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But if we hold ONE white man accountable for his actions, what’s next? Holding SOME white men accountable for their actions? Holding ALL white men accountable for their actions? It’s a slippery slope.

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On the one hand, stuff like this (and Action<T1, T2, .., Tn>) keeps making me think C# needs some form of macros or vadriatic parameters.

On the other hand, if you need more than a handful, something’s probably wrong with your model.

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32 parameters ought to be enough for anybody. Right?

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@craigmaloney @jalcine @emacsen I'm very uncharitable about this, I see it as a lot of people who are more comfortable being in solidarity with creepy dudes than with child sex-crime victims, which is a real good look, nerds

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@jtu@twitter.com These are the things that make you think, "my God, what else could we have been doing with all that energy if the environment had been less free-range toxic?"

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Cosigned to everything Aria says here. It’s been such a disappointment.

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It's kind of amazing watching a platform eat itself so quickly. First @KeybaseIO failed in the predictable ways where it lets men send messages unsolicited to women without much of a feedback mechanism for fixing banal harassment.

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with the old guard finally leaving what should be activist spaces and MIT/Harvard disgraced, progress might actually happen

Yeah yeah yeah “witch-hunt”.

A witch-hunt to remove people with questionable ideas about sexuality from positions of power in an industry notorious for gender inequality issues?

Sign me the hell up, actually.

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Richard M. Stallman has resigned as FSF president and from the board of directors: fsf.org/news/richard-m-stallma

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Me programming, in a nutshell:

This was easier than I thought!
Except for this one little thing that isn't working quite right.

8 hours of fiddling later: This was as difficult as I thought.

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RMS and the free software community 

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Author/consultant: Future uses of technology are “easy to anticipate”.

Trying to be polite here, I’ll just leave it with “Uh, no.” twitter.com/kimgoodwin/status/

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@kimgoodwin@twitter.com @mulegirl@twitter.com Excuse me but planning and strategy is FAR LESS interesting than putting pixels on the page.

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@gruber@twitter.com “If anything, people look to them as relief from the current moment”... yes! Exactly this! This is why I always watch these things. And always with a coffee and a muffin. It is a couple of hours respite from the ugly death of our civilisation.

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Feeling burnout lately as not a thing I’m suffering from, but a thing I’m constantly being pushed into from nefarious outside sources

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@magicalmilly no, but being negative and apathetic openly because of depression to help others with depression not feel so left out is punk

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@efi being negative and apathetic to be "cool" is not punk as fuck.

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Being positive and lifting other people up is punk as fuck.

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When the faculty recognizes your years of hard work and unparalleled expertise.

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if you think you dont need to "read anything" to come to your conclusion and your conclusion matches with the dominant superstructural ideology then you actually did read something: societal propaganda.

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