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@lostchild I don't have any followers on this account either (it's a backup for a wobbly, active account). Has someone yet suggested making an post of seven hashtagged ?

Fountain Pen Day 2020 (giveaway) 

Goldspot Pens is a US pen retailer hosting a giveaway for Fountain Pen Day (06 Nov 2020). If you enjoy as much as I do you might want to enter this giveaway

Deadline for entries is Sunday, November 8th at 11:59PM Eastern US Time. Share with your friends to earn more entries

what ever did I do here, to be unanimously snubbed in a harmless poll?

choose my evening meal

Is there a community in the fediverse excited about the newish #gemini protocol? Its meant to live halfway between http and gopher. Who should I be following?

's instance isn't loading for me this evening. As rare as these problems are, it's good to have a second or third account.

If the local police force wasn't following me on I'd have RT'd this:
"You can choose to wake up and feel grateful that you’re alive, or you can choose to wake up and feel disappointed that you didn’t die while you were sleeping...I usually try to go back to sleep and give death another shot."


Does the timing of Liberal cabinet resignations and the announcement of a Rebel Media employee as Andrew Scheer's campaign manager mean Canada is or will soon be as damaged as its neighbour?

Many of us want to live a healthy lifestyle but trip over the details on making progress. The best way I found to make lasting life changes is by taking them one percent at a time.

#apps #health #selfimprovement #blog

Hi! I'm Carlos, a frustrated CS graduate working as a non-software engineer who is in dire need of an excuse to get coding again. I have experience in iOS, Java, and Python, and have tinkered around with HTML/CSS/JS, with a splash of Node.JS and Rails.

I'd be happy to help out on any open-source project in any language—I'm here to collaborate and learn!

#introductions #introduction #ios #python #datascience

Hey, I'm Markus, 40 years old from Germany.
I don't really know how to write but I will list some of the topics I'm interested in:

Nice to meet you all!

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.""To help some of the newcomers" #introductions


I'm thankful daily for , but on my is a default text file instance hosts can modify and auto-message new users with the "make an introduction with five to seven hashtagged topics or interests not on your profile."

I see so many from new users, but plainly very few told them that hashtagging their interests makes them searchable, findable, and connects followers to them that much faster.

That guidance helped me when I was new -- it'll help new users now too.

My life would be so less complicated and my mind so much more sorted if I knew and never doubted the differences between actions borne from ignorance and actions made out of malice.

"76 Trombones" and
"Goodnight My Someone" in The Music Man musical have the same melody

#Introduction Hola Mastodon! I am called Wil, sometimes Wil Realms. I joined a few days ago, after having read a thought-provoking article on the merits of decentralized networks. (s/o #kotaku 's staff writer). I'm particularly invested in alternative modes of communication as I study and apply the methodologies of #afrofuturist #african thought.

Other interests:
#comics #comicsstudies
#speculative #art

"Babylon Revisited" by birthday boy lush writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Cheers, pal!

Romany #Tarot spread for my marriage 

The cards so far are encouraging: Strength for Karmic Destiny, Four of Wands for what brought us together as a couple. His side is pentacles (consciously 6, subconsciously 9); mine is Swords (subconsciously Ace, consciously King). Short term Outcome: Judgement. Long term outcome: Queen of Pentacles. No Cups, No Lovers, but no Death, Tower or Devil, either.

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