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I was avoiding posting WIPs/throwaway art on twitter & other accounts bc I don't want process/loose work to be boosted

So! made a ko-fi as a dump ground


don't expect my best but if you want my art more frequently despite the quality, give it a follow

gonna just cap stuff I worked at the end of my drawing days, so probably will be updated most days of the week

Nan Chan is a story about a useless narcoleptic zombie and a horny fish that is trying to decide on his "fuck, marry, kill" answers with the highest stakes possible.

I read Nan Chan months ago and it instantly soulmerged with me. I am sitting on so much art that I'm now impatient enough to just start finishing

anyway here's Act 1 designs for Jing Lin and Cang Ji's first poke evolution

in theory, I just wanted to practice storyboarding... I did this instead

anyway, some . Yuki and Amaguchi getting to the next termimal

"Let's just say some binaries work for me, and others don't."

hi I spent all this past week playing 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim...

listen, I love everything about this game, I do, but it's uncontroversial to say Hijiyama and Okino are the only things in it that matter

if you thought I moved on from QiJiu Recovery AU you thought wrong, I was simply dormant until the promised time I was fated to reawaken

anyway, comparing fursonas while traveling

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A comm I did for the indie game KRAKEN ACADEMY!! 🐙 Out today!

It's a promo for the fanart contest the devs are hosting to celebrate the game launch! 🥳

I was asked to go wild with the Sports Club, so I did 🥊



I considered the falling out I had with Judy Jong in 2017 a personal issue. It’s come to my attention she has continued raising this issue among personal/professional circles. I’d like to clarify my part before returning to my policy of non-engagement.

I made a new tumblr. it's yet another art mirror account, but for those who are interested I am here:

sometimes I redraw things I'm 90% thru working on because I just want to flex on myself what I tell myself to feel better about not knowing how to control my compulsive perfectionism

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