📦 Put together a plugin for Eleventy
that combines 11ty.dev/docs/plugins/cache/ and webmention.io and makes it (what I hope is) far less complicated to add cached Webmentions to your Eleventy website.


📊 Wrote about caching webmentions, generating a collection of popular posts, and riding on the shoulders of giants on my Eleventy site. chrisburnell.com/article/time-


Everyone who insists I should be more involved and interested in politics seems to have a very specific context they want me to get involved in. Almost like they have an agenda and what I think doesn’t actually matter to them, so long as I’m in their sphere.


I came up with a wonky little technique for throwing up a quick “dark” theme on my website using CSS filters and wrote a bit about it: chrisburnell.com/article/the-f

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Hope it’s a good one, eh! 🍁

I still fail to see what benefits arise from shortened variable names. Why is "currPag" preferable to "currentPage", "btn" preferable to "button"? Without context, I'm guessing what the author intended, and this only makes verbal discussions about it all the more difficult.

A handful of my superpowers:

* I always sit on the second sock when I sit down to put on the first.
* I always check the time at 12:34.

But what happens if my first superpower ever fails? Does my day shift enough to make me check at 12:33? I'm terrified to find out…

Overjoyed to be celebrating the greatest milestone of my life today. Eight wonderful years with my best friend, girlfriend, partner in crime, and love of my life, Rachel. Stoked for the next byte!

Late night coding means I’ve managed to create a clear division between my website’s various post types. And alongside that, I’m now using NewBase60 for my shortened URLs, which happens for each of my posts automatically. 😌 (repc.co/t4yV1)

I’m clearly cruising on a Chrono Trigger vibe because, again, I need to share some music by some unquestionably-talented musicians, @reubengingrich@twitter.com (reubengingrich.com/). But how can you not love “Secret of the Forest?” youtube.com/watch?v=alW3hvc3Vi

Switched my main browser from Chrome to Firefox this week. Can’t say I miss anything in particular. Only gripe so far is having to change my muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts, which I’m sure will be a quick transition.

This is seriously amazing. It deserves way more recognition than it has; @ContraReloaded@twitter.com mesh together some incredible talent and synergy. youtube.com/watch?v=pYgQEjcosP

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend, but if you’ve ever been curious about content ownership, IndieWeb, or new ways to tinker on your website, Homebrew Website Club London is unbelievably welcoming and inspired me a great deal. Highly recommended event! hwclondon.co.uk/meetups/201812

I gave a lightning talk in 2016 about writing readable and maintainable code, and @DvBerzon@twitter.com is doing some fantastic research in this area that really intrigues me. I’m eagerly waiting for the next phase of research and results! howreadable.com/

I un-linked my Facebook account from Spotify a little less than a month ago. So here’s my year of music ☹️

Super pleased to say that I just gave a short presentation about to my team at work, and I didn’t butcher the explanation too badly, so everyone’s on-board! Feels great to be a part of this community and welcome new folks in. 😄

Been looking forward to Pig's Ear Beer Festival since last year. I'm in heaven.

At long last, I’ve managed to add the ability to edit my existing notes through my Micropub endpoint, and given my track record of totally making no mistakes, this is a good thing.

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