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GDP Growth in India
2010-11: 8.5
2011-12: 5.24
2012-13: 5.46
2013-14: 6.39
2014-15: 7.41
2015-16: 8
2016-17: 8.26
2017-18: 7.04
2018-19: 6.12
2019-20: 4.2
2020-21: Negative

At least 10 percentage points gone in four years. Brace yourselves for the pain which is coming.

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মুখ্যমন্ত্রীর ঘোষণা- ১লা জুন থেকে মন্দির, মসজিদ ইত্যাদি এবং তারপর ৮ই জুন থেকে সব ১০০ শতাংশ খুলে যাবে। খুলতে তো অবশ্যই হবে। কিন্তু করোনা সংক্রমনের এই সময়ে সাধারণ মানুষকে পরীক্ষার গিনিপিগ করা হচ্ছে কেন? ওগুলো খোলার আগে নেতা-মন্ত্রীদের বিধানসভা তো খুলুন, মাননীয়া। @MamataOfficial@twitter.com.

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Next time you criticise her, troll her, abuse her REMEMBER THIS !!
After Sonu Sood, Swara Bhasker Helps In Sending 1,350 Migrant Workers From Delhi To UP & Bihar indiatimes.com/entertainment/c

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Organising an online quiz contest is a tough business as we figured.
But donating or at least RTing the tweets for donation,is easy.
While we figure out how to make go live, do share the posts asking for donations or donate if u can.
Bengal really needs u

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At some point, we need to take a stand and tell heartless leeches like @DilipGhoshBJP@twitter.com , "Enough! Just get lost!"

He has the audacity to describe a child pulling at a cloth which covered his dead mother, as a “small incident.”

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'Do people not die in trains?' asks Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh on Muzaffarpur incident | Deccan Herald -

He described a child pulling at a cloth which covered his dead mother, as a “small incident.” deccanherald.com/national/east

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Vacation to Austria.

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Quote this tweet with what you most look forward to when the pandemic ends.

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The SG like all laywers in court,doesn't speak for himself.
He speaks for his client.

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This is an appreciation tweet for @fuadhalim@twitter.com and @sairashahhalim@twitter.com who have slashed dialysis cost to ₹50 in their hospital so that everyone gets access to treatment during lockdown. Fuad is responding to random request on whatsapp / messenger and helping people.

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BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra claimed that buses carrying students from Rajasthan to UP were allowed to leave only after paying Rs 19 lakh in fuel dues. Alt News found this claim to be false.

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If you have iota of shame left resign PM & Railway minister

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I tell ya @rohanrgupta@twitter.com is killin it..

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The word "Sorry" treats today's day as a celebration, because on this day its greatest preacher was born.

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I am closing this campaign as the requird amount is raised, order for 500 tarpaulins placed, 200 distributed, 300 more will be distributed by early next week in Bakkhali and Frasergunge.

Thank you all for supporting this and providing shelter to 500 families during rain.

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The first batch of tarpaulins has been delivered, which I out for distribution in Jadavpur and suburbs. Have placed order for 300 more which will be distributed in Frasergunge / Bakkhali in South 24 Parganas. Thank you. twitter.com/chhuti_is/status/1

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Since morning, I have been pleading with:
1. Mason to come for work 9 the work is pending for the last 3 months)
2. Plumber to finish his job
3. 6 Ballygunge Place to deliver food the order of which was placed 1 and hours back.

How is your day going?

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Felt like a sequel to the horror flick. Met dept says A Squall (Kalbaisakhi) passed over (Alipore) today from 1823 hr IST from N-NW direction with max wind speed of 96 Kmph. NINETY SIX KMPH !!! was 114 kmph at Alipore, 135 in Dum Dum. Need a break.

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Many in the hospitality industry think inbound tourism to India is off-limit till late next year. Not a good news for the travel industry.

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