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By way of , I'm an og Mastodonian but I lost my account. I wrote about my observations on last year here on my blurg

I was informed by a friend on Facebook that the book I just finished, Flatland, is available as a movie on YouTube. And it's trippy.[...]

I've been very happy hosting my blog on a WordPress Droplet on Digital Ocean since April. I'd like to move The Watercolor Gallery now. Does anyone know if I should use the same Droplet or better to create a new one?[...]

These new ActivityPub features from look great. I'd love to get compatible with Mastodon somehow.[...]

Disabled my Dell XPS 13" touchscreen. I never use it and I was sick of the spurious inputs from picking it up, moving the display, or brushing off some dust.[...]

Trello's emoji autocomplete prioritizes :thumbsup: before :thumbsdown: (even though not alphabetically correct) due to its higher usage. In Microsoft Teams they don't. Sometimes it is the small things that make a huge difference in software UX design.[...]

Slow internet is somehow worse than no internet.[...]

The new Sticky Notes app on Windows 10 is actually very nice.[...]

Is there a good Windows 10 email client that allows you to keep notes for yourself on each email thread?[...]

Every time I've made something incorrectly it is because I didn't take the needed time to plan how to build it correctly.[...]

I now have 3 full physical copies of my Photo and Video Library in separate geographic locations and 2 complete "in cloud" backups. I would like to add a new USB-C drive to my set up soon. Now I can worry less?[...]

I haven't been in the mood to blog much lately. Not ashamed of that either. I'll write more when I feel like it.[...]

Important note: If you plan on using Windows to store photos from an Apple product use Live Photos sparingly. They become MOV files and you lose the JPG or HEIC files. Learned this the hard way.[...]

Finished my vacation video from Iceland. Now I'll move onto editing my photos for a canvas book. I need to find time to share the photos here on my site as well.[...]

Personal photo and video library management is nearly a full-time job.[...]

The loveliest discovery I've made lately on is Sky Sandison, who rambles around Edinburgh and shares his drawings.

He's on all the social media (except Mastodon?), but is a nice place to follow. You can also subscribe via RSS:

Just realized the first few seconds of the Interstellar soundtrack is the rain that Cooper tells Romilly to listen to to calm him in space.[...]

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