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ukpol, Bercow 

Keep your staff on their toes by looking at a computer screen and telling them they don't exist.

A university where the floor plan is so confusing they have a web app to find classrooms

A study from the University of Warwick has determined that Britons are genetically predisposed to be grumpy.

Keep your lecturer in their toes.. Ask to speak with them after class, then vanish.

us nuclear weapons 

trump mention 

A new twist on a classic stress dream 


My spouse asks: what's this thing about using 'm' instead of 'n' on the internet?

And just like, she's the millennial in this relationship, so like, i dunno

Trying to help 

Trying to help 

linux woes 

linux woes 

linux woes 

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...


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