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okay you guys said you didnt like javascript. i have refactored all of my websites into c++ webassembly

spent today shifting a failed idle game prototype from the summer over to a new format and it already feels so, so much better and more interesting

"how dare people be born in a place and have family and community there and/or lack the resources to move. they should simply learn to code and meet new friends at burning man" - you, a clown

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Imagine how disapointed the nerds are when they find out libhandy doesn’t do what they think lol

It is amusing how the Robinhood guys must have seen all those news articles about how SEC should investigate /r/wallstreetbets for market manipulation, then went and committed some actual market manipulation for SEC to investigate

this is my preferred digital audio workstation package

Had a word with Santa, you're all on the naughty list. He said "you're all fucked mate soz"

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