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Stray dogs are eating human bodies in UP. Will they start attacking living humans once the supply of human meat runs out?

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T/W ⚠️ Dead bodies are now dragged out by dogs in Ajay Bisht’s Uttar Pradesh but news channels don’t have spine to criticise the Supreme leader. While they spread positivity & blame opposition, you and me should know that it could be us in there as well.

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Seriously @kavita_krishnan@twitter.com, you should clarify your stand. On one hand you and @Dipankar_cpiml@twitter.com rejoice and share meme on CPM's drubbing in Bengal and then show concern on CPM's Kerala decision. If @cpimspeak@twitter.com is so leave, then alone. Unless CPM bashing is your main agenda.

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Arguments for dropping from the Kerala cabinet are not convincing.
- Surely a cabinet needs a judicious mix of experience + new faces?
- Why drop an exemplary health minister in the middle of a pandemic?
- Why drop a precious woman leader with mass acceptance?

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A person recovered from Covid, and this is how Bhakts respond.

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I have recovered from Covid-19 and almost feel like my usual self again.
In my first program post-COVID, I share my experiences of fighting against the virus with just 2 pills and an inhaler.
I am sharing this with the hope that my experience will help others.

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Last week, we interviewed Satbir Sharma at his uncle’s funeral in Titoli village of Haryana. Today, when we called his number to confirm some details, his brother picked up only to tell us Satbir has passed away.

COVID-19 is ravaging rural India without even making headlines

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"I haven't seen anything like this in 12 years"- I am on ground in Kannauj where locals talk about the hundreds of bodies buried in the sand, the fifth such place in UP I have filmed abandoned corpses as we continue to not count our COVID Dead . More here: youtube.com/watch?v=QjBioC1_Sf

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So with so much stories about let me share some of the things they did for cases I requested.Point to be noted before I started volunteering, I never knew a single one of them or that something like existed
When i started seeing stories of people thanking them, I tagged

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The most redeeming feature in these excruciating times is the humane instinct of helping each other in this catastrophe.
Central government is busy spinning yarn focussing on publicity & fudging data, abdicating it's responsibilities.

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This is a pattern seen in several cases of lynching in India. This is exactly what @SharjeelUsmani@twitter.com pointed out yesterday.
The chant has long been used to create a divisive politics of hate, starting with the violence in Ayodhya and the destruction of the Babri Masjid.

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Asif Khan of Kheda Khalilpur, was lynched yesterday. His family say that the men forced Khan say ‘Jai Shree Ram’, and used religious slurs.  
This is not the first time Jai Shri Ram was used as a rallying call to assert the idea of a muscular Hindu Rashtra.

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Madam कपड़ा मंत्री,

Please excuse us for the delayed response, we were busy fulfilling food kits, protection kits,ambulances, oxygen cylinders kits etc

Can you please enlighten Twitter users,

As a Union Minister, how many people did you helped on SM whether tagged or untagged? twitter.com/smritiirani/status

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The global population of billionaires has risen more than fivefold in the past 20 years, with the largest fortunes rocketing past $100bn.

And economic stimulus driven by the pandemic has made the wealthiest even wealthier. What’s the story? on.ft.com/3eS59Yv

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As Covid-19 worsened during 2020, central banks injected $9tn into economies worldwide. Much of that went into financial markets – and from there into the net worth of the ultra-rich.

Globally, billionaires’ total wealth rose by $5tn to $13tn that year on.ft.com/3eS59Yv

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News from the North East gets little coverage in mainstream media, but Manipur has turned into a unique kind of hellhole under BJP.

A Harvard educated activist has been arrested under National Security Act for saying science, not cow urine will save you from Corona. This post!

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I am disappointed & anguished by the attempts of BJP in last one week.

Those who had the resources & responsibility to protect Indians are shamelessly making toolkits to demean the work done by .

Saying it again, Arrest me or file the cases, we will continue saving lives

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Dear all,

Ask yourself, over the past few weeks thousands of you received help from when GOI was sleeping.

Our volunteers risked their lives to save your loved ones.

●Are you also part of fabricated BJP's toolkit?

Hv we committed any crime by saving your lives?

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Numb. Nabila is no more, her mother has already passed away few days back. She did not even know her mother has passed away, her father is still fighting for his life. Brother is in California and have not been able to see any of the them. :( twitter.com/sugarsnspice/statu

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