After not being here for a loooong time, I'm not filled with confidence to see that my home timeline has only one user's toots in it, even though I follow a bunch of active people 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Amiga 500 Trash to Treasure - A restoration of a 30 year old Commodore Amiga A500

A four-part series looking at the painstaking restoration of a 30 year old A500 just like I had. I still have a lot of respect for these machines - way ahead of the early MS-DOS and DR-DOS PC's that came about at the same time with green screens and could only beep (or did PC's have EGA graphics by then).


Compile time (n): that subset of runtime during which the function being called is a compiler.

(BTW, sorry to have been absent here for so long. I have no excuse. 👋 )

outing myself as a DRM accelerationist

we can do way better than the Web, and DRM is the perfect lit match

A co-author of "The Reasoned Schemer" talks about the meta-circular evaluator, trees, lists, lambda calculus as the Maxwell's Equation of programming, scaring the veterans of the lambda calculus, mentions in passing delimited continuations, and more.

I'm 20 minutes in, and they're just flying by.


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Your morning/evening reading from @rechelon on how to preserve your sense of accuracy, when the discourse veers toward action:

WaveFunctionCollapse is Constraint Solving in the Wild

People have been finding all kinds of uses for WaveFunctionCollapse: minigolf courses, 3D maze buildings, poetry, and animations.

But people are still having trouble understanding how it works. That’s one reason I co-wrote this research paper on how WFC works.

procedural-generation.tumblr.c dunno if this qualifies for a registration window (or maybe it's too late), but:

~~rolling out the red carpet for bankers~~

Waiting for the French gov't to go sideways again so I can nab an alt on

For one of the programming language I am writing, I am going to have prose and verse as forms; prose will require certain aspects of the grammar that will be taken up by the stanzaic form/metre/scansion of the verse form.

Given how ridiculous ASI is JS already, this seems sensible by comparison.

So lots of people are very peeved about the intercept effectively outing their source.

Q: is the ask that journalists simply never divulge original source materials? Steganography isn't something you can defeat, esp. if your threats include the most serious TLAs.

JavaScript winning (thus node) is not an instance of "worse is better"; it's an instance of the MIT approach not even showing up to play.

Even though I was never *really* a Common Lisper, I sometimes wish I was so I could use and rely upon the Hyperspec every day.

@mala maybe this gets to your idle suggestion that having the Black Panthers direct that early distribution might have led to a very different world…maybe one where computational freedom/agency/transparency was harnessed to address immediate social ills instead of being bottled for resale

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this paper and related research showing that tabular data is more or less as old as writing itself and now I'm wondering if tabular data predates the line as a poetic unit? what if the first poet who used lines actually thought of the task as making a spreadsheet?

@mala About halfway through, I started thinking "I wonder what he would say to Adam Curtis" (good job anticipating 😁), but left even more urgently curious as to how you'd relate to his position.

If Curtis thinks that those hippie ideologues you talked about some effectively abrogated politics in their attempt to make a new world, where does that leave prefigurative efforts now and in the future?

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