I just published an overview of how we built a $1M ARR open source SaaS. I've listed all the significant steps and milestones along the way, starting from when the first line of code was written.


I was thinking about this (andy.works/words/the-most-sati) blog post about adding "juice" to products. Instead of thinking about juicing something, my instinct was to think about how to make it completely over-dramatic. A file compression utility:

I just added the generative art music project I’ve been working off and on for 6 months – Infinite Posters – to my portfolio. I’ll continue to add to it as the project progresses and I’m planning a behind-the-scenes blog post soon. cdevroe.com/portfolio/infinite

I recently set my iPhone, iPad, and Mac to automatically switch to Dark Mode at sunset. Digging it so far. As a result, I’ve created a dark version of my website. So you Dark Mode people needn’t fear blindness visiting any longer. More updates as I have time.

Spring 2022: I’m super busy at the day job, six active customers for the side gig, a freelance project that could start any day, a ton of personal projects that I’d love to spend time on, our garden!, and a (much needed) short vacation coming up.

Spoiler: Jurassic World 3 has CGI dinosaurs in it.

Deleting git repos on external USB hard drives via Finder… do not recommend. Use command line.

Daily Stupid players will be happy to know an all-new wordlist is being deployed for tomorrow’s game! Thank you for your patience and for playing! stupidwordgame.com/

I got a lovely reminder today that projects I worked on in the past may seem like ancient memories to me, but will be new discoveries for people when they find them later.

As a person who's most familiar with making live performances, asynchronous creativity at times still feels like a magical new idea.

Keep making stuff.
Keep sharing stuff.

Sometimes I wish I had unlimited time to work on my personal projects – but then I realize that by limiting my time to an hour here and an hour there it forces me to be super productive.

Trying to make my switch to Apple Maps result in better experience for all. So I’m jotting down notes to send to Apple. Adjusting locations and I sent in Feedback (née, Radar) FB10127605. Sharing a single location from a Guide results in sending the entire Guide.

I’m hiring an iOS Engineering Manager for my amazing team of engineers. Come help build the next generation of apps for the Apple Retail Stores! Check out the job posting, and DMs open for questions.


Sorry, wrong link the first time

I’m considering the switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps. It looks like I found an iOS Shortcut to move my Saved Places (from a Google Takeout JSON), though it is going to take a considerable amount of time to do it. icloud.com/shortcuts/368903972

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