And here we are. Disroot has just become 6 years old! Happy birthday everyone!

I saw people worried about causing death. My wife is a doctor so I asked her.

It's complicated, but the general takeaway is: all medicine has risk involved. Just like driving a car or even walking near a roadway. Yet the risk vs reward ratio is usually such that we decide to use medicine. In people who don't have strong independent risk factors vaccines should not cause issues. There's always outliers, but generally vaccines save way, way more lives than they cost.

If you find it difficult to explain to people what free software is and why freeware is not good enough - I made a video that does exactly that! Spread the good news of computing!
(in glorious 4K, lol).

If you don't like #Microsoft, please get your code off #GitHub. It's just Microsoft wearing a mask at this point.

#SourceHut, @codeberg, and are all viable alternatives depending on your priorities.

Novelty gift idea: a calendar or diary where the months of the year and days of the week appear in alphabetical order.

Is there a consensus on what to call a site/pod/capsule/station/port/log/space/home/whatever? We Gemini users are an indecisive bunch.

What do we want? Have everyone move to #Codeberg?
No, but it should just be okay not to be on #GitHub or #GitLab!

We're proud to offer an alternative to those who care, and thankful to everyone who joins us and other free Git hosters. You rock!

Regular reminder that "it's better on the app" means "we want to install spyware on your phone"

Inspired by @chambln post I wrote pp in #awk

AWK is great tool that is installed virtually everywhere.

I'm not sure if this says more about the concise power of or the simplicity of markup.

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I think it's time to finally explain what all the system directories *really* mean:

/usr = Undeniably Severe Repercussions
/opt = Obviously Perishable Trash
/var = Viscerally Annoying Rambling
/bin = Barely Interesting Notes
/run = Rather Underwhelming Nuggets
/sys = Strange Yet Special
/etc = Exclusively True Ciphers
/dev = Delightfully Excellent Vistas

You are welcome.

I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

Still don't have my own Gemini capsule though :(
I should fix that.

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I wrote a tiny Gemini browser in POSIX shell. It uses programs like
less(1) and fzf(1) for interactivity. There are still a few issues and
features to be implemented, but it is basically usable. I mean, I use it.
Probably just me though.

Can we all just agree that copyright law is stupid and should be abolished? Or, at least, reformed beyond recognition.

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