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I've been thinking about it for a long time and here it is: my own shrine

I wanted to add a lot of things but now I think that it is finished (or almost finished).

So, Orange Pi is here but I only have 1GB card so I cannot boot it, oh well.

Android Studio or Gradle or Android SDK make my laptop just hang completely. I think it's been 10 minutes already.
What. The hell. Do you do.

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I thought that Intellij is really keyboard oriented and pretty good overall.
Then I learned Emacs better.

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that thing bunnies do when they boop snoots and it looks like a little kiss

retoot if u agree

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I think it's really polite of C-3PO to talk to other droids and things in human-language. Higher throughput, lower error protocols must exist, but he totally doesn't want the humans to feel left out of the conversation!

R2D2, though, is like one of those really stand-offish people who deliberately talks to their friend in French or whatever whilst the rest of the group just stands around awkwardly.

Then C-3PO replies in human-language, to make a point. You're all about the social glue, C-3PO.

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if you make fun of others for playing games on easy mode or with cheats you need to go take a nap

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not everyone plays games for a challenge, and some people are just... not as good at games, which is perfectly fine and okay

let people enjoy games how they want

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The landing/about page for your software should be easy to find, and it should have these two things, in this order:

1. A one-to-six-sentence description of the software, that can be understood with /zero outside knowledge/
2. YOUR LICENSE. Whether it's free software or not is the single deciding factor in most software I use.

Far too many projects I see do not do this, even #freesw ones that could really stand to gain by mentioning their license.

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Why wait for the government to switch to metric? Change all the settings everywhere! Forget how many feet are in a mile! Be horrified when someone says it's 39 degrees outside in winter!

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It's nice to see F-Driod being mentioned (and even recommended) in mainstream media.

"Want to Avoid Malware on Your Android Phone? Try the F-Droid App Store" -

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Here’s an idea: how about a law that mandates that an open domain name registry, free for all citizens, is included in every ISP’s DNS settings by default, alongside InterNIC.

Oh, and look, someone already built it even:

This one little change could do wonders for individual sovereignty and decentralisation on the Internet.

It could do for owning your own online identity what Let’s Encrypt did for democratising secure web sites.

#commons #eu

Oh, okay, what I've been trying to build on Android is *exactly* redux-observable in JS world. I think I misunderstood them before.

Yes, testing is harder than with sagas and readability may suffer too but I think they pretty much nailed it.

I still think that trying to present async process as sync one is limited and doesn't make much sense.

This was the rare case when I wanted to support a developer and it seems like PayPal won't accept payments from Russia?

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!gnusocial Currently I'm loosing federation between #Mastodon and my instance of #GNUsocial. Is there anything I've missed to fix this on my site? Some tipps appreciated.

I really enjoyed this roguelike

This time I had an army of skeletons, enchanced ad healed by me. I had an install kill magic and other attack magic. I wielded enchanted sword and dagger, I thought I am immortal.
I opened the door and blue dragon killed me instantly. Yeah, that's how roguelikes work.

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Today, let's thank Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the core developers at VideoLAN and all the contributors for VLC Media Player.

VideoLAN is a nonprofit and they always kept a strong position VLC remained free/libre open source software and free from ads or any spy code even when VLC is deployed on millions/billions of computers worldwide.

VideoLAN ❤