Ugh she's back. This is the shit she's retweeting. How do normal people's brains become broken like this?

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The trial ended over a week ago! Why is anybody still thinking about this?

Anyway, posting this here instead of Twitter because she would see it. I'm actually going to her house for a pool party on Saturday and now I won't be able to avoid thinking about it.

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A friend of mine, who was never much of a tweeter in the past, has recently started posting again, and it's 100% shitposts dumping on Amber Heard. She's a fairly left mother of two young kids, and not some weird reactionary freak that you might expect this stuff from. Her pinned tweet is a reply to Trump, apparently calling him out for the transgender military ban. It's just the weirdest thing to have somebody who you thought was smart enough to quit Twitter reappear in the dumbest possible way.

[ clicking AirPods Pro to resume playing podcast on iPhone ]

*Apple Music opens on computer that hasn't been touched in seven hours*

Well the existing paint really changed color since I last did this, so it looks like I have to do the entire thing.

Counting the steps, I’d say I’m about 1/3 done and running like on paint.

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It’s clobberin’* time!

* repaint the deck in 90° midday heat

I heard an unfamiliar bird, and tagged it with the Merlin app — it’s a Great Crested Flycatcher. Then I saw a bird fall out of a tree, and it was two males fighting. They split up and I got a couple photos. I’ve seen one before, but never in my yard.

Cool bird alert! Rose-breasted grosbeaks are currently migrating north. They’re only ever at our feeder for one day in the first week of May, and I managed to get a couple decent shots.

I’m not going to start polluting Mastodon with Wordle scores, but it was cool that I had the exact same picks as WordleBot today.

It took over 24 hours to even get to this point. This barely even counts as tracking. Tracking tells me where it is. All this does is tell me that it shipped. They have the information. Their business relies on it. I don’t understand why this is so pathetic.

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How does this still happen with UPS tracking?

How is it that the system that generates tracking numbers doesn’t immediately make these available to the system that uses them?

It’s not even that there’s no status, but it’s been 12 hours and the tracking system doesn’t even recognize the number as existing. This is a logistics company.

What happened three years ago on here that so many people I’m looking up suddenly stopped posting? It’s weirdly consistent.

this would suggest that people who buy bitcoin don't talk about it and boy do i wish that was the case

You just know a lot of care went into making an an application when an empty shadow appears long before the window.

I can’t bring myself to devote an hour to read the other two stories in the NYT Tucker Carlson package, but this interactive is remarkably well done.

The official Mastodon iOS app is really nice. It starts with the things I like about third-party Twitter clients, but includes the things I like from the official Twitter app that the third-party clients lack.

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