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Hi! I''m Jayd "Chira" AΓ―t-Kaci, an opinionated hot mess who draws a lot, mostly @sfeertheorist's stories. Artist of Sfeer Theory, and many other things.

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"Mildred how do you decide how to design your characters"

Gotta make everyone gay for everyone i draw sorry but thems the rules

got @froregade into S2 of Princess Tutu

rubs hands

I'veeee been buried under deadlines

incidentally, drawing at 600dpi is garbage

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playing "HISTORY MAKER" because it's apt for today, but also reminds me to post my old sketches

Iron Bull and Krem's first meet... inspired by Cole's banter.

CW for blood/injury

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It was taking me too long to finish the regular tarot deck, so I made finished a cutesy little one in the meantime. All the suites, all the Major Arcana. Apparently a nice way to combat project fatigue is to double your workload. πŸ˜“

holy shit, impeachment

holy shit

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i've made twice as many mutuals in just a couple days here than in almost two years at the bird site. that's super neat and i hope federation helps maintain the more intimate vibe.

β€œDo you think about how to kill everyone you meet?”

β€œβ€¦Do you not?”

I love @froregade's comic so much I drew for it before I even read it last year. her character designs are so good!!!!

And after I DID read it, it was even better!!! Please read it!!!

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~Reporting on Mastodon~

Your Mastodon instance moderators are responsible for what happens both inside and outside the instance. If you see something on any timeline that sucks, you can report it.

What happens on other instances is our business because our willingness to federate with them depends on how they keep their own users in check. :)

You can use the 'report' option in the little menu to send a report that us admins can look at :).

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Scrolling through random morning toots is certainly better for my mental health than the Angry Bird.

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I have been working on a tarot deck for like two years

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I see people being like "I dont want to flood the timeline with..."
LISTEN. I am here to see all your art, even your silly sketches. I am here for reading your work rants, your video game excitement, what you had for dinner, all y'all personalities. It's not bothering me, I LIVE FOR THIS