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Mastonauti italiani, unitevi! 😁
Se ci siete battete un colpo, digitate un toot e diteci dove/chi/cosa siete all'hashtag #italiano 🇮🇹

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J'ignorais même que nous ayons un "Secteur G" en gare de Fribourg...

Boost this toot if you see it

Hello ! Some people would like to do #bicycle #strolls in the streets of #Berlin ? I love doing bicycle in my daily life (even alone) but it could be nice to do it along ! 🙂

Salut ! Des personnes aimeraient faire des #balades en #vélo dans les rues de Berlin ? J'adore faire du vélo dans la vie (même seul) mais ça pourrait être plus sympa en groupe ! 🙂

#tourism #bike #international #meetings
#tourisme #rencontres #internationales

First, about a month of #mammouthcafe downtime in July because I messed up things with SSL, and of course it happened while I was away.

Then, a further couple of days of downtime that took a while to solve because of difficulties with our host. Granted: it's a cheap one. I got what I paid for.

This truly has been the Summer of Our Disconnect.

I have some ideas to improve things, but it'll take a bit before I can implement them. Meanwhile, fingers crossed, hopefully we're back to normal.

🇫🇷 Le Café Mammouth est à nouveau ouvert. Nous sommes vraiment désolés de cette interruption! Nous allons étudier les options nous permettant d'éviter ce genre d'incidents à l'avenir.

🇬🇧 The Mammouth Café has re-opened. We're really sorry for the inconvenience! We'll consider our options to avoid this kind of incident in the future.


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