Point to be noted: North 24 Pgs, the most densely populated district, and also the most affected wasn't considered for this analysis.

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Tehran; gender segregated city buses can't separate lovers ๐Ÿ’•

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The story has swiftly fallen off the news agenda in a country where Rhea Chakraborty was the singular headline for over 3 months

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18-44 year old people only 6.2 M have had both doses.
45-59: 34.6 Million
60+: 34 Million

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India's @MoHFW_INDIA@twitter.com is shouting from the roof tops about 43.51 Crore doses to date. BUT thaty headline hides the facts:
- Only 1.9 million doses given on 25 July.
- 93 M Indians over 18 have had 2 doses. that's under 11% of adults (assuming 850 M popn > 18

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Anna Kiesenhofer has a PhD in mathematics and is now an Olympic champion ๐Ÿฅ‡

She's bringing home Austria's first gold medal in cycling since 1896 ๐Ÿคฏ

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This won't work.

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The arithmetic of proposed anti-BJP alliance in 2024
-BJP vs INC in 35% of Lok Sabha seats (Guj, MP, CG, Pun, Kar)
-BJP vs Regional Party in 34%, (Bihar, JH, UP, MH, TG)
-INC vs Regional Party in 13% (Kerala, NE)
-Regional Party vs Regional Party(Andhra, TN, MH) in 18% as of 2019

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A friend suffered from massive stroke 15 days ago.
He had a high blood pressure for really long time.
A doctor for "alternate medicine" told him that his BP was naturally high so he should not worry about it. Taking meds will actually harm him.
So he stopped meds.. and..

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At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the British rowing team unexpectedly won the Menโ€™s Eight Rowing gold medal.

One simple question was instrumental in their success.

โ€œWill it make the boat go faster?โ€

This question could also be vital for your early-stage team & company.


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Malala ๐Ÿค Sangakkara

Two legends in one frame ๐Ÿ™Œ

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Just another day in India when Indians trend Mughal emperors from the 16th century while the modern-day emperor builds a new castle and buys a fancy plane and fellow Indians die from pandemic, become poorer and children drop out of school.

โ‚น430 in October 2020
โ‚น729 in May 2021.

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Frankly it looked eerie

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If you have been there you will never forget.. The hands of Venice Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

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A dog may survive on vegetarian food but it does not mean it is a healthy diet. Those who feed their dogs a vegetarian diet are unknowingly "torturing" the animal. It's unnatural and not recommended just as feeding meat to a donkey or Buffalo is not acceptable. twitter.com/news18dotcom/statu

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Why sporting stars have it so bad in India. For the price of a few pizzas, a $560 million dollar company gets great publicity & a free ride on an Olympic medalist's bandwagon.
This will be looked on as smart marketing, if all Mirabai & her family get is pizzas, it's exploitation

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Till March 2019, 153 hydropower projects (HPPs) have been commissioned in Himachal, highly landslide prone zone. How many times nature must warn us to stop playing with her?

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