Rumor-wise our head of HR just quit .. won't be missed if true.

Deep dive into internal APIs .. in a language I can parse but barely write anything in ..

Ordered a new laptop .. now it should just get approval from my manager and his manager .. which happens to be my old boss who hired me .. shouldn't be a problem.

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I'm not that picky about machines .. but I'm quite firm on one point .. memory .. it should at minimum do 32Gb but preferably 64 or even 128Gb ..

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My work laptop isn't very happy ... as the battery seems to bulge out and warp the touch pad .. making the touch pad unusable .. mentioned it to my manager ... who suggested I look for a new machine in the in-company store on our intranet .. leasing machines only.

Last they had spec'd most machines for the Excel-people .. those who run Excel and possibly Powerpoint .. not any spec'd machines for Developer types of people who would like to run VMs and possbly plural of VMs.

Just as it was getting interesting .. I stumbled upon obfuscated code ... meh .. OTOH, it's a commercial product and they want to keep the lid on it and protect their IP ...

But ZKM/Zelix seems stupid enough.

New week, new course .. today basics of Apache Tomcat, tomorrow we start coding .. this is a white spot on my maps, never taken java coding beyond "Hello World!" ..

The validation component I've sketched out is at the moment just a bunch of RegEx and some getters/setters where some logic are applied .. by end of week, I should be able to put it together and commit it to our core repo.

I had a few small bugs in my filters, fixed them and have re-processed some of the trash-files that are generated.

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There is some Apple feed links that looks like real hosted feeds, they all give 404 ... and by rewriting them, they are resolved to their actual feed URL.

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Have worked a little on some parts of my discovery and validation scripts, Apple does some cloaking on really old iTunes U links, I added automatic de-cloaking and there was several links added as new after initial tests.

But this one will do for a while, it's was beefy back in the day when I worked on it .. now it's ... common.

I sync'd everything from the old machine .. just a few small issues, NFS mounts to servers .. but that is a minor .. nothing lost.

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Usually we are supposed to do 3 year cycles on the machines .. but as for now, the current one, an HP Z-book of some sort is on it's fourth year .. with no chance of buying it after replaced by new ...

As computers are no longer bought, they are leased and probably scrapped/shredded after we turn them in after replacement.

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Yay! Turns out the graphics card in my old trusty Dell E6500 is no longer supported by NVidia nor Ubuntu .. fortunately, my old work laptop that my wife inherited was moth balled as she bought a new for herself .. and now I'm on a Dell M3800 .. not that old, just 7 years or so .. compared to the E6500 that was from 2008 or 2009 -- I got the M3800 when I started at current employer in 2014 .. not that old.

Touch screen, fast and a reliable battery.

These are built to be free-standing applications, with code on github so anyone would just set up similar services.

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The second will be a search service piggybacking on the APIs .. to gather a collection of podcasts and spit it out as OPML for easy inclusion into any podcast app/catcher .. this was my initial "itch" when starting collecting feed URLs back in 2017 ..

OPMLs in all possible flavors, versions .. also read them back (import to UI) to add/modify and again export as OPML.

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The first will be a RSS feed validation service .. on my terms, basically a raw API with a light-weight UI .. that will check RSS for certain things while also validate them for XML-correctness, Date-correctness and a bunch of other things but with focus on Podcasting 2.0 namespace

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Days off, yesterday and today .. I had some time to re-immerse myself into the wonderful world of PHP .. yeah, I'm joking .. but really, I need to code up some services to expose some of the functionality I've been working on in regards of ..

Woke up late with a soar throat .. in a zoom meeting now, last day of course .. interesting stuff.

I hope this gives a good start on path to certification in this area .. that would mean I'd get bonus each month on salary, as company give bonuses per certificate ... I can only imagine what a colleague gets .. has 20+ certificates on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud .. and some specific products.

At old customer a vendor has decided it's a good thing to send out about 20000 emails with alerts during the last 24 hours .. alerts that apparently nobody is taking action on ... requests to tweak the alerts to only sent ONE alerty every TWO hours has not been followed or implemented.

I pulled in the PO into the slack channel, so she can observe.

As I explained the use case to my team, they saw the usefulness as it can be used for a whole range of validation cases.

So that is going to be productified.

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