Hatred is also an emotion. A very very strong one. If you know you know.

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Rolex sells status, not watches
Harley-Davidson sells a lifestyle, not motorcycles
Apple sells design and ease, not electronics

Great companies sell emotions, not products.

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Our housing complex getting decked up. My beautiful neighbors have been working on this since morning.

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If communal forces are to be banned, RSS should be the first: CPI(M)

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Seems @CPIM_WESTBENGAL@twitter.com hiting hard at their old citadel.
Red Rally at Garbeta,Paschim Medinipur.
Sushanta Ghosh, Tapas Sinha ,
Sukur Ali,Tapan Ghosh and many others were present .
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@chhuti_is@twitter.com @Pepperfry@twitter.com I love Pepperfry. Amazing team.

The only one that cared to convince me I'm colour blind. Ordered a teak coloured Futon. Got sent a teal grey one. The team tried their best to convince me - colour is what they say, not what I see.
Threatened legal action. Issue resolved in 6 days

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@greazdlightning@twitter.com @chhuti_is@twitter.com @Pepperfry@twitter.com Dear @Pepperfry@twitter.com pls activate your bot now that I have tweeted. And yes your customer service is pathetic. Rubber wood and teal wood are anyways good in the hands of anybody.

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Since its inception and throughout its 34 years of rule in Bengal and later, the CPM has largely depended on funds collected from the general public, households and small time businessmen to run its political campaigns and electoral battles.


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Cuba has passed a new Family Code, the most progressive in the world, which strengthens LGBT rights, defines family as those who love each other, and promotes equality in the household. Here's Raul Castro's daughter on the importance of these rights in advancing the revolution

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Kerala's Public health soars to new heights as we won the award at for providing the highest number of free medical treatments. So far, through Karunya Arogya Suraksha Padhathi (KASP), Kerala has spent ₹1636.07 CR for the treatment of 43.4 lakh beneficiaries.

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DYFI state secretary @MinakshiMukher8@twitter.com holding a huge rally at kanthi,Purba Medinipur which is known as hometown of LOP Subhendu Adhikary!

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Nakul from @Pepperfry@twitter.com Escalation Team called and basically spoke nonsense. They don't have any resolution.

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This is to alert you all that @Pepperfry@twitter.com is a fraud company. Stay away from them like pague. They scammed me.

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@chhuti_is@twitter.com @Pepperfry@twitter.com I tried Pepperfry. They send broken/defective products, refuse to replace, and try to settle the matter by offering a discount. Initially I thought it must have been a one-off issue, but then I found another one in my acquaintance who had a similar experience.

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And @Pepperfry@twitter.com predictably turned off comment on Facebook because I raised the issue.

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If any of you would online purchase a product worth 95,000/- and if you haven't even received the right parts for assembly, trust me you would feel like kicking someone real hard.

@Pepperfry@twitter.com don't be an asshole. Do the needful ASAP. twitter.com/chhuti_is/status/1

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@Pepperfry@twitter.com @chhuti_is@twitter.com It was four years back. Have forgotten details. I recall though that you promised to deliver a two-seater and a centre table. It was not delivered. Khair, bhool gaya jaane bhi dijiye.

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