Just updated github.com/cisene/podcast-map/ .. with what I had up till a few minutes ago .. several hundred new patterns added ..

The podcast feed patterns I've been working on for the last couple of day is going to be a massive update to what is currently on github ..

.. I've also become fluent in RegExp .. or actually memorized most of the ASCII table as Hexadecimal.

Yay! Got my new ring lights for my home office setup .. difference as night and day ..

Back home, at levers and knobs of the trickling machinery

Now we're set up in a nice hotel room, just showered and enjoying the AC as today is blistering hot, 32°C ..

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With an ADHD diagnose, we have to adjust and tweak plans gently, lots of explanations of why and how things are going to be done. He's getting used to less-than-firm plans, but there is still some moments of uncertainty where we basically urge him to jump, into whatever new direction we need to go.

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Whenever our family is traveling (which happens quite a bit when half of our relatives are located on another continent, southeast Asia) there is always a level of chaos present, either planned chaos or unexpected -- a mix of both. Previously our son was small, 5 yro, but nowadays he's almost 8, with a strong will of his own .. which makes things even more chaotic. We are slightly more "dynamic", and go with changes while son needs plans and schedules, if things deviate - confusion.

Victim is apparently a man, 55-60 yro, liked in the community and engaged in sports teams. I have no name yet but information slowly becomes available.

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Just learned that has bee a death/murder in my parents village, also were i grew up .. small village of about 4000 population.
The most severe situation before this, for all I know, was a mental breakdown leading to hostage situation involving a shotgun .. that was in the 1980's ..

I'm following forum posts ..

Wah, son waking up at 07-ish on a Sunday, just go up and watch same movies over and over feels a little .. unnecessary.

Had it been new (to him) movies I would not mind, but the same ones he have already seen 20+ times.

Buster Keaton's Convict 13 and Charlie Chaplin's The Kid are the popular ones, others are swedish classics from the 1960' and forward. Deliberately exposed son to classics, it's better than the mass produced Nickelodeon shit on repeat.

Attempted a git clone to a mapped share .. it failed miserably .. and I had to clone directly on the server ..

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New laptop and everything that was setup on the old needs to be redone .. twiddling with aufofs .. for auto-mounting shares on my servers .. NFS shares .. instead of Samba shares, there is a single common share that me and wife uses .. but that is able to handle both NFS and Samba .. as it's a NAS.

Browsed around on LinkedIn .. and one of my colleagues on a previous employer .. ended up at Google ..
I really do not understand how, as he was a bag of hot air .. as soon as it came to running and developing services, he lacked knowledge and experience .. but hopefully that have changed ..

Kinda grumpy today, been doing some research on BREs to see if anything fits our needs .. most of the BREs require BR/BL in code to be compiled and deployed .. What I'm looking for is a BRE where BR/BL can be described as XML/JSON ... in short an interpreting BRE.

I've never before worked with such a clever bunch of people, nerdery is widely accepted and even encouraged .. as it might carry over to actual work .. smart and funny coworkers, everybody cares for eachother.

I've been a really toxic workplaces before, dog eat dog, anything for profit or personal success .. while trampling others.

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... or similar, I've kinda have this standard response for recruiters/headhunters .. they are constantly nibbling at me, offering really sweet positions .. but at the same time, I like stability and current workplace is good, 7 years in says that .. so I really have no reason to move around.

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Just responded to third headhunter in the last two weeks .. "I just changed assignment and technologies, I'm up to eye-balls in interesting problems and solutions, so thanks, but no thanks -- but I'd like to stay in touch, thing might change. // Christopher"

Cleaned out my inbox at work, 9 mails, which are in progress or to be there as reminders.

Officially out of old assignment now, Slack account deactivated/removed, distribution lists killed, VPN accounts removed, AD account removed.

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