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Can everyone please spam me with custom emoji (of different sizes preferably) so I can fix their size in ? Thanks. (also boost please)

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Mastodoes: awoo

Mastodon'ts: also awoo

It's complicated

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so tomorrow I get to do my workshop where I bring a dozen violins and cellos to people who have possibly never touched an instrument like them and we play... !

There are few times in life when grown-ups willingly buy in to playing (like wholeheartedly) and this is one of those times where they are invited, encouraged, and I get to play with them.

(I better sleep past 4:15 am tomorrow. <--- Listen to that, jet lag.)

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Interesting enough, no one tried to make non-profit MMO. I understand that a good game needs a good steering to be coherent so there definitely should be a game designer.
I'm just looking at WoW and:
1) If you come back after few years you probably have to buy another add-on (which is not cheap!)
2) You also have to pay for subscription which is not cheap too!
3) Community has been asking for a Linux client for years. They even got MacOS one, it would be easy to port - no response

So, I've bought Witcher 2 because it was like 1$

I didn't so much for the whole week because I was too tired. I want to play because I want to escape somehow.

I ended up playing Teeworlds. Kinda fun but I lost my skills of course.

Linux Gaminux Problems Show more

Linux Gaminux Problems Show more

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Time to learn some Coq, folks

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@marijn is the author of the excellent Eloquent JavaScript.

But he has a problem that I think we all can relate: Empty Timeline On Mastodon Syndrome (ETOMS)

For the price of one follow you can help those suffering from ETOMS.

Won't you do him a solid and follow him?

(Also he is crowdfunding the latest Eloquent JavaScript 3rd edition so give that a peek and throw some coins of your favorite denomination his way)

Together we can stop ETOMS. Thank you.

@ConnyDuck hey! Do we have any plans on release date?

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