The Chatham train station Starbucks just put up a memorial plaque for their barista that died last year. The are a lot of flowers out. If I'd known, I'd have brought some. I miss our conversations.

Some of those definitely sounded like the same loudness to me! But I did it anyway. :)

@celesteh Done! Took hardly 30 seconds, interesting material.

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Drohnenbilder von der gestrigen Anti-Brexit-Demo in London. Ich bekomme Gänsehaut...

Future Retroism: White Masculinity in Star Trek Voyager

In this paper, I examine Tom Paris's obsession with masculine icons of the mid-20th century fit in with the backwards looking, rigidly heteronormative masculine ideals of the 1990s, themselves based largely in nostalgia and conformity.

Although Voyager was described at the time as the most political correct Star Trek of all time[1], this is primarily expressed through tokenism. Whiteness and masculinity must share the stage with others, b

Wait, you mean the FBI /isn't/ on the side of the liberal left?? Wut???

Report from Cockfosters: it's posh. Also I think my brother in law supports lexit. Jeremy Corbyn inspires devotion at an alarming level.

Report from Cockfosters: the Australian beer is terrible.

Shout-out to The Bike Project in London, who take second-hand bikes, fix them up, and give them to refugees.

They also sell some of them to non-migrants to fund their running costs.

If you are in London and have an old broken bike you don't want, or you are in the market for a new one, they are worth knowing about!

I very much like the sound design on Star Trek Discovery

An unironic deerstalker hat and a communist flag in the same march does suggest rather broad support for ditching

I'm not saying the anti-Brexit march is without any radicalism, but I'm currently next to the poshest people I've encountered in my time in the UK thus far.

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