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Charles ☭ Hutchins

christmas songs i hate Show more

christmas songs i hate Show more

About to mangle the short instrumental bits from various recordings of winter Wonderland.  Punny title needed....

RT This machine kills fascists. 🇺🇸🗳✅

Did you know you don't have to upload GIFs to Mastodon? You can upload mp4 and webm directly instead. If they don't have an audio track they are treated as pseudo-GIFs.

Since Snapchat has both an export to camera roll function and a remove audio track function, you can upload your Snapchat recordings to Mastodon

Hello, did you know your lecturers/professors are also exhausted by the end of term and also just want to curl up under a blanket with a warm beverage?

Autocorrect ducks up on average one word per toot, thus keeping my sparkling wit from going to my head.

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Me: This vegan Christmas pudding looks nice, but has loads of palm oil. I'll make my own.
Me: [bus vegan suet]
Me: What actually is this stuff?
My spouse [reading ingredients]: Palm oil, mostly

Hey America peeps! Sign up on there's only a few days left! If you got low income you could get a credit that reduces your monthly premium significantly!

I'm 91% of the way to my goal of raising $2000 for the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, an organization that fights capitalism, fights for workers, & fights for undocumented families in Western Massachusetts; the most impoverished region in MA. We do everything from hassling state legislatures for anti-wage theft laws, a 24/7 support hotline for undocumented people facing deportation, vigils and rallies, to bail & barricading construction on the local ICE office.

Please donate here:

Hey friends, I'm looking for a development job in or near Austin, TX, or Remote.

I have experience in Rust, Elixir, Ruby primarily, but I've also worked in Python, Elm, Java, C, and C++, and have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL.

Here's my github:

If you could boost this around, that would be super cool.

Ok, here's my Rudolph loop piece, Deviation from the Norm Will Be Punished Unless it is Exploitable

Ironically, the timing was supposed to be very different and the current state of it is the result of a bug that turned out to sound good....

#SuperCollider #FLOSSart #ChristmasMusic

All my christmas music gets cover art! (equally a masterpiece as the music)

I just looked it up. Bitcoins are now the third most expensive beanie baby.

Hey, let's convert everything tangible into internet play money!