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Gaming with coworkers is a fraught space.

HR: “do you know why we’re having this meeting?”
Me: “... is it because I was spawncamping a VP?”
HR: “...”
Me: “...”
HR: “It is now.”

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Like it's only been a week of class and even though you might consider welding more dangerous than tech they've focused really really hard on doing this job safely. Nobody ever talks about doing tech work safely. Ever.

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Something that's really different between tech and welding is how absolutely crystal clear the focus is on labor rights and income. The teacher is knowledgeable about exactly the kind of income you can expect given a certain skill set. There's none of this crap about rockstars or mysterious salary ranges, and I'm loving it.

My talk from StarCon 2019 back in January is now available on Youtube. If you want to watch me talk about Data and Responsibility for 15min, you can find it here:

I just introduced my coworkers to Long Long Man. I feel so pleased with myself:

At some point I will need to pull the big sticker off and start afresh... but not today. Today I admire the effect.

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[FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, AND TWITTER]: "Listen, we can't be held--" *takes down a video for using a popular song per a major label request* "--responsible for our users' content, we're--" *takes down unauthorized use of a clip of a TV show* "--not publishers, we're a platform for communication--" *takes down a streaming movie for copyright infringement* "--we can't be expected to take action every time someone uses our service--" *works with the police to provide info on its users* "--for nefarious purposes..."

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I wonder what Unix would be like if the -h “human readable” flag was the default and a machine-readable flag was the option.

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Firefox 66.0.4, with fixes for the AddOns issue, has been released. See release notes at

to everyone who worked through the weekend to get this done

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Listening to Nasma Ahmed of the Digital Justice Lab talk about navigating an Equitable Digital Future. "What is our role in this mess?" Step 1: Breathe

However, it has a message that transcends time: be careful who you let have your data, because it makes them too strong to defeat by yourself.

Watching Street Fighter Alpha (2000), and it seems to be a bunch of nothing spoken mostly by Chun Li's hips. Pretty much 100% a visual lesson in Gaze, but directed by someone who wasn't a breast or leg man for once.

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