Was approached by headhunter, didn't offer anything else than chat .. but attached a PDF to the message that was a thin company presentation, interesting customers but as nothing offered yet, chill

They'd need to offer something that exceeds what I currently earn and have near 100% remote .. as I'm not keen on starting commuting again.

Yet again, tossing ideas with our architect guy, to work out some sort of unified deployment "framework", to do minimal configuration ..

As soon I have my upcoming deploys done, I'll dig in into the details ..

Shared it with my colleagues, in PDF form .. but left out the IP ..

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For peace and quiet -- I put together a small guide about how to silence the office neighbors loudspeaker over the shared office wifi .. as their device lacks authentication requirements .. anyone could do it.

Web cam positioned so that it looks like i'm very uninterested when actually looking at screen and colleagues .. and appears to look into the camera when zoning out and doing irrelevant things during meeting ..

Office site manager, the lady that manages this office hotel .. have repeatedly asked them to turn down the volume .. to which they respond with turning it down momentarily ..

It didn't bother us much when we had our office across the corridor .. now we share a wall.

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Sonos player .. through device API, with powershell .. I could as well set volume .. or change the music to something they don't wanna listen to .. opera? punk rock? heavy metal? psytrance? folk music?

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*giggle* Sabotaging the office neighbors listening experience ... pausing play randomly ..
We only hear the bass-line, drums and bass ..

Interesting about Chinese economy.. even with a pinch of salt, a handful of salt .. it looks grim.

"China's ENTIRE Economy Will Collapse In 34 Days" on YouTube

Hah! I got an Enterprise Integration Architect to agree on most points we discussed, about maintenance and maintainability levels .. and even brought out aspects that they hadn't thought about .. in regards of information storage and structure.

Fun discussions, bringing experience and knowledge to the discussion and giving them new perspectives of how we should build and run things.

I'm sitting next to a wall, a thin sheet rock wall that divides us from the neighboring space .. their Sonos loudspeaker is located in the middle of their space .. which makes the sound quite loud in our space ..

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I'm driving our neighbors nuts by randomly stopping the music on their Sonos loudspeaker ..

I've looked at setting volume and twiddling with Equalizer settings, like removing bass-bands only giving them mid- and treble-bands ..

Our neighbors are noisy, they have Sonos speaker(s) blasting techno music while wearing headphones, talking to customers ..ni have no idea what they are selling ..

While on coffee break, i tossed out the idea of messing with them; stopping 4he music or twiddle with the volume ..

5 minutes before leaving the office i had a small script that stops the music .. told my office manager and we laughed ..

Even the office space site manager has been asking our neighbors to turn the volume down

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Thank you Windows 10;

"Cannot uninstall language pack for da-DK because it's not installed."

Yay, we got the new office space today, de-established our old small 4-person space after lunch, moved everything (monitors, keyboards and all the booze pretty much) and started rigging up our new desks.

New space has 12 desks and by the 15th, the office expands from 5 heads to 9 .. and another two from our sister company joins us later and will share space with us.

First real daily meeting in a few weeks, more than five back from vacations .. lots of new stuff to deal with.
New stuff as in handovers from colleagues leaving, so huge lumps of unfinished integrations with more or less contents in repos.

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Enter: end-to-end-encryption 🔒

The most secure and private way to communicate online, offered by private messaging apps like Session.

E2EE means that nobody can decrypt your messages except the person that you're talking to — if it's not E2EE, it's not secure.


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◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤
█▄ █ █▄ ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬
╬═╬ just dropping in to say
╬═╬ privacy is a human right
╬═╬/ \

The movie 'Idiocracy' was a future documentary -- it appears as the society as a whole becomes stupider while individuals becomes more intelligent.. observation

Have had a few interesting discussions this evening with persons in NL and RU .. through

The RU person wasn't all that talkative.

The NL person were really nice and we will probably chat some more ..

They said it is hard to make friends the older you get ..

Ping @session

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