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Charlag @charlag

@sorin seems fine (not like it was broken before)

"The Unreal Tournament announcer, except he yells out programming tokens.



"Blair Holloway on Twitter"

Family drama Show more

Family drama Show more

I'm not feeling great. Failing badly.
I'm very bad at connecting people.

So I came out as a to my parents yesterday. It's really hard to understand restrain from dairy for them. I hope they will accept it.

Maybe some day people here will understand why ecology and democracy is important and why cars are bad. Not like in this century though.

Finished Firewatch with @safertohatethem . Heavy stuff. So many hard decisions from the beginning till the very end. I'm not sure they affect gameplay at all but they feel very real. I'm devastated.

It's just...
(whispers) PHP

I am considering WordPress. What do you think?

I think about self-judging a blog. Any advices? I think about using ghost + OpenShift or something similar.
As an alternative I can use Medium but I think they're going down.

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@lauraritchie I just wanted to say that I've started reading the book and finished introduction - not much, but it's the hardest, right?

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@jd I think Saint P subway had similar issues and t was reported years ago and I'm not sure it was fixed