New month and the bills arrive instantly ... sigh.

... ans there, Slack turned to poop.

Salesforce buys Slack.

I'm thinking about spinning up a mastodon instance for my family, since Google Hangouts are closing and all we do is chatter away .. Not sure how they would receive it ..

Need to look into what the costs are.

Already got invited to new assignment weekly meeting .. I have not gotten any information what my role will be .. or what to do yet.

I feel empty. New month, new empty time sheet, I have yet a new row for self studies of new tech for next assignment .. 2+2 days in total to get "proficient" .. another 3d to get to developer level.

As everything would be remotely anyway .. on-boarding is no longer being handed a badge, PIN-code and shown to an office space .. nowadays, it's VPN and MFA .. remote-work and Teams-meetings ..

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OTOH: I'd like to start a new assignment, remotely .. from Thailand. Relocation to Thailand during the winter months of Sweden, November through March. That would be awsome.

I feel that the needle of my care-o-meter is well into get negative right now.

I'm so Effing done with current assignment, can't wait to end it .. a few weeks more.

I miss the BBS-era .. I ran a BBS between 1993 and 1997, it was fun and pretty, all the ANSI-art that was created ..

"Network security policies are carved in stone" ... and 20 minutes later, "allowing this is maybe how it should be for all the following services using this pattern..."
Security dept rounded as they had not stumbled upon this before, AWS -> on-prem, where production and test networks needed to be reached from a common instance.

OTOH, I've already checked out mentally, I only continue on until I get a new assignment.

I have a possible new assignment lined up for start of next year. New stuff to learn, lots of white areas on my knowledge map. Already looking forward to this.

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Mysteriously they are also all "Senior Developer" or "Senior Architect" .. even though they come to me for help, hand-holding or briefings about stuff the SHOULD KNOW with a title as that.
They are thankful and praise my knowledge. Yeah, it only took me some 20 years .. but hey, who's counting?

I do not have a "Senior" in my title.

They graduated 5 years ago.

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Knowledge is not transferred between individuals, what I said or taught person A, does not transfer to person B. Notes on projects are kept but not used, so I have to re-iterate cases to get them up to speed and next call, same again as person has moved out or are on "leave".

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... and as soon as they have been on the job for 3-6 months, they rotate to one that have learned something out and in comes a new team of MVP's.

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I'm baffled that the MSP network team even manages to get ANY firewall rules in place, as they seem to hire only MVP's -- Minimum Viable Persons .. you breathe, HIRED!

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Customer expects me to check, double-check and spot-check each and every port-opening .. because the do not trust that MSP either .. so, lots of costs to have me double-check the MSP's jobs.

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What the eff .. Large MSP network team that handles million $ network equipment .. who are completely oblivious to CIDR annotation... I order things in ranges, easier, prettier and friendlier.
They read "172.16.x.32/31", interprets it as 172.16.x.32 and only that .. when it actually is .32 AND .33 ..
I need to re-order everything from june and forward just because the MSP is too cheap to hire people with education/knowledge.

Another string of pointless meetings with Excel-people ..

I took 10 minutes to read the EDIFACT specifications .. even that appeals to me more than poking at the piles of poop that the assignment currently consists of ...

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