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As always, I would like to express gratitude for those who tell me when I'm being a dick.

We look out for each other on this network. ❤️

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Folks, I was recently joking about never leaving, something I did without bothering to first understading the context of why people were asking for a move.

The people asking for a move are right. I'm transferring over to .

This may have implications for mufos, but I don't yet know what those are.

Also, finally, context is hard to find on here and I misunderstood what was going on after seeing chatter about something unrelated and I got the wrong end of the stick.

It would be really helpful if posts asking for specific action from users could include a brief summary of context and link back to the source.

I'm sorry for joking about something people were hurt by. While obviously this was only my fault, I do think context would also be helpful for other users.

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Anyway I often have no idea what's going on and am always grateful to people who take the time to let me know when I'm being a dick.

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I was also unaware of the most recent reasons people have been calling for defederation. I don't have the whole story yet. I should have looked into it before joking about it. Ableism is bad. I've seen people physically flinch at ableist language.

I feel like, especially because I'm a teacher, this is an issue I need to be aware of and not perpetuate.

Many students have hidden disabilities or loved ones with disabilities and its very important that everyone feel welcome and valued.

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I'll never really be English but it seems like I'm losing touch with being American. After 13 years that shouldn't be a surprise. And time just keeps passing.

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I'm from the states, bit as time passes and things change, my understanding of that place becomes both foggy and dated. The USian communication style seems aggressive and hard to follow. Its changed. I've changed. I remember really learning to moderate my style, to stop using a generic "you" and to dial it way back. I think it made me a better writer, but at the same time I lost my ability to navigate the much rougher waters of that discourse.

I feel like my comments about Portland were too casual about what I saw as a very serious problem in that city. I haven't actually lived there except for one summer more than 20 years ago. My family moved there after I emigrated. I don't really know what its like there now to be honest.

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Uh, I moved around while I was studying at different institutions and then for work at universities.

At least one person was offended by this thread and I want to express regret for that as it was not my intent.

A good apology includes an understanding of the problem and a commitment to avoid repetition, so this post is an invitation to comment as I have some gaps in my process here.

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Cities ranked:

Paris: best bread
Den Haag: Best audiences
Birmingham: Best curry
London: best queer scene
Oakland: best music
Portland: best bookstore

Paris: Most difficult music scene
Den Haag: Most boring
Birmingham: they say its gotten a lot better…
London: :endless_screaming:
Oakland: Fucking awful cops
Portland: Segregated

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*sips my decaf latte* i don't see instance, actually

I like living in cities. I lived in Paris, the EU's largest city for a year and also Birmingham (second largest in the UK) and now London (Europe's largest, but on a technicality).

What all these places have in common are being outside my native country and being intensely alienating places where I've struggled to meet anyone, advance my career, or build meaning in my life.

Large cities are awful and I love them for it.

I will never leave

OK folks, I'm happy to say the the best instance to move to is-

[Commotion in background.]




[Doors slam, a car skids away, a loud boom rumbles in the distance.]

So the last eight awesome instances I've been recommending to people have all collapsed and so I'm looking for a new one again…

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I'm trying to figure out what awesome hosts to recommend to people to get them off of m.s, bit the last 7 I've stanned have all blown up for various reasons, some quite spectacularly alas. Any recommendations?

You, to me: You poor misguided n00b. You unknowing child. You ignorantly cling to your instance, but I will show you the light, even kicking and screaming, I will guide you to enlightenment.

Me: Jondescension!

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Liberals wishing Trump good health just days after talking about getting him out of office are:

1. Scared. This is actually kind of frightening.

2. Saying more about who they want to be and what they want their country to be like than they are saying what they want for ~him~. He mocked Clinton for having pneumonia, and that was actually bad and wrong. They don't want to do that because they don't want to be like him. They don't want to live in a place where he sets the norms.

Word on the streets* is that Tory MPs have been circulating this rather graphic image of the front bench.

* Ok, in the Times, not the streets but anyway, I saw this and now you will too.

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