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OPAQUE: The Best Passwords Never Leave your Device - Tatiana Bradley @ Cloudflare:

I want to implement a form-input type for cryptographic authentication! Integrated into GNOME Keyring, KWallet, in turn BitWarden, etc! Yes, they do support this.

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Gitea 1.17.0 is released

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.17.0, a relatively big release with a lot of new and exciting features and plenty breaking changes. We highly encourage users to update to this version after carefully reading about the breaking changes for some important bug-fixes.

645 Pull Requests were merged to release this version.

You can download one of our pre-built binaries from our downloads page - make sure to select the correct platform!

#rss #gitea

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👾 I have a need to post some kind of media for a federation test so here is an interesting image showing the size of Jupiter's magnetosphere from Earth if it could be seen with your eyes
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CP/M is finally, clearly open source:

(this is new in the last few days)

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First-ever Gitea pull request from a remote instance!!! 🎉🥳

I've been waiting for this moment for months now!

The code hasn't been pushed to yet since it's incredibly messy, but I'll clean it up tomorrow and also submit a draft pull request to upstream Gitea.

(Technical implementation information:

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Passport v20220712 is out. It can crack thousands of copy protected Apple II disks.

This version contains dozens of improvements and adds support for protections from Baudville, Accolade, Software Publishing Corporation, and Enlightenment, Inc.

Thanks qkumba for everything.

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Right: So... tommorrow at 17:30 Finland/Ukraine time (that is 16:30 .de/.es/.dk/.pl/.hu - central Europe time; 15:30 Lisbon/Cork/Glasgow time; 16:30 Moscow time; "really freaking Early" Chicago time; "Slightly less early" Venezuela time; "VERY freaking late" AdelaIde/NZ/Perth/Sydney/.jp/.ko/.vn/Hawaii/SEA time...

There will be a thing for Assembly, the demoparty here in Finland that turns 30 this year.


And the IMPORTANT part:

You're encouraged to participate. (Voting wise.)

Seriously, please tune in and see what is going on and participate. Yes, even folks who don't have a CLUE what the 'demoscene' is, I'm all for you learning what it is via this.

Yes, boostage allowed/encouraged.

Now, it SHOULD be on the Assembly twitch channel, which is .

(I'm avoiding ANOTHER discussion of the Assembly website right now.)

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#TIL Unlike ISO and IEC standards, most ITU standards are free to the public! All ITU-T Recommendations are published at You can find all the familiar names: V.92, X.25, X.509, or H.264 (800 pages) There are even epub files for some new documents. #electronics

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Arti 0.5.0 is here! Arti is our ongoing project to create an embeddable Tor client in Rust. This release adds cryptographic acceleration, a useful set of top-level build features, reachable-address filtering, & detection for failed directory downloads.

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TIL Grace Hopper predicted #RISC in 1955.

"There is little doubt that the development of automatic coding will influence the design of computers.... Instructions added only for the convenience of the programmer will be omitted since the computer, rather than the programmer, will write the detailed coding."

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- Moved repo to, and development has resumed with new contributors!

- Site is now at!

- Chat is at, on IRC/Matrix

- Forum is moving to

- Gitea federation is WIP

- I've resumed work on Vervis, intending to relaunch it and put federated patches/MRs in the spec

- Simplified 1st spec draft is WIP

- I may step down at some point, project future seems bright now ^_^


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This wiki is about #permacomputing, a radically sustainable approach to computing inspired by permaculture.

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#postmortems of failures in our technology, a whole forum to enjoy, recently updated with today's Cloudflare outage and a collection of other BGP mishaps:

#postmortem #bgp #cloudflare

(boosts welcome!)

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I wrote a tool 'diridp' that generates JWTs as local files. You can use it to replace AWS access keys in your apps, for example.

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Forth book recommendations 


Starting Forth:
Thinking Forth:
Dr. Ting's code walkthroughs of various Forth systems:
Moving Forth:
Stack Computers The New Wave:
Second Generation Stack Computer Architecture:
Threaded Interpretive Languages:

There are a bunch more listed in the Forth FAQ, that I can't necessarily vouch for, not having read them:

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