The biggest satirical newspaper in Bulgaria, Hornet (Стършел, est. 1946), published my Bulgarian translation of Anton Chekhov's The Story of a Business Venture. Technically, Russian is my third language, but this account is supposed to be the English voice-over of my endeavours as a Bulgarian writer, therefore the mish-mash.

Translated into Bulgarian by the Russian version, История одного торгового предприятия, А. П. Чехов, 1892

Well, I'm happy :) Bulgarian New Social Poetry Magazine's "Anthology III" includes a chapter excerpt from a short novel I am currently working on. The chapter's title is "We Are with The People's Militia." It details an episode from the events in the novel in December, 1985, during a months-long surveillance of the underground criminal environment in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria, only 4 years before the fall of the communist regime.

Finished my second Jack Reacher book only on the 5th day (2 days earlier than what I set to myself).

I don't know what to read next week, but I have 2 days to figure it out.

I am smiling, cause I finally feel that I am reconnecting with my old self, who read books, like you eat candy.

#book52 #books #reading #JackReacher

I am also starting a new yoga 30 day thingy, this is also the second one.

I archive it, cause why not, plus the internet is not forever (remember when we say that "internet is forever", how naive we were). Unfortunately it's in webm format, since youtube-dl (or whatever the new name is), that's the default format. I will sure convert it to mp4, so I can use it more widely.


After yoga, I will take a shower, eat some eggs and watch some twitch, or just read something non-fiction stuff.

#life #selfdevelopment #improvement #smile


Star Trek: Picard is okay. I like the futuristic urban parts the most.


Собрал Notion-страницу с массой ссылок и информации для помощи в Украине: он статуса очередей на границах Украины и волонтерских чатов до мировых чатов помощи для беженцам и даже военное творчество:

Максимальный репост, плз. Эта информация может помочь.

Not that I am drawing any rich parallels, but I always remember about Brodsky and his struggles with the English language when he had to start writing directly in English. When I am trying to come up with something passable, silly involuntary mistakes like "thing" instead of "think" drive me to the ground.

But couldn't they write something more... uhhhhh... interesting?

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I love that #NYTimes bought #Wordle and said “You know what this is missing?! Cookie dialogs.”

🪦 #RIPWordle

Actively hating my new phone because - authenticators.

Me: One thing I really dislike about Mastodon is that you can't easily find & follow accounts based on your interests
My bf a month later: So I designed this search engine for you (and everyone else) to search people on Fediverse

I mean it's easy to overlook sometimes since we've been together for so many years but I really do live with a pretty cool genius ☺️❤️ All hail @stepan #fedisearch

Neocities was fun, but I kept adding Javascript until it became clear browser caching issues would eventually ruin that fun. Going entirely static is saner but boring. And after all, you have to respect people's bandwidth.

Re-sharing one of my testing Neocities posts, this time from my Wordpress website. It's way too silly not to.

What I Watch (Jan 2022) - Петър Тушков

Why: I earn enough money on my own and can pay for hosting at least partly through referral credits I earn on various cloud provider thanks to my GitHub projects.

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