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I was honored to contribute an piece based on the story “Break Out” for Little Foolery’s 10th anniversary!! @sfeertheorist and @chirart 's work has been an inspiration to me for ages- here’s to many more years of storytelling! ✨

be sure to check out the full gallery- it's fantastic:

#10LittleYears #art #mastoart #creativetoots

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I’m so honoured I got to contribute to Little Foolery’s 10th anniversary project!
Their collaboration through the years has been so inspiring. Thank you for letting me share in such a special moment!
My contribution celebrated The Outlaw Tree. It’s a wonderful story, and you can read it here!

@chirart @sfeertheorist

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Jayd (chirart) commissioned me last year to be a part of her grand plan for Little Foolery‘s10th anniversary celebration - check out an all star team of ~26 artists at the gallery, all to showcase the stories by @sfeertheorist !


Little Foolery celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019. For the event, we present an online gallery commemorating our titles from 2009-2018, featuring the talent of artists who helped inspire us.

Please enjoy.


Got ebooks are up for sale at our shop!

- Sfeer Theory Catalogue 3 EBOOK ($6 USD)

- Sfeer Theory Catalogues 1-3 EBOOK BUNDLE ($15 USD)

- Little Foolery One-Shot EBOOK BUNDLE ($20 USD)

Buy them here:

Happy Holidays!

Gonna be nursing this all of December!

Thank you to those already who threw some change at this. Support means so much right now, I appreciate every bit of it!

So tumblr's dying, and I accidentally deleted my tumblr while trying to delete my side-account. Oh well! Might as well now than later.

I set up a new artblog, you can follow it here on my personal site:

Started a new funding goal on our Ko-Fi! It's titled "SECRET PROJECT" for Little Foolery. The project will happen regardless, but any funding will help the production immensely.

Please consider supporting, and thank you!

Did some loose character sketches for @sfeertheorist's story "Three Billy Goats and Plum."

Please read it, it is such a charming and hilarious take on the fairytale!!

So! I moonlight as a fortune reader. Here's a fun thing I'm doing for Halloween week! Doing email tarot readings until November 3.


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My upcoming webcomic follows titular character Wander, a tiny magic robot that awakens in an unknown place. He sets out on a journey to recover his lost memories, discover what happened to his friend Algernon, and uncovering the mysteries surrounding this new world.

Donators to my Ko-Fi get exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming content and more!

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RT The Looking Glass is a new holographic display that lets you view, interact with, and share 3D creations in the real world


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