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Little Foolery is hosting an Advent Calendar event for December 2019!


Check the event page or the front page of the website every day until December 25th for a gift!

📝 TEXT - @sfeertheorist
🎨 ART -

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i'm selling 13 original ink drawings (each ~5.5" x 7") to raise funds for Reclaim The Block, a coalition to demand that Minneapolis divest from policing and invest in long-term alternatives.

each piece is pay-what-you-want, with a minimum of $30. see the rest of this thread to view the pieces ⬇️

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd


Travelling SOLDIER | 7/???


I really have no idea how Zack made it to Junon. it was either using charm for a a weekend at bernies yacht party or putting on a sailor suit

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Travelling SOLDIER | 7/???


continuing this... have a few more snapshots in me and I figured out how to end this thread, so buckle up I guess

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What you see is what you get,
Only passion, no regrets,
Only triumph, I've got nothing to hide,
So, sit back & enjoy the ride

Travelling SOLDIER | 2/???



zack's first (and only) letter to his parents is hilarious in its sheer gall. what a terrible son. this flaky jock. zack "leaves everyone on read" fair

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Travelling SOLDIER | 1/???


a detail lost outside of the OG: the painful awareness that Zack dragged Cloud's comatose body over the 2 continents you spent 50+ hours grinding your way through

anyway this is gonna be an art thread I guess

"Boy, oh boy... the price of freedom sure is steep."

City Outskirts / Midgar


you ever stop to think Zack didn't pay his life to buy his own freedom, but Cloud's?

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