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Little Foolery is hosting an Advent Calendar event for December 2019!


Check the event page or the front page of the website every day until December 25th for a gift!

📝 TEXT - @sfeertheorist
🎨 ART -

🦄👹LIBERTUS RUBEDO Entry 7 added!

Cam calls on Libertus Rubedo in a panic, throwing the duo into a surprise battle with another summon — whose master is mysteriously absent.


📝 @sfeertheorist
🎨 @chirart

I take it for granted in assuming post-game Tifa takes Cloud on girls' night out every so often

🦄👹LIBERTUS RUBEDO Entry 5 & 6 added!

The summons Libertus and Rubedo combine into a dual summon, and greet their new master. Such a powerful and new partnership does not go unnoticed.


📝 @sfeertheorist
🎨 @ArtOfChira


I've been playing a lot of . Love you Supergiant Games

here's some warm up doodles of my fave emotionally responsible pan poly icon and his dog

[Scum Villain] CW #gore #blood #bodyhorror 

1. why did you keep me waiting

2. why did you come


I know Shen Jiu did literally everything wrong, but I desperately want a world where this asshole gets to be okay with his Qi-ge...

god has cursed Shen Qingqiu for his hubris and his work is never finished


I just finished reading last night... the BDG Unravelled energy the protagonist embodied was all I could think about

I read ...

design studies for Wei Wuxian/Mo Xuanyu

I've never been a fan of character designs defined by color coded clothes and the tiniest, minuscule differences in hair bang styles... so... call this a personal exercise idk

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