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I didn’t _ask_ for “SendGrid Ads”, I never said I was interested, and if I _were_, getting an obnoxious reminder from “Ben from SendGrid Labs” every other frigging day sure wouldn’t count _towards_ considering it.

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Wednesday: “Looking to grow your business? Try SendGrid Ads.”
Friday: “Use SendGrid Ads to grow your business even faster”
Monday: “Using people-based marketing to drive your business?”
Today: “SendGrid Ads. What's holding you back?”

What’s “holding me back” is SHUT THE FUCK UP

Surely at this point, customer sat(TM) for the MacBook Pro took a five? There’s got to be _some_ metric that has Tim worried?

I’m a year overdue and still can’t confidently decide to replace mine.

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"Was sind wir?"


"Was wollen wir?"


"Wann wollen wir das?"

"Äh Schatz, ab wann?"

"Ab 10... "

"Ab 10 Uhr!!"

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Hallo, ich bin Texterin bekannt durch "Ja, das ist der Preis pro Seite", "Nein, da fuchse ich mich nicht in einer Woche rein", "Da gehört kein Anführungszeichen hin", "Mit Lektorat wäre das nicht passiert" und "Druckabgabe ist nochmal um wieviel Uhr?" twitter.com/kallenje/status/10

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Hi, ich bin IT Administrator. Sie kennen mich vielleicht durch meine großen Hits wie „Nein, ich weiß nicht warum dein Drucker nicht druckt“, „Nein, ich kann dir keine Webseite erstellen“ und „Kauf dir die Software. Ich kann dir keinen Lizenzkey besorgen“. twitter.com/DerMoralist/status

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Hi, ich bin Veranstaltungstechniker. Sie kennen mich vielleicht durch meine großen Hits wie "Nein, Ihre Anlage zuhause hat nicht so viel Watt", "Nein, ich nehme dich nicht als Praktikanten zum Konzert mit" und "Nein, ich stelle nicht kostenlos die Technik zu deinem Geburtstag". twitter.com/kallenje/status/10

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Hi, ich bin Fotografin. Sie kennen mich vielleicht von meinen Greatest Hits wie „Ja, davon kann man leben“, „Nein, ich will nicht erst die eventuellen Folgeaufträge bezahlt haben“ und „Blende 8 saugt mehr als mein Rowenta Staubsauger.“ twitter.com/ckosek/status/1087

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Hi, a graphic designer. You may know me from my greatest hits such as “Yeah, I do logos and fonts and websites and stuff”, “There’s more to it than learning photoshop tricks” and “Hi email stranger, i don’t really want to donate logo design services to your for-profit business.” twitter.com/hellomuller/status

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Hi, I’m a climate scientist. You may know me from my greatest hits including, “No, it’s not a natural cycle,” “Yes, I know it’s been warmer before (and the only reason YOU know is because we scientists told you so),” and “Just because it’s on YouTube doesn’t mean it’s true.” twitter.com/10minutehistory/st

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Hey all,

Our cat had a bit of a medical scare tonight, and while we can float it for now, we could use some help in covering the emergency vet bill. If you can spare a little, please send to:


RTs are appreciated.

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Imagine someone calling the cops on you because you picked their wallet up off the ground and handed it to them. Same thing. Makes me really _not_ want to help at all sometimes.

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Every now and then I get bored and start poking around looking for publicly exposed API keys and credentials. I ALWAYS find something. It's kind of sad. I want to help developers be better :-(

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“Big ideas always have a lineage.”

Well put!

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Q: What is the best prefix for global variables?
A: //

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New pet peeve: resumes that list LaTeX as a skill but are written in Word.

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When @ddfreyne@twitter.com accidentally has too much caffeine

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