Been a while. I've been heads down at work writing content.

It's great to see everyone. :)

My friend is fighting to save her childhood home. Please share. Maybe she'll get a miracle and be able to keep her home.

Currently playing a home-brew D&D 5e game. We switched from Roll 20 to VTT Foundry. So far, the group seems to like Foundry pretty well.

I'm playing a Satyr rogue (investigator). She's in search of ancient history and exploring the ruins of a civilization that no one understands.

Went to Whistler last week. Gorgeous place. Seems strange to have people going skiing in May, but Rockies, man. Tall peaks.

I love my DM. New setting: "No one remembers the history of the world. They all just woke up naked in a field one day..."

Investigating getting my crawlspace fixed -- too much humidity and subsequent issues from that.

Who knew Terminix does crawlspace remediation? That's just... weird.

Trying paid GMing on the Start Playing Games site.

Links in the blog post below to leave a review about my GMing or sign up for my first session of Trophy Gold in the late afternoon later this week.

It is an awkward AF time and honestly, I'm feeling awkward AF about this but I'm also kind of fascinated.

I meant to add a description of the image: two horses, a grey and a chestnut.

Breezy (chestnut) and Andromeda (grey)

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Hard to track multiple social networks, but I am working on it.

Greetings! Writer and rider. Checking out Mastodon since so many of my friends are migrating here from Twitter.

I've had horses all my life. I'm an avid rider and writer.

Ceffyl is the Welsh word for horse, in case you wondered.

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I'm a professional writer. Day job is a tech writer because it supports my horse habit. :)

I also love writing fiction, poetry, and blog posts. The past two years have been difficult to manage and so I haven't been as prolific as I have in the past.


Twitter: ceffyl1

Instagram: ceffyl1

Some of my friends have migrated here, so thought I'd come over and say hi.


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