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If scientists ever synthesize an element with an atomic mass of 666, I hope they call it "antichristium". That would be metal.

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“For anyone attending Stan Lee’s funeral

Make sure you stay after the ceremony is finished.”

Am I a bad person for laughing at this? 😄

#funny #StanLee #DoneOutOfLove

Starting 1/1 my credit union will no longer allow online banking transfers into my HSA account. Their stated reason is that so many customers don't understand the rules for HSA and overshoot the limits, which creates tax issues and paperwork. So basically a useful service is being suspended because their customers aren't smart enough to use it, and I have to write myself checks and mail them to the CU to transfer money next year. First world problem, but still a PITA.

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Horses in fantasy books: not afraid of anything not even dragons, can walk for days with heavy equipment and no rest, never gets lame, super loyal to their rider, never dirty always has a shining coat
My horse: afraid of funny looking trees, plastic bags and people on bikes, is sweaty after one hack into the woods, trips over his own hooves, would find the closest grass plot to graze on and leave me to suffer if I fell off, never been clean

Called the county about picking up our old box spring & mattress. They want $43, which seems fair. However, they also want me to leave the stuff on the curb for up to two weeks until they come get it.

I'm sure my neighbors would love that.

I called a guy with a truck advertising on Craigslist. He wanted $60 and the stuff was out of my house in under an hour.

After one night on the Leesa mattress I think I made a good decision. You don't realize just how dead your mattress is until you buy a new one.

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sudo chown -R "$USER" /lib /usr/lib
to own the libs

I wrote a blog post. You know, blogs, the original social network :) It's a complaint about the poor state of innovation in Google Maps, and some things they could do to make it better.

So @mathowie and @paulmcaleer share a birthday? Who knew? Happy bday to both!

Said goodbye to Burt Reynolds by watching Smokey & The Bandit again. That movie holds up surprisingly well.

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Seeing the word "Instagrammable" used non-ironically makes me want to quit the Internet.

A blog post about how internet content never ends, and how that probably isn't good.

My wife sent me a text about a friend getting fired from their job. Android's one tap reply options were, wow, cool, and awesome.

AI has a long way to go...

This grave for an unknown confederate solider is in the "colored" section of Popular Grove National Cemetery. I really want to believe somebody decided specifically to put the dead Confederate among the USCT graves, but it's probably not how it happened.

Any social network well known enough for me to aware has passed its peak and is already starting to fail in many ways. Expect this place to be more and more like the bird site. Technology is no match for human nature.

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What’s happening to @wilw is shameful and a classic example of using tools that are supposed to be for protecting users to persecute one instead. A strong community leader would shut this shit down. The guy has only contributed positively to Mastodon. If the Masto community continues to eat itself in this way, it will only become a smaller, shittier, angrier Twitter.

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