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I should set it up as a repeating message but


to @charlag

Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

uuuuugh, reminder that I'm on uuuuuughh uuuuughh follow if you want to?

Hye, yo, daily reminder that I am at @charlag now
It's pretty cool up there
Check it out

I should set it up as a repeating message but


to @charlag

I don't understand if it's me being stupid but how do I migrate my "following" list? I can download tar.gz with all my things but I should upload csv?... Where do I get it?

So, do you know what this is?

This is the ActivityPub endpoint that will enable #Funkwhale instances (and other ActivityPub software) to #federate their music libraries.

I know, this is not really interesting to look at. But now this is up and functionnal, I can actually start working on the front-end, after almost two weeks of unit tests writing and protocol management stuff.

For my masterthesis I still need a narrator voice. I wanted to do the narration myself, but my spoken english is not as good as I wish it would be.
Because of that I'm asking you people of #mastodon if there is someone (female) who would do the narration for my thesis project?
Preferably with little to no accent/dialect (light northern british accent would be ok). But you should have a clear pronounciation and good audio recording quality.

it's fucked up that you could live in ancient egypt and there'd be ancient egyptian ruins, because ancient egypt just kind of went on for a really, really long time

I wonder if anyone, you know, tried manually changing status archive and manually importing them to DB. What kind of crap would it produce. finally... i'm gonna link this again with proper commentary and screencaps in the morning but i'm super excited about my first environmental #3d piece

#blender3d #mastoart

My process of becoming more aware I think started from #Veganism - I opened up my eyes to the information and decided to act on it.
From that now I question everything I do..noticing how I feel and make changes of what feels right to me.
I've gone from reassessing food, and now thinking about privacy and decentralisation

#storytime #ethics #alignment #matrix

How comes doesn't use this, this is such a cool thing

Oh, and ofc it has to not disappear silently, that's one of the biggest concerns

Finding the right instance would be such a pain for me.
I use another one for my alt but I don't feel much of a "community" vibe there (tbh I don't use it much either so that might be the problem).
I want to be friends with admin too so I can trust them.
I want it to be pretty strict and ban shitheads and bad instances.

Another problem: I know a lot of people here from the very early days and many of them are still here. Feels weird.

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