Edinburgh and shares his drawings.

He's on all the social media (except Mastodon?), but is a nice place to follow. You can also subscribe via RSS:

Just realized the first few seconds of the Interstellar soundtrack is the rain that Cooper tells Romilly to listen to to calm him in space.[...]

Jet-lag is just starting to wane. I hope by tomorrow I feel back to normal.[...]

I see that Google is killing the Inbox app and people are livid. People, stop being angry at Google for killing their services. They make money on Adwords, now some on Cloud Services, but that's about it. Everything else is on the chopping block.[...]

Iceland is an amazing place. I highly recommend it if you're an outdoor lover like me.

Coming to Iceland has me reevaluating my understanding of, relationship with, and appreciation for water.[...]

One of my favourite terminal tricks is using `-` to jump back to the previous directory or branch.

If I'm in directory a and I type `cd b` I will be in directory b. Typing `cd -` will put me back into directory a, `cd -` one more time puts me in directory b again.

You can do the same with `git checkout -` this is really handy for jumping between master and the branch you're doing work on.

Syndicating from my site to Mastodon. Not perfect but good enough for now.[...]

My gear list for our trip to Iceland is growing by the day. I'm going to have to make some hard decisions to keep weight down.[...]

I need a drone that works like a Russian doll. Starting at the size of my Phantom 4 Pro all the way down to the small size of my Airhogs DR1 with 4 or 5 steps between.

I had a terrible time transferring photos from to until I found a better way. Here is how I recommend doing it

I need a new avatar since I no longer use a Mac.

i wonder if we're the first festival/conference to list their mastodon account on their official homepage

I don't like what happened to @wilw but that won't stop me from being on Mastodon. Those types of people will be _everywhere_ on every single platform. But the .cloud Admin also suspended my account for no reason too. So you just have to choose instances wisely.

It is why @alexhillman recommends calling them "neighborhoods". It is like choosing where to live or hang out.

cc @brentsimmons

@mathowie For some reason, I get your photos twice via RSS subscription.

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