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Charles ☭ Hutchins

Book review: The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

A capable mystery with a bit of winking 4th wall breaking. As I read it, I realised I'd seen the television adaptation, which is extremely well-cast with Joanna Lumley and is partly filmed at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. This lead me to go stay there, but the ways of English holidays have changed.

Like all Christie, it's strangle bloodless - a great riddle instead of a tragedy, even when the victim is a girl guide.

The house I'm staying in has a Google listening device in it. When I expressed dismay, the owners said, 'Well, it was free.'

Image explaining this to someone in the 1960s, 'well, I have a surveillance device in my house, but at least I wasn't charged for it.'

Book review : 'Take this Waltz' by Richard Gillanders. For some months, I've been aware that there is a published novelist with the same name as my brother in law. Or so my brother in law claims, because I really think he wrote this book.

It's a memoir about the architecture of Birmingham. The second chapter is a captivating dream sequence about the old central library.

Book review : 'Private Papers' by Margaret Forster is several decades spanning story of the trials and tribulations of a particular family. Whatever merit the story might have, suspending one's disbelief at the major structuring component of the novel is a challenge. A daughter decided to annotate her living mother's diary? What? Why? Nothing about the character suggests she would undertake such a bizarre plan. Yet the result of this process is the novel. Distracting.

Book reviews: Flatland by Edwin Abbott is extremely sexist even by the standards of the time it was published. It describes a horrific fascist dystopia in a 2 dimensional universe.

It manages to be charming and leaves the reader questioning ideas of what we infer, measure and rely on without perceiving.

Book reviews: Jane Eyre is boring and racist. Like, really racist in every description of every person with its reliance on physiognomy (which intertwines with classicism), but also explicitly anti-black

break up Google, Facebook, and Amazon tbh

In Elif Batuman's mémoire about grad school, The Possessed, there's an odd sub-theme about constipation. I've of the people she meets in the East tells a fairy story in which the protagonist is blessed by never again having to shit in his life. The teller sighs with envy at the tale.

I have never identified with something so strongly in my life as I do with that vignette these past few days.

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Me too :) Do mastodon musicians have any preferred hash tags? I've been using . What else?

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Okay. New, slightly better plan:

I invite my father to my room. When he gets there, I literally come out of the closet, waving around my trans flag as the 1812 Overture plays the part with the French national anthem.

Phase 2: start rolling the cannons out of the closet.

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