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I guess there's really one one route to finding out that one's rain jacket needs to be rewaterproofed.

British vapourwave has a U in it because British spellings.

Album idea: anthems of places and ideas I feel connected to. But, you know, the vapourwave version.

Didn't have time to make almond milk for my coffee, so ate 3 almonds and drank a small glass of water instead.

Watching cop shows in French: learn 20000 new swears.

Watching 'call my agent' in french: totally unprepared to understand any of the dialogue, even with subtitles.

How many cop shows do i have to watch before i'm ready for wit?

Well, now I'm known as the comedy christmas music composer....

I have noone to blame but myself.

Me at the modular synthesiser store: This module sounds amazing, but do digital modules have as long a life span as analogue?
Synth guy: Well the guy who designed it of brilliant. I mean, I should say the woman who designed it. She just transitioned.
Me: Take my money.

drawing clear boundaries and setting standards for right and wrong are slippery slopes that lead to more boundaries and standards for right and wrong

So I looked for the sign and after a few minutes, I noticed that one of the A4 notices pinned to the wall did indeed say they don't do blood on Thursdays. This was in bold font. Maybe 14 point bold text on a page for of schedule for all the local hospitals.
Don't know how I missed it there… 🤔

I think Tory cuts may have sacked all their sign makers.

Somewhere, there a sign up saying that I shouldn't have come in today? The nurse had mercy on me, though.


Hello! I'm still trying to map out the music of mastodon but I'll compile the composers and musicians I know on the site in this thread.

If I miss anyone out or get any details about your music wrong then please do chime in and correct me.

The old ladies next to me are talking about the ticket number that has just come up, 69.

If I'd remembered that I needed a blood test today, there would have been less faffing.

Ticket 68 just called. I'm 111

The builder showed up an hour early. My spouse let him in. At 7:30

I wish this guy would be honest about the time he actually intends to show up so we could say no.

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

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