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Charles ☭ Hutchins

Tfw you're making a shitpost and accidentally give yourself a fetish....

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tfw you recall a crass exhortation to say more rosaries from 26 years ago and start sort of unconsciously muttering hail marys to yourself.

(tfw you work out how long ago you read a thing and it's 26 fucking years...)

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Dear everyone who has emailed me over the last 4 weeks and not yet received a satisfactory reply,

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I have several things I desperately need to do but all I've done is put a ballot in a post box.

@celesteh @natecull another important aspect that often gets missed/ignored about that bit of computing history is that IBM weren't supplying that technology to THE NAZIS but to the legitimate government of Germany of the time

If you want to get invited out to things, all you need to do is install spyware on your phone that intercepts all of your social networks and messages. You've Ajay been added to the group's, just install the spyware and quit complaining.

Current location: near where eggnog was invented

My spouse: I wish I hadn't taught my phone to say 'shit'

I worked on somebody's text sound composition about and Peckham rye and now I'm on the train the and it's in my head.

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If you like live coding and generatively created music / visuals, 3 days of it about to start streaming live here:

#livecoding #art #music #generative

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